Saturday Update #2: Free Web Hosting Sucks

freehosting sucksI got to retract what I said recently in my ‘starter’ introduction [Updated 29th November 2013: i.e. the old version that has been recently rewritten.] advising everyone to go for free hosting with 000webhost. I had nothing but trouble with 000webhost in the past week. I have no words to describe how bad this makes me feel having thought this to be a great solution for helping people with low budgets getting started easily. Now I feel like a complete fool. Do I really know what I am doing? Ah! I am so insecure. Guess this has been a lesson in humility. I have to listen more to people who are more experienced than I am, and test out stuff more carefully before getting to the keyboard. Here’s what happened with 000Webhost:


It’s a scam, plain and simple. Users click on your affiliate links and they don’t even get tracked. I did a search on the web and it appears that there isn’t a single dude who got some cash from this damned rotten company! If you search for “000webhost affiliate” on Google you’ll find nothing but complaints, starting from people who had their accounts deleted when they reached their payment threshold, to others whose sign-ups weren’t even tracked. When someone complains about not getting paid on the 000Webhost forums, they either delete the thread or close it!

Even if they were a good webhost, they are useless to me. My business is teaching others how to build money-making websites. If a company doesn’t have an affiliate program that I can recommend to you, guys, then I am not going to earn any cash. It’s that simple. I never made any secret of the fact that I am here to make money. I am not doing this for charity and it really amazes me that people out there react so badly when they hear this. It’s like “Oh Arthur, please show us how to become millionaires, but mind you! Don’t you dare make a cent yourself! You have to offer everything to us for free, cause if you dare sell us something or make a profit as an affiliate from something we buy, then you’re no better than the fake gurus!!!“. Good luck in finding someone in the money-making niche who will give you all for free without ever expecting anything in return. The only difference between me and the billion of other people who do this job is that I admit that I want my affiliate commissions where as they don’t. Those who do can be counted on the fingers of a single hand.

I am here to make money and help others do the same. Some prefer to emphasize the “help others” bit of the equation, but the truth is no one would do this job, if there was no money to be made from it. That’s perfectly OK to do and I am cool that there are courteous and helpful marketers out there. It’s just not my style. I just can’t stand the people who attack me because I say that I want their money. And I am talking to you – you there behind the screen who are thinking that I am a negative person who isn’t worth a dime and I only talk crap. Listen: I tell you that I want your money because I believe that if I told you that I spend all my life writing this stuff because I want to help you or make the world a better place and then shoot my affiliate link to your face, I would be insulting your intelligence. I may be wrong though! I don’t know you… and that’s exactly the point I am trying to make. I prefer to be blunt and rude, if this helps me be more transparent about my motives. Possibly others have more manners than I do and try to send a more positive message out there. OK, enough with that rant. I need to take my crazy pills…

Back to 000Webhost…so they’re a bad affiliate but are they a good host?


My credibility on this will be zero since I first said that they’re good and now I am going to say that they’re bad AFTER they scammed me of my referral commissions. So I know for sure that no one is going to give a **** to what I am going to say and I can’t blame them. I wouldn’t either, after this. Anyhow this week was characterized by a hosting disaster for

cryingFirst: the downtime, from 5-60 minutes once a day keeps increasing and increasing. On Wednesday, it increased to 5 minutes a day every hour. Could this be a tactic to lure people into their paid upgrade? I am not sure on this. I had no issue creating a back up and moving my site. Had they wanted to lock me to their service, they could have denied me access to the backup. Seeing how ethical they are with their affiliates, I am sure they would have slept nicely after doing a thing like that.

cryingSecond: My site was on page 1 of both Bing and Yahoo. According to Cloudflare, Bing is crawling Money Earning Sites quite often. By Thursday my site kept appearing and disappearing in both the Bing and Yahoo index. While it always stayed at position 6 on Bing, every time it reappeared on Yahoo it moved one page back. I found this thread on the Warrior Forum. Are continuous downtimes negatively affecting my ranking? And still nowhere to be seen on Google…

cryingOn Thursday, 000webhost completely blocked access to my website. It appears that someone reported a Cloudflare user (Tom’s Shoes) to Stopforumspam. As such,, the company that owns 000webhost has blocked access to their servers to a whole range of Cloudflare IP addresses. My site became inaccessible and, judging by what Stop Forum Spam say on, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for me to have that ban removed.

For the moment I transferred my whole site to my server at Galaxy Hosts. The server has a very limited bandwidth of 10Gb per month and is very slow: over 20s to load a 650Kb web page. Way too much:

website loading data

Of those 10Gb, about 2Gb get used every month by me and my ten friends who hardly visit the site anymore. So this has to be a temporary solution. I will have to switch to either Bluehost or Hostgator as soon as possible. That is as soon as I have some money. And yes, I tried other free hosts and haven’t found one that is nearly as “good” as 000Webhost, which says a lot about the quality of the free hosting sites that are out there. Thank goodness I had the TGR account though…

I guess the lesson learned here is: you get what you pay for and when it looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t!


I prepared a cool “tip me” gig on Fiverr. It was taken down with the motivation that pranks and sarcasm aren’t welcome on the site… Really??? That’s new. Well, no problem, I’ll set up the same thing on my site and keep the extra dollar to myself. Maybe they just have no sense of humor and don’t appreciate creativity.


So after dropping 000Webhost, today, Saturday 20th July 2013, not only I got back on the first page of Yahoo but I finally got listed on Google on page six!!! Sadly it lasted only for a few hours! Now I am back in the sandbox. Page six is much better than what I expected considering I still have no backlinks at all and didn’t do a lot of SEO other than a couple of .edu links and a PR9 profile link and PR3 contextual link…none of which have been yet crawled by Google. Let’s hope Penguin didn’t see them and sent me back to the sandbox for good!


On a personal level, my toy collecting site, is doing worse than ever! Yesterday was SDCC day with many great reveals for the Masters of the Universe Classics line. My online buddies were nowhere to be seen though. It seems like the friends I used to hang out with have totally forgot me. Three years ago the site was pretty popular and now, I am sad to say, it’s nothing but a deserted and abandoned landfill. I really felt like a loser, looking at it yesterday, but I can be bent but not broken. I am really going through some serious hardships now, but I’ll keep fighting! First thing is to stop blaming others thinking that they don’t care about me and concentrate about what I am doing wrong myself. Speaking of which, two things I’m really failing at are my self care and focusing on my work. I am spending too much time watching YouTube videos, day dreaming and reading the same stuff over and over again about SEO. I need to work less and improve the quality of the work I do. Or I am going nowhere, and going nowhere is not an option…

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