Saturday Update 39/40: it’s Time to Say Goodbye?

decisionsIt appears that many more people than I thought are reading me, and every now and then I get a message or two telling me that I am negative, that I lack self confidence, that I don’t know what I am doing, etc. I guess that is what I deserve for being honest. This site is not a sales letter for idiots. If it were, I would put something like “I am making $8000 a month in the Internet and I’ll show you exactly how, step-by-step how to the same for FREE!” then I would make fake Ad Sense and PayPal screenshots and a list a number of methods (that will not work) that people can use to make money. You can bet that lots of brainless folks will be there thanking me for being cool, and they would spend money on my products thinking that they can get “my same success”. On the other hand, I might also do like more honest people do. “I plan to create an authority site that will make me $30,000 a month in three months!!!!” Then after three months, making $19.08 per month I would go on saying something such as this: “Oh, well, something went a bit wrong, but I am sure I will reach my goal in three more months. I am so enthusiast about my project. Yippe! Yippe! Yeah! Yeah!

Listen people, I am sick, old, alone and with no hope at all. I have no reason to be happy, pretend to be happy or feel confident. Most people living the life I am going through now would have hung a rope to the ceiling, and put an end to their misery. The fact that I keep fighting day by day is already a miracle. Sometimes, I am so negative because unconsciously I hope that someone reads this and comes to save me, like in Saint Seiya (a Japanese anime). When Shun is about to be killed, his brother Ikki always comes to rescue him (this happens quite often). I guess I am a dreamer and I keep hoping that someone will give me a helping hand in the end like in a movie, knowing how much I suffered through my life and seeing that I am worth something, but, I repeat, I do that unconsciously. I know no one will come to help me, and that I am alone. The most I may get is people calling me names, insults, being judged badly or getting semi-anonymous messages from my EVIL FATHER telling me to go work at McDonalds. So is it time to say goodbye? Let’s see…


STUPID PEOPLE! I am so sick of all these IDIOTS shooting videos on the Internet or writing blog posts about how they can buy PR5 domains to flip for $200. Where the hell are you seeing PR5 domains costing $200???? I have tried every program and every possible technique to try and buy a good, non-spammed, high-authority (30-40) domain for $200. They COST AT LEAST $2000, YOU IDIOTS!!! Stop, giving away information like you are some sort of experts, when you don’t know anything and highly likely either you don’t know how much a PR5 domain truly costs, or you are still living in 2010! And PR3 domains for $50? Sure – they are about $500. I can’t believe the lies some people tell to manage to sell something. Yes, I am angry. I have also been scammed on a domain by (watch out for these scammers). They made me pay $80 to register a .it domain and then refused to complete the registration for “security reasons”, but guess what? They don’t want to refund my money; just give me a store credit, which I have no use for. A week of work LOST! Speaking of which…

My Job Sucks

My current boss not only pays me $5 an hour, but now they also want to make my job even harder, as if it’s not hard enough with my poor eyes. I am not going anywhere with this. $5 an hour is too much of a misery. I know it would be a blessing to many people who live in underdeveloped countries, and I totally respect that. I am actually grateful that I got this job, but this is leading nowhere, and the wage is not enough to sustain my business.

T-Shirt Sales

I sold a t-shirt. You may remember I was planning to try this business from reading this week’s article for the MES Central! And I sold one t shirt which actually made me recover the advertising fee of $5, and that’s all. Still I am surprised that I made a sale honestly because the t-shirt was very poor and mocked up in a couple of hours. My aim was to test the market. I was not expecting a sale since I didn’t do ANY of those things that I suggested in my article to make my auction interesting and appealing. I just tossed some old art I created and put it on a shirt and I got a $18 sale (profit $5) in two weeks. This tells me that I was right in saying that the t-shirt business is an “ultimate way of generating passive income”. Imagine it: $5 in two weeks for one shirt = $10 in one month. So for fifty shirts, that’s $500 in a month (and really, creating fifty different shirts would take just a few minutes, once you know how to do it!). In a few months, getting an inventory of 100 shirts and $5000 a month is doable! Of course the sale I had might just have been luck, just like the commission I made during my first week online. Anyone remember that? But that business was undoable because of the Yahoo mods deleting questions all the time. It was like skating on thin ice. The t-shirt business is way more solid and stable! So why am I not going in this direction?


I don’t know what to do. I stayed for two days staring at the computer screen not knowing what should I do. I have several choices: 1) Try to find a better job at Elance, but this would take time and I have no guarantee that I will succeed. I can manage to get an $4000 job if I study a bit and pass tests. The thing is $4000 a month is not enough to pay my medical bills, so this wouldn’t even be a definite solution, but it’s the safest route to seek an improvement. 2) The t-Shirt thing. This one is riskier because it depends on sales and many other factors. Will I be able to make it right? I mean can I really make SERIOUS cash with this, and not just a few pennies? This will not take as long as the Elance job to try out, but what if it’s a failure like the many other things I tried? I would have wasted so much time. 3) Domaning: the thing I love most. I really enjoy doing this, but this is a tough business and finding good domains is next to impossible (see above). This is the most risky and possibly the hardest route to go, but it would be the most rewarding if I manage to do it right. I don’t have time to try more than one of these, so I have to choose. Presently I am trying the domaining route, but the current job I have doesn’t allow me to fund this biz because domains are way more expensive than what I have been told. And what if I fail at all three of these? Everything is so complicated. Even buying a domain, you end up getting scammed (see above). I wish there was someone to help me out decide.

What do you say, guys? Oh yeah…I know: McDonalds, right? Listen why don’t you go TO HELL!!!!!!!!! (Yes, I know I am not nice, sweet or positive, but at least I am true and honest. Take me as I am, or leave!)

4 thoughts on “Saturday Update 39/40: it’s Time to Say Goodbye?

  1. I laughed hard at your “sales letter”. You definitely would have the skills to write the typical ripoff products, but I’m glad you prefer the honest route.

    I think the problem with domaining is that you need to have cash to invest if you want to make serious money. Your plan with the t-shirts sounds better to me. You already have designing skills through the CD designs. I just don’t know how difficult it is with your eye issue… but I know one thing for sure, making money online while being blind will be 1000x more difficult.

    There must be some doctor in Europe willing to help you without paying him thousands of dollars. Don’t give up on that. Maybe you can write an email template and send that to every single eye clinic in Europe. I could translate it to German and find you some addresses if you like.

    • Hi,

      thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Sorry I took a bit long to reply. These have been busy days. What you say is definitely true. Sadly, it will be hard to find any doctors who can do it for a reasonable price. My condition is quite complicated to treat. I thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely think about them.

      Hope we can stay in touch!

      Arthur 🙂

      • Thanks, my friend 🙂

        I don’t send updates through my newsletter. I really send e-mails VERY rarely, as I hate those people who send like twenty e-mails a day filled with crap, and I only send e-mails when I have something REALLY valuable to offer.

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