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Apr 30

How to Have Success with Forums by Having Posting Contests

Forums are possibly the toughest kind of website to set up. Having a successful forum does not depend as much on SEO or your content, but rather on getting new people to the site and having them become active members, who will provide a valuable contribution. A few years ago, I was running a very successful forum: The Great Rebellion’s Collector Club. It was a venue for toy collectors to meet , talk about their hobby, make friends and whatever else. I launched it in June 2010. By November of the same year, it was the most successful group of its kind on Facebook. A website and full-featured portal immediately followed. It’s success lasted for about a year. Today, the site is gone and the Facebook group is dead. There are several reasons why things went wrong. Some include having too many administrators managing the group, each with their own vision where they wanted to take it; others were all my own personal mistakes such as me allowing mediocre content that alienated the regular users and, also — at some point, I have to admit that I became very proud, unquestionably too “proud”, of what I achieved. That may be a topic for another article, though. Today, I want to talk about how I managed to get that group to success and why I wasn’t able to use that same formula to save it when difficult times came up. In other words, I am going to talk about forum-posting “contests”. I Been Planning This Article for Eight Months!

Apr 26

Saturday Update 41/42: Talking to Myself

Talking to MyselfI am tired. I am very tired and a bit depressed. The past two weeks have been a lot of work but very little results. I am honestly tired of working and seeing no improvement. On the contrary, my website stats have gone down, and things look very dull for me. I don’t think I will be able to sell the first two domains I got ($50 wasted). That is because I totally ignored all the criteria one should follow to buy good ones, and instead bought PR0 domains with low DA and TF. I know that my business plan is solid, but I am not executing it well. What I mean is that I am confident that the strategy I devised could work, but I am not sticking to the plan as much as I should. I try to buy a domain and someone outbids me, or if they don’t the drop-catcher blocks my account, the registrar locks me up or my computer hangs up for three days when I try to download a website to it. There comes the panic! So yeah, it’s not that I “don’t know what I am doing”; it’s that I seem to be the most unlucky human being on planet Earth. And Today’s Rant Goes to

Apr 23

My Amazing Guide to Choosing the Best Aged Domain Names; And Avoiding the Crappy Ones!

Domain ChoicesA few weeks ago, I took a look at ways and means to preserve the value of an aged domain once you have purchased it in this article here. That’s just the last of the four phases one has to go through to get a high-PR domain, the other three being, finding them, choosing them and buying them. I will leave finding them and buying them as subjects of other future articles. Today, we’ll be focusing on choosing cool domains! How many times you see people on forums complaining that the high-PR domain that they bought didn’t bring any link juice to their money site? Or that no one made an offer on the site that they tried to flip? Or again, that the aged domain lost all its PR after they bought it? It happens all the time: one person in a forum thread says that aged domains are s~*t, and the next one says that they are the best thing in the world since the invention of sex. Who are we to believe? Chances are they are both correct, but the first guy is likely to have done one of two mistakes. Either they chose the wrong domain, or they didn’t take enough precautions to have its value preserved. Both of these steps are required for the domain to do its job. As already stated, the last step has been covered elsewhere. Let’s see how to choose a great domain that will give the best results for flipping, ranking, link juice or whatever else you want to use it for. Find Out How Before Mr Huggins Chimes In

Apr 16

Google Penalizes My Blog Guest Shocking Webmasters and Creating Panic Across the Web!

guest bloggingThe big guys knew that it was coming. The signs were all there that Google was going to take action against guest blogging. Some anticipated that they would be making use of Google Authorship verification as a means to track and punish guest bloggers; others thought they would go after paid and low-quality guest blogging such as the many listings selling blog posts on Fiverr or the sites offering free spun blog posts through Worpress plugins. No one though expected them to go after My Blog Guest, a site that has always tried to adhere to all of Google’s guidelines and where high-quality guest posts have always been encouraged. The idea behind My Blog Guest by Ann Smarty was pretty simple: authors provide good-quality content for webmasters, who, in exchange, would endorse the author by providing a byline with a link back to his site. There is nothing fishy about this. It’s a legit way to earn a link, since by choosing a web post to appear on his blog, a webmaster is automatically endorsing the author, and a link is therefore due. Well, Google sees it differently obviously! Click Here for More Panic!

Apr 12

Saturday Update 39/40: it’s Time to Say Goodbye?

decisionsIt appears that many more people than I thought are reading me, and every now and then I get a message or two telling me that I am negative, that I lack self confidence, that I don’t know what I am doing, etc. I guess that is what I deserve for being honest. This site is not a sales letter for idiots. If it were, I would put something like “I am making $8000 a month in the Internet and I’ll show you exactly how, step-by-step how to the same for FREE!” then I would make fake Ad Sense and PayPal screenshots and a list a number of methods (that will not work) that people can use to make money. You can bet that lots of brainless folks will be there thanking me for being cool, and they would spend money on my products thinking that they can get “my same success”. On the other hand, I might also do like more honest people do. “I plan to create an authority site that will make me $30,000 a month in three months!!!!” Then after three months, making $19.08 per month I would go on saying something such as this: “Oh, well, something went a bit wrong, but I am sure I will reach my goal in three more months. I am so enthusiast about my project. Yippe! Yippe! Yeah! Yeah!
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