Starting Up with Money Earning Sites


The money-earning Web site is ready and we need to let Google know that the site is there and that it is a great site. One method to do this is to build a network of sites on Web 2.0 properties that link to the money site. This method works, but it is time consuming and the results are not that great. I do not recommend going this route, but, if all else fails, it may be useful. Take note that this can, at best, be considered a gray hat SEO method, i.e. one that is not approved by Google. Anything on the web can be a ‘link source’ from a YouTube video, to a question on Yahoo Answers, to an article, a Web site, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account…you name it! A link source is any web property that contains a link to the on-line-money-making Web site. I like to create my link sources manually. Many marketers try to use robots to create valid link sources. Most of the time, they end up spamming the web, thus alerting Google that they are trying to fool their crawlers by building artificial links. It is better to create a few good link sources rather than thousands of poor quality ones. My “great rebellion” site was able to beat the BBC with just seven good link sources for that search term.

In order to create a good number of articles, which look significantly different from each other, a spinner may be used. A spinner is a program that automatically modifies an article by substituting some words with their synonyms. I recommend the free version of Spinnerchief. It is not capable of picking up synonyms automatically in an effective way. This function is provided, but the resulting articles will be plain garbage. So spinning should always be done manually. The paid version is not so much better in accomplishing that task. Therefore, since we have to get our hands dirty anyway, I see no point in buying this. The Elite version does have some neat features like the SK Plugin which seems pretty interesting. If you want to purchase the full version, I would recommend the one time payment of $127. Recurring payments always add up to a lot of money. That is one reason I chose Spinnerchief over the competition which does not provide a one time payment option. Besides Spinnerchief is the true best one of them all. It is a must to keyword optimize articles, videos, galleries and whatever else with Market Samurai just like the content of the money-making site. Hint: make sure you don’t spin your primary and secondary keywords!

Once the source material is ready, free blogs, such as, Blogspot, Tumblr,,, etc. are created and the content submitted. Articles can be submitted to major directories such as Ezine Articles. Social media such as a Facebook page, Twitter account or YouTube videos can be high value link sources too. Also blogs that have a .edu or .gov extension are considered extremely valuable link sources by Google and the other search engines. Getting a link there would be extremely valuable for the cause. Do not waste your time with blog commenting or forum profile links. Google does not even acknowledge their existence. Your Web site can be even penalized. Remember that the trick here is to make the Web 2.0 properties and your other link sources look as natural as possible.


Besides being a powerful keyword tool, I have found Market Samurai to be an excellent assistant for SEO purposes. Reverse engineering is an SEO tactic that is doing wonders for my Web site. I definitely recommend this method. There are many services that allow anyone to spy on the link profile of any Web page they want. Most of these cost an arm and a leg. In other words, I am talking between $50 and $100 per month. This is not an amount of money that a beginner can afford. The good news is that Market Samurai does exactly the same thing for a one-time payment of just $94.

The trick to make reverse engineering work for a new site is to pick a competitor that is skilled in SEO with a Web site that is not too new, but neither too authoritative. Check out this article for the full method. I am also making you a very special offer. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you for money, though. Enter you email below to subscribe to Linkz, The Money Earning Sites Central’s Newsletter. I will deliver you all the links I find with Market Samurai and reverse engineering straight to your inbox.Instant Access


Tracking progress is crucial to the success of a Web site. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools offer a wide range of tools to evaluate a business strategy. SEO Book is also an amazing resource. Many tutorials can be found on their site to achieve the best from the many tools that they offer. Their basic service is free.

If creating money sites sounds too difficult for you at this stage, I have prepared a list of resources which consist of money-making ideas that do NOT involve having a Web site. With these, you can practice keyword research, content creation and SEO, while making a buck or two. Check out the section called Methods. I recommend, however, that you start working on your Web site right now, even if you do not feel ready yet, and do not wish to concentrate on that job. As noted beforehand, Google is making it increasingly difficult for a Web site to gain authority and the trend is expected to continue. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I will be responding to all of them.

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