The Final Chapter: Making Money With Web Hosting

Methods to Make Money With Web Hosting As an Affiliate

hummingbird Money Earning Sites: making money with Web hosting through a money earning site can be incredibly tough, but it can also be tremendously easy, if you think out of the box. There are three kinds of Web sites that can be used to advertise Web hosting:

Review Sites: Take a few Hosts, write a review on each of them and put your affiliate link in the review. 99% of review sites are “fake“, in the sense that the reviews are written by people who don’t understand Web hosting and the hosts are ranked according to how well they pay affiliate fees. Thanks to the information you got from this guide, you now have the tools needed to assess hosts in a meaningful way. You can make the difference by creating a review site that counts!

“Make Money” Blogs: if you can make money online with a Web site, make a course on how your leads can do the same using your method. All of them will need a site to follow your footsteps, so recommend them to use the same host that you use for your own site. Hosting your site with the provider that you want to recommend increases your credibility.

“Think Out of the Box” Sites: Get creative! Web hosting can be used for a billion purposes. While ranking for “best Web host” is an extremely tough objective to attain, ranking for “cheap original romantic st valentine’s gifts” is a lot easier! What about a Web site teaching how to create a “love blog”? That’s a blog that tells about the love story of a couple. Or, how much would private cab drivers benefit from having a professional Web site to keep track of their clients? The limit, to the topics you can cover, is your imagination!

While a Web site, is always a must to have to promote a successful affiliate program, since the Web hosting niche is as competitive as it is, counting on Google is a bad idea. No amount of SEO will succeed in making a review site or a money blog rank on page one of Google. That is why, if Google is your thing, focusing on “thinking out of the box” sites is the way to go. As far as a money blog goes, building (slowly) a macro niche site is the only hope you have to succeed. This is the approach I am taking with my site here and it’s apparently working, but like I said, it will take a long time to see any results. Web Hosting review sites are impossible to rank on Google, no matter the effort you put into it, unless of course, you’re some sort of SEO guru. The competition is simply enormous. Don’t despair, though. We can still make use of them thanks to other money making methods which I am going to introduce.

yahoo-answersAbout ten to twenty people, everyday, on Yahoo Answers ask Web hosting related questions. If you have built a review site, you can answer these questions and put a link to your site as a resource for the answer. Sadly, Yahoo leave the moderation of their site in the hands of the users themselves. Despite the fact that Yahoo’s terms state clearly that good on-topic answers can be accompanied by relevant links, the users will sometimes delete these questions or even have the poster’s account banned completely for “posting spam“. Please read my guide to making money with Yahoo Answers for more information. Following my advice should greatly reduce the risk of deletion. Expect a good 20% of your questions to be still deleted, though. This method has its pros and cons but is definitely worth a try. I just received a sign-up from a question that I answered four months ago!

webhostingtalkThe Web Hosting Talk forums are a great resource of Wb hosting knowledge. They have strict rules for advertising but they do allow a link to commercial offers in your signature. And thank goodness, unlike Yahoo Answers the moderators are professionals and will not delete what shouldn’t be deleted. Always provided that you stick to their terms of service, obviously. First, your contributions have to be meaningful. If you do senseless posts to have your signature showing up, your posts will be deleted. But you shouldn’t bother anyway, because the idea here is to impress the other users with your knowledge, so that they will want to take a peek at your own content. If you write filler posts instead, such as “I totally agree with you“, no one will get interested in what you have to say. Also, you can put up a signature after you make ten posts, but I would wait until you have a lot more. While hosting providers are very welcome on the forum, review sites are always looked upon with suspicion. You will have to earn their trust before pitching your Web site.

articlemarketingArticle Marketing: if you can write a phenomenal article, try to upload it on Ezine Articles. They allow affiliate links to be placed directly in the article, provided that you link to them by using your top level domain. For example, I may link to Bluehost using but not using This means that you’ll need to buy a domain for every link you put in your articles. Of course, you can use the same link in multiple articles. However, these must not be sales pitches. Don’t write an article about Web hosting or about a particular Web host. Write an original and cool article about some intriguing topic, instead. Use your brains! And somehow try to recommend your favorite Web host in that article. An example would be an article about starting an online business or SEO using aged domains hosted on different providers. Just make it as intriguing as you can. The aim here isn’t to get a link from Google. It’s to actually have people read the article, copy it and click on the links.

facebookadsFacebook Ads offer a great opportunity to get many clicks to your affiliate links. Never use pay per view (CPM) advertisements. Instead, pay per click (PPC) always come out cheaper. The trick to getting the cheapest possible clicks is to target small countries and cities. Also try to target younger people, since the older your audience the more you’ll have to pay. You’re selling Web hosting. You don’t need to buy clicks from fifty year old New Yorkers at $5 each. Pick a small city and people below forty, then target the users who may be interested in what you have to sell. Most importantly, think! Are you going to aim your advertisements to fans of “Web hosting”? Are you sure that this is a good idea? It’s very unlikely that people who like Web hosting related pages, will be the buyers you seek. People who buy hosting normally get the package they need and forget about it. Fans of Web hosting Facebook pages will likely be affiliate marketers, resellers and Web hosts! Think about it! Who are the people who are looking for Web hosting? What are their interests? Where are they from? What is their job? If you manage to answer these questions, you will likely manage to run a very successful Facebook campaign. Use Alexa and Quancast to get the data you need on your population but don’t use these services to check the host’s website. Instead ask yourself: “Which website would someone, who is planning to buy or has just bought Web hosting,visit?“. What about setup guides for Joomla or WordPress? Aren’t those very common sites to visit, for people who just got a host? 😉

googleadwordsThis is likely the best way to get targeted traffic, but is also the most risky. If you use the Ultimate Web Hosting guide to create meaningful reviews for a set number of Web hosts, you can put together a review site that stands out from the rest. Be concise, to the point and truthful and people will likely sign up for your offers, based on your recommendations. If you can manage to get one sign up every $50 you spend with AdWords, you will be making good profits. This is a very risky method though and I don’t use it. The cost per click is very expensive and results are far from guaranteed. Unless you really know what you’re doing, I suggest you not to try this method.

That sums up the ways in which you can make money with Web hosting. And this is also the end of the Ultimate Web Hosting Guide! I hope you enjoyed this series and that you will manage to put the information to good use. Thanks so much for reading all of it! Of course, as I myself make progress using these methods, I will update this post, as often as needed.

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