The Secret of Making Money On line

Make Money SecretI discovered it! Among all the secret ways to make money sold on line by the fake gurus for $47.99, I found the one secret that truly delivers, and I am sharing it here hundred percent free. I am not even putting affiliate links in this post. Am I not a really nice fellow? 🙂 I have been wondering for long why so many people seem to believe that there is some unrevealed secret to making money on line, a way to earn cash which only a select few are aware of. Well, those people are right, although the one that I am about to share, may not be the kind of secret they were after in order to make money on line.  It happened yesterday, while I was browsing a Web site managed by a very honest (and easily irritable) dude who is not doing that great. His earnings are something like $10 in AdSense for every micro niche site he has. OK, I am making $1.50 per month from this site, so who am I to throw the first stone? Anyhow, while checking up that site, I got very depressed, seeing how this guy was struggling to earn a buck or two.  His site has a decent SERP on Google for a few good keywords and yet, he makes so little money? It made me think: ‘Should I really keep doing what I am doing? Am I wasting my time?’ The people on his site had very negative comments regarding his earnings. Some told him straight and plain that his business model was not going anywhere. Then I visited a much more successful entrepreneur’s site who makes money for about 100x of what the other guy does. They sell exactly the same product, and their sites are nearly identical. I asked myself: why? Why is it, that one guy is making a fortune and the other is making pennies? Could it be luck, the way they write their articles, their aftershave, the ****? It was at this point that I had one of those illuminating moments, which you get only once in your life! And I figured it out: the secret way to success on line and to making bank!

So what is the secret of making money on line, the way to make money that can make the difference between failure and fortune? Well, it’s YOU. Yes, YOU! I may have lost half of my readers now… maybe 90% is more like it, but if you think about it, it does make sense. Keyword finders, hosting, article marketing, backlinks, Google, Bing, AdWords and all the other super secret applications that make money are necessary but not sufficient. You can have all the best tools in this world, and still fail. Tools are needed, and without them no one will go anywhere, but they are not enough alone. The secret key ingredient that you need to make your way to the other side is YOU. The guy (or gal) operating that software, managing those accounts, writing those articles etc. is the true secret that makes the difference between a buck and a million dollars. More precisely it is your ICECAKE:


Your intelligence is your main resource for evaluating everything, from A to Z, that concerns your business. Who and what should you believe? Who would make a great connection to work with? Which forum is it more worthwhile spending your time on to promote your business? Which products should you sell? Which products you should not sell? What is the best way to word your sales ads? Why are people leaving negative feedback in the comments on your blog? Why are they leaving positive feedback? Is it worth your time, trying to make cash using method A instead of method B? These are considerations that any entrepreneur has to make in every single instant of his work day. There is no secret formula that will show you the way. Whether you give the correct answers to these questions or the wrong ones will decide the faith of all your money- making efforts. Your intelligence is your ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Intelligence is considered by many psychologists, such as Carol Dweck, to be a skill in itself and, as such, it can be learned and improved with proper training. No, I am not going to pitch some coaching program to you, but if you thought that, you are on the right track, as far as your intelligence goes, Mr Smarty! Trying to read between the lines is a sign of intelligence.


Copying a business model someone else is using will not work. If you want to make big money you need to come up with something new that has never been seen before. By photocopying what some millionaire is already doing and thinking you could replicate that success easily, you will be deluding yourself. Chances are there will be thousands of clones already on the Internet. Moreover, people will not need them if they have easy access to the original. An example of this is Yahoo Auctions and the million Facebook clones one may find on the Web. No one needs those sites as long as there are eBay or the original Facebook. They were destined to failure from the very beginning. Creativity is the use of imagination and original ideas. You may, more or less, have an idea about the model which your business will adhere to. However, in order to really stand out you need to BE DIFFERENT. In my [limited] on line experience, I have seen many innovative projects, some by people who make millions a month, that fell flat. As one of my favorite entrepreneurs among the honest folks once said, ninety percent of any ideas you come up with will fall flat. That was a quote from Matthew Hussey. The key is to keep coming up with new stuff everyday and pursue those that we judge to be the best ones without ever giving up! Just like intelligence, creativity can be learned.


Let us face it. You got to be a tough guy to do this job! Not tough in the sense of going in the ghetto breaking up noses, but it is not a job the pussies. Going back to what I was saying while discussing creativity, much of what we do will fall flat. Taking failure after failure, while keeping up working and delivering quality to readers that may not even be there, is extremely tiring and it takes some nerve to endure. Especially, if you need to do it for a prolonged time when no results come in. While having no issues with intelligence and doing fairly decently with creativity, I will frankly admit that I do not have much endurance. Many entrepreneurs, who made it to the other side, report that endurance was the true secret to making money on line for them. One guy (I do not remember the name, sorry) said he was about to give up, like one week before he started seeing some results after years of failures. Now he makes a five figure monthly income. Giving up, when fame and fortune could be right behind the corner is the biggest mistake we can make. This is how I strive to increase my endurance to stress:

  • I am always prepared for failure. There is not one single entrepreneur out there who managed to make money from day one. There is not one who has not seen at least 75% of his ideas fail miserably. The secret to success is to realize that failure is an inevitable stage on the road to victory. Our worth as entrepreneurs is not into the money we make, how soon we make it or how many leads we have, but in how we react to failures. It is as simple as that!
  • I make sure I have enough funds to sustain myself and those who depend on me. How you achieve that is up to you, but it’s important to make sure you have enough money to pay for your Internet connection, otherwise managing your business will …become an issue! 😛 Oh…some food would be good too.
  • Spare some time for myself. You need to take care of yourself meaning both your physical health and your mental well-being. Try to concentrate on your business while you are working. Turn off email, Facebook and any distractions, which might interfere with your job. However, do give ample time to your well-being by going to the gym regularly, out with friends or just by watching a movie. Make sure you look presentable all the time, even when you are working from home. I found meditation and hypnosis to be quite helpful. Try this one for a start:

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