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You may be wondering what another online money-earning website is doing here, and who is the guy behind it. If you want to read the whole long story of my life you can do so here. To summarize, I am a guy who had a very hard life, but who’s always been a fighter. I overcame many obstacles and finally found a job I truly loved as a DVD designer, but I became visually impaired. I had to give up that job due to my disability and decided to start a career in Internet Marketing.

My journey on 20th June 2013. My plan was to begin with small projects to try and get a small initial capital which I would eventually invest in building a professional money earning site. I fell in love with an application called Market Samurai and while I was doing some keyword research for an article I was planning, I came across the domain “”. Initially I thought to buy it for resale. On second thoughts, I decided to create a website and then flip it. Finally however, I somehow got a feeling that I should keep it and so I started working hard to build a small empire. WARNING: I have a wicked sense of humor, but I am trying to control myself…as best as I can!

If anything you see on this site has helped you out or you just feel like you want to help me because I am a cool, sweet and funny dude, here is what you can do to give me a helping hand.

StopDON’T, I repeat do NOT, purchase any items advertised on this site or even check out any offers that you’re not genuinely interested in. If you do, that will not help me at all. It may actually jeopardize my efforts. Only check out and purchase those products on this site that you’re interested in for real.

donation2Buy me a CONDOMI always practice safe sex. If some of my money-earning articles have helped you in your online career, you can show me your gratitude by buying me a condom so I can have some fun in the weekend! Think about all the joy you’ll bring into my life by donating me a condom!!!

Like The Money Earning Sites Central Facebook Page. Putting a like on my page will help me a lot rank higher on Facebook which in turn can affect my ranking in the search engines. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a cent. I will be happy with my tail wiggling like that of a cute little puppy if you like my page!

Follow my online-money-making web sites on Twitter. Hey, I will be posting some great tips there and you never know if one of them could be that great idea that might change your life! Even if you don’t care, follow me and make me happy like a kitten playing with a ball of wool!

Google plus The Money Earning Sites Central! It’s a matter of hitting this nice sweet button! Just imagine: by pressing a little button you can make me happy as a caged bird whose been freed to fly in the air in a nice day of spring in a beautiful forest full of trees and cool stuff. Can you deny me all this happiness?

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Pin me! Pintrest is growing in popularity and while it won’t make me super happy, hey if you don’t like me that much…I mean…if you only like me a bit. If you feel I am “passable” but not “pleasant” then pin me! Think about it as putting a pin into my forehead if you really hate me!

Subscribe, comment and rate my videos on the Money Earning Sites Central Youtube Channel! Every comment, every subscription and any rating will make me happy like a jaguar, left alone with the puppy, kitten and birdie from the previous examples! I mean a hungry voracious jaguar. Bwhahahaha… Poor creatures… 🙁

Other important things you can do for Money Earning Sites: like, tweet and Google plus every article on this site, or at least as many as you can. Share my articles on social media whenever you can. If you go that far, I will strip and dance naked for you! Mmmmh… Maybe that can work better the other way round as a threat?

If you did any of the things I listed above to help me out, let me give you a big hug and say THANKS from the bottom of my heart! You are awesome! And if you have an online-money-making site too and want me to reciprocate the favor, just let me know!

On the other hand, if you didn’t do any of the above…
Homer Simpson Angry…a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! I promise it won’t hurt!

2 thoughts on “Support Me! Help Me!! SOS!!!

  1. Dude,
    I am a common man, male, 31, live in Sydney, an IT Consultant who was visiting SPI and saw your comments there asking people to help you with tips to grow your business. Then I searched your profile and came here to your website to see what was wrong with it.
    I am no expert on internet marketing, website development or anything of that sort.
    Now, the feeling that I get after reading your posts is this : You are desperate, is trying to get a following by projecting yourself as a ‘loser’ (people are feeling this about you is because this is how you are projecting yourself, e.g. the Vote questions and all the stuff you have written on this support page).
    Dude, people in this world are losing hope.. there is recession, they need someone to uplift their spirits. They would not like to buy or subscribe to someone who is so negative.
    You need to give them hope, optimism, self-confidence.. I do not say that you lie to them, but just at least show them hope for yourself and hope for them.
    The people who are going to come to your website are the ones who are themselves curious, clueless and trying to do something good/great. They would like to go to someone who is either good at it or someone who is in the same boat trying to make it big.
    At the top of this comment, I told you who I am. I told you that so that you know what impression a visitor like me would have when he visits your page.
    I attended a seminar here in Sydney today by an Aussie internet marketing guru named Brett Mcfall. This guy sold $16000 worth of his products by just giving a 4 hour seminar. How he did it? By motivating and inspiring people. Just do that. You would be good and successful.
    Wish you all the best and please do not mind if anything I said you did not like as it is just my opinion.

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