Saturday Update 41/42: Talking to Myself

Talking to MyselfI am tired. I am very tired and a bit depressed. The past two weeks have been a lot of work but very little results. I am honestly tired of working and seeing no improvement. On the contrary, my website stats have gone down, and things look very dull for me. I don’t think I will be able to sell the first two domains I got ($50 wasted). That is because I totally ignored all the criteria one should follow to buy good ones, and instead bought PR0 domains with low DA and TF. I know that my business plan is solid, but I am not executing it well. What I mean is that I am confident that the strategy I devised could work, but I am not sticking to the plan as much as I should. I try to buy a domain and someone outbids me, or if they don’t the drop-catcher blocks my account, the registrar locks me up or my computer hangs up for three days when I try to download a website to it. There comes the panic! So yeah, it’s not that I “don’t know what I am doing”; it’s that I seem to be the most unlucky human being on planet Earth.


Still doing $100 per week: a miserable amount of money for 22 hours of work. I know the people who read this will tell me, “Arthur, time is money. You should value your time more highly than this. If you enjoy working as a translator, consider doing a course so that you can get a much better job. If you can’t find a course online, take one locally. You’re getting paid less than one fifth of the minimum wage that a translator earns. This is not a job; this is exploitation! Try to improve your skills/get certified and see that you get paid what you deserve. In the end, the time you spend to do this will be a much better investment than going on like this. At least, you will earn $500 a week for twenty-two hours of work. Even more, if you decide to work for more hours. You know that with the budget you have, you will not get any results very soon from IM so move your *** and do it!

Now to this I will reply, “So far I got four domains that I can flip, and I can theoretically make $2000 with them having invested only $200 plus some work. What you’re saying isn’t true! I can get results with IM without having to lose time doing any courses. The point isn’t that I can’t do it! The point is: which course of action will give me results as quickly as possible? The domaining route is uncertain. Working as a translator is more secure, but not as enticing.”

OK, enough talking to myself!


As I already mentioned, I am done buying crappy domains. I KNOW what to look for in a quality domain, and I need to stop buying ones that I know are useless for all intents and purposes, just because I don’t manage to win the auctions for the good ones. In fact last week I managed to get a GREAT domain, but it got seized first by the drop-catcher who accused me of fraud, and then after I cleared it up, by the registrar because my email was invalid (which it was – because I made a stupid typo!) Now the domain is still seized although I am officially the owner on whois. I have started working on the site and it’s super complicated. I kept doing that for two whole days this week and I am like 2% finished. See why I am discouraged? That site is so big, and I thought it would have been easy. Also all other domains I bid on reached very high prices! Not encouraging at all.


Dome some SEO for MES. It’s been a while, and my stats are going down. I got like ten links the white hat way. There has been some little improvement. Nothing dramatic. That was last week. I was planning to do more, but reconstructing that site for the domain I want to flip took away all my time. I am afraid, I will have to do something to get past this problem since spending like a month on one domain is not going to do me any good, and I want to gather ten of them before I try selling them. It’s 5:00am in the morning here. I am working too much and getting too little results. How can I improve that? I see people putting out there so much crappy stuff and getting away with it. I know that others would just make a one page site for their domains, sell them and then be what it be. I want to offer value to the people who buy stuff from me, and I know that if I don’t rebuild the sites exactly as they were, all my domains will lose their value. When the time comes to flip them, I would let down my buyers. But how can I do this in a reasonable amount of time? I wish there was some software that would help me do it…

Anyhow, I guess this has to be a pretty short update. I don’t have much to say. Nothing really exciting happened. The illumination, the decisive turn point, the resolution, the whatever can bring a ray of sunshine in my miserable life did not happen. I think I should talk to myself more often tough. That may probably help. It used to help back in the day. I used to do it when I went to university. Okay, please go read some of my other articles that make sense! I am tired, I don’t know what I am saying and with my eyes are closing. Hopefully, that ends my week and please excuse me for this horrid update… I think I should remove all my Saturday updates from my main page. They are becoming very embarrassing. Well… they probably have been like that always, I suppose… See you in two weeks time for more psychotic ranting!

One thought on “Saturday Update 41/42: Talking to Myself

  1. Hey Arthur;

    I hear you loud and clear. It’s hard not to be disheartened when you pour so much in to your online marketing business and get little or nothing out. I’m just starting out with my own niche websites and although I know it’s not going to be easy, the ‘pro’s’ don’t really get across how hard it really is. Your website, albeit a bit on the depressing side, is certainly to the point, honest and for you, very accurate. Keep at it – keep looking for that one money maker – and you never know – you might just hit it rich!!


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