The Alternative To Content-Writing Services: Free Unique Articles For Your Web 2.0s

content-writingContent-writing services can be expensive especially when a large amount of articles is needed for SEO purposes, but there is an alternative. I love being honest and transparent about everything I do in Internet marketing. This applies to the relationships that I try to establish with my readers and customers, as well as to the SEO techniques I employ while trying to make it to the top of Google. For a new site such as mine, however, employing only White Hat techniques may never bring it to success. Getting links from established sites is not easy when your site has no traffic and no reputation. Some Gray Hat and a very few Black Hat techniques can come in handy. One such technique is building supporting Web sites to serve as ‘link sources‘ for the money-making site. The idea is to build a low-to-medium-quality-content site, similar to the niche sites that used to dominate Google before the advent of Panda and Penguin. Poorer-quality links are used to support the site and spammy links to these links will give it more authority. Here is a diagram to show you how the strategy works.


Today, I am not going to go into the details of this tactic for backlink creation, but I want to focus on the tier-two sites, the low-to-medium-quality blogs that link directly to the money site. These sites can be normal Web sites lust like the money site itself. The host needs to be different from the one the money site is on, because Google does not count links connecting two sites using the same IP address. This is important. Some months ago, it made the difference between page one of Google and the Sandbox to me. Another option, is to use Web 2.0 properties such as WordPress (the commercial site), Blogger, Weebly or a billion others. These sites allow their users to build blogs for free, although the options are limited and the content is moderated. Content is precisely the subject of this article. In the post-Panda and post-Penguin age, building one-paged Web sites as tier-two link sources no longer works. A blog that is constantly updated and filled with many, original articles is required to achieve the goal at hand. I go for two new articles per month. That is not a lot for one site, but when you consider that twenty or thirty sites on tier two, it can become a bit scary.

What the heck, Arthur?! How are we supposed to do that? Two new articles every month for thirty sites is sixty articles a month. You need to employ dozens of content-writing-service companies and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to get that job done. You’re a fool as usual…

Mr. Huggins would be correct, if not for the fact that I have found a pretty sweet trick to get decent, readable, lengthy and unique articles, which can be prepared for publication in ten minutes each. That is six articles per hour. Since you, I hope, are not visually impaired as I am, you should take no more than 3-5 minutes to have each article done. Even assuming six articles per hour, this means that in four hours you can have a year worth of articles ready for one site. So how do I do it? There are various ways to get cheap, free, unique articles without having to pay expensive content-writing services to have them written out for you.

spinnerchief 1. Spun Articles—Write one article, use software such as Spinnerchief and create multiple copies of the article that will be worded slightly differently to pass copyscrape tests. The problem with this method is that the topic of the article and the sense will be the same, no matter how clever your spinning technique is. A Web site with twenty-four articles all containing the same information is not a low-to-medium-quality site; it is a spam-quality site. Most Web 2.0 sites will detect it as spam and delete it before Google can even send it to the sandbox. This is not an option here.


2. Article Directories—Sites such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles allow publishers to copy their content provided that the author is credited and links in the article are not modified. This method does not work either, because unique articles are needed for the tier-two sites to rank in Google. Since the articles have already been published on another site, namely the article directory itself, they will not be considered to be unique. This is another option better not be considered.


3. The Encoded Article Method—This method involves copying an article from Ezine Articles or another popular directory and using free software to spin the character encoding of the article. This technique is little known, and strictly a Black Hat technique. An example will enlighten any confused readers. This is the letter ‘r’ in standard English encoding: r. This is the letter ‘r’ from a different, encoded set of characters: r. The two ‘r’ look exactly the same, but they are not. This Web application will change the encoding of any text that you enter into the input text area. The resulting article will look the same, but rather than the standard English characters the text will be replaced by different ones that look like them, but are not. As a result if you copy and then paste the output to a word processor, most of the text will be marked as having spelling mistakes. The advantage of using this method is that the resulting article can be read by humans and will appear to computers to be unique and different from the original article from which it was copied. The disadvantage is that Google can examine the article, and easily find out what it is. Since this is a Black Hat method, penalties will follow. If detection and penalties are not in force yet, as many Black Hat SEOs claim, they will be in force soon. This is not the method I recommend. My rule of thumb for doing SEO is this: If a human being can find out that it is an artificial link by looking at it, then Google can find out too, or will be able to do so shortly.


4. Foreign Article Directory and Translation Method—This is the method I use to fill up my tier-two sites with quality content in seconds and without having to resort to expensive content-writing services. I use these Italian article directories as sources for my articles:

The are many other Italian directories, and there is no need to speak the language that the source article is in. I could go for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Finnish or even Japanese and Arabic ones.

  • To start the job go to the Bing On-Line Translator. I have found that Bing is the service that does the job best for Italian articles. You can experiment with other services available on line, if you prefer.
  • Type in the keywords that best describe the topic of your Web site in Bing and translate them to Italian or another language of the article directory. This will translate your keywords to the target language.
  • Use the keywords translated by Bing to search in the foreign article directory for relevant articles.
  • Copy and paste the whole article into Bing and translate it into English. Read the article carefully, and correct any gross translation mistakes.
  • Add a link to your money site somewhere in the article. You can now use your article in your Web 2.0 property.

It is entirely up to you and your conscience whether you want to leave the credit to the original author and the link to his site. To see examples, you may wish to subscribe to Linkz, where I share all the links I use for my own sites.

The resulting articles will be readable, unique and convincing. They will be enough to persuade both Google and the moderators on Web 2.0s that your blog is genuine. This is a valid alternative to spending a fortune on content-writing services for your tier-two supporting sites without spending too much time writing content for them. If you enjoyed this tip, or have some of your own to add for generating content easily without giving away quality completely, make sure to comment below.

3 thoughts on “The Alternative To Content-Writing Services: Free Unique Articles For Your Web 2.0s

  1. Amazing post ! such valuable tools and tips here Arthur Burlo…. Spinnerchief such a great tool. This tool helps to make a articles is readable, unique and convincing. Thanks for Sharing a informative and relevant information that will surely guide writer.

  2. Hi, This is really a good tips to produce a unique content.
    I have used your 4th tip i.e, Foreign Article Directory and Translation Method, and this is such a amazing thing to find good articles after translation.
    I have find some articles from Italian directory and after translation some articles looks good with very little translation mistakes but some having more.
    Now My question is, Can I publish that content as it? Because each and every line is duplicate but in english lang.

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