What Would I Do If I Had A Time Machine; Introducing Two Ways For You To Get a Money Earning Site Today!

Time Runs ByWhat would you do if you had a time machine at your disposal? So many things come to mind; the possibilities are endless. If I had to choose one and only one thing, that would be giving a huge hug to someone whom I lost, and will likely never see again. Beyond that, there are many less noble uses I would exploit time travel for. How about going ten years in the past and betting a few dollars on popular sport events? Well, always provided that doesn’t make me vanish from existence, as was the case with Biff Tannen, when he did exactly the same thing. I won’t blame you, if you don’t remember this scene from Back to the Future. The short sequence, showing Biff dissolving into nothing, was a deleted scene, deemed too violent for the final cut. Putting the brains of an Internet marketer at work, there are so many things I can think of. I am not talking about the obvious ones: buying Google and Facebook shares, buying domains with the names of soon to be Hollywood Stars, befriend the guys who are top bloggers today and use the massive amount of information I would have to my advantage.

Here is what I mean: suppose you came across a genie, who tells you that he will send you ten years into the past, but on condition that your memory will be completely erased. How does that deal sound to you, from the perspective of an Internet marketer? To me it sounds, fantastic! Sure, possessing all the information about the future would give me an edge on anyone else in the world; I could easily become the most powerful man on Earth in no time. However, even without any information at all, except one single concept maybe, going back in time ten years would still put me in such a better position than the one I’m in today. Ten years ago, there were no Pandas, no Penguins and no Hummingbirds. I could still go to a domain name registrar and buy many popular .com domains that I would be able to sell for thousands of dollars, today. All I needed to know was one thing: the sooner I took action, the better! Unfortunately I don’t have a time machine; there is no way to go back in time to take advantage of the way things were going along ten, or fifteen years ago. As human beings, we can’t change the past. Getting back the time we’ve lost is impossible. Even these minutes, I am using to right down this article, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. But we can change the future; we can take better decisions and use our experiences to avoid making the same mistakes. Right now, as you’re reading this, Google is likely planning a new algorithm or two. There’s no way to tell when their next Zebra, Squirrel or Rabbit will strike out. What’s certain is that things will keep getting worse. That is why, months ago, I decided to set up my own blog and start working on it. My task will be much harder than what it would have been, had I opened my blog ten years, five years or even a year ago. And the same goes to you, if you haven’t yet started building your first money earning site or blog. Your task will be harder if you start within a year, a month or, perhaps, even a week from now. The best time for you to start a blog is now. For every day you lose, your task will get harder and harder.

Look, you may think that I am saying this only to force you to act quickly and buy my products right away. I do want to sell my hosting, my keyword and SEO tools, my domains, and everything else you see listed on my sales page. This whole site wouldn’t even exist otherwise; it’s here because I want to make a business out of it. However, also know, that everything I said here is hundred percent true. Marketers who could rank a site on page one of Google three years ago, at the very top spot of the page, and for highly competitive keywords in less than a month, today are struggling to get indexed. Doing SEO is harder than it has ever been in the past, but it’s still doable. I have done SEO for this site. It’s not an easy job, but it can be done in 2013. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, though. Many economists and academics agree that, in a few years time, creating an online business is likely going to become more expensive and complicated than establishing one offline. And that is because of the ever increasing competition. More blogs and Web sites are showing up on the Internet. Search engines want to deliver quality search results and, as such, they are making it increasingly difficult for a new site to rank.

The good news is that you can get started immediately, almost for free. You need four basic tools to create a money earning Web site: a domain, hosting, a keyword tool and SEO tools. Your domain is your greatest asset. Anything you do online will be tied to it. This includes the authority, trust and rank of your business. You can change your host, whenever you feel the need to do so; your business credentials will always be safe. That is why I recommend you to keep your domain and hosting separate. The only thing you must pay for, to start doing business today, is your domain. Make sure to choose a brandable name. I’ve chosen a bunch of keywords as my domain and that was the biggest mistake I made with Internet marketing. Hosting, a keyword tool and SEO tools are a must, if you are serious about this job. But to start with, you can train yourself into blogging using what I call the ‘Cheapo’ package, which consists of a paid domain from GoDaddy, a free host and free keyword tool. The host I will be suggesting is the only free host that can provide a decent service, but they will nag you about upgrading all the time, even if your site isn’t receiving any traffic at all. So it’s to be considered a time limited offer. Don’t approach this option with an attitude of ‘seeing how it goes,’ so that, if it goes well, you will get the paid tools and, if it doesn’t, you will forget about it. Without investing a minimal amount of money, you will never give a true chance to your new business. I recommend you to get the ‘Starter‘ package. That is how I began my own online adventure. But if you feel shy about spending $107 + $10.95 each month, you can at least try the free option.

The “Cheapo” Package (Cost:$6)
Paid Domain from Go Daddy
Web Free Web Hosting Account from X-WebHost
Free Domain Samurai for Keyword Research
Free Version of SEO Power Suite

Under no circumstance you should signup for a free domain from X-WebHost. This is actually a subdomain, over which you have no control. If they lock up your account, which will likely happen if you don’t opt for a paid plan, you will lose your ‘domain’ forever.

The “Starter” Package – Recommended
(Cost: $107 onetime + $10.95 each month)
Paid Domain from Namecheap
Hosting from Site5 (starts at $4.95 monthly, when paid biannually or $10.95 paid monthly)
Market Samurai ($97 if discount applied)

You can also combine the two packages. For example, you can opt to get a Namecheap domain and Site5 hosting but use Domain Samurai for keyword research and the free version of SEO Power Suite for SEO. My biggest defect as a salesman is that I am very careful with the way I spend my money. I try to save, whenever I can and however I can. That makes it hard for me to try and convince other people to buy, however a good keyword and SEO tool like Market Samurai and a reliable host are a must to start making money with Web sites. I did buy them myself and I am slowly getting results with them. For once, I have no issue saying that they are a much needed purchase. You shouldn’t need to spend three hundred dollars every six months to get a subscription to SEO Power Suite. The ‘starter‘ package I suggested is enough to get you started and have you going. If you feel shy about blogging or are unsure about what you’re doing, by all means, go for the ‘Cheapo’ package. Just don’t expect to see any significant results; you must consider it to be free training. Don’t approach the free package thinking, ‘if I get results with this, I will go for the paid one.’ You’ll be starting up on the wrong foot with that attitude and won’t be giving your business a real chance.

Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life. That was a quote from Michael LeBoeuf, one of my favorite authors when it comes to business management. Today is a better day to start then tomorrow will be. And remember, you won’t be alone. I will be here to help you, and, by that, I don’t mean simply with my articles or my newsletter, but also on Skype or by email, whenever you want. So what are you waiting for?

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