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money-making-websites-business-logoWARNING: This post contains greedy affiliate links! ‘Affiliate’ refers to promoting services on behalf of a third party. This is one way in which a Web site can generate cash online. For example, I am an affiliate for Site5. When a user clicks on my affiliate link and purchases a hosting package, the company pays me a referral fee. In other words, if you purchase any items through my links, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. In some cases you will pay less than you would through a non-affiliate link. If you do not want me to get paid for my work in delivering this awesome free content to you, just take note of the product’s name and do a google search in a separate window without clicking on my links first. If you do that, I am perfectly OK with it and I shall still love you… :/ …what the heck, no I am not…if you do that, curse you!!! šŸ™ I am kidding, of course. Also take note that this article gets regularly updated with new, useful tips and information, as I become more and more proficient in monetizing Web sites. Unlike the updates made to other articles, anyones I make to this one will not be stated as such. The reason for this is to avoid making this resource unreadableĀ  Another thing to remember is that there are links to almost every single article I wrote here, but you don’t need to read everything to start building your own money-earning site. The articles are linked, so that if you need further information on that particular aspect of Web site monetization, you will have the information handy.

There are four aspects to The Money Earning Sites Central: introduce on-line-money-making sites to beginners, discuss and devise new strategies with intermediate and expert marketers, the “reality show” aspect, which consists of watching my progress as I try to monetize this and other sites and finally the practical aspect discussed here: how you can create your own money-earning sites. We take a brief look at the process of monetizing a website. This article is not intended to serve as a tutorial, but to give a very concise overview of the process as a whole. Please, don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information it contains.


If you are a complete beginner to Internet Marketing, there are a few things you need to know. The Internet is not that large of a market as people make it to be. There is much competition out there. If anyone had a magic application or system that could turn anyone into a millionaire overnight, the chances are they would keep it for themselves. If such a system existed, everyone and their sisters would be using it. Incidentally this would create an insane competition; the system, sooner rather than later, would stop working. Stay away from the so-called-money-making gurus. The only people who profit from the junk, which they sell on line are they themselves. Take a look at this resource to learn how to spot and avoid the gurus and their fake money-making methods. Starting an Internet business is not much easier than starting one off line. Anyone gifted with an average intelligence, however, can learn Internet marketing. As explained in this article, it is important to start your business as soon as possible because Google is making it increasingly difficult for newer Web sites to establish themselves. Today is a better day than tomorrow to begin. Make sure you allow yourself some time to learn new strategies and learn new methods. The true secret to making money on line is you. Invest in yourself as much as you can because you are your business’s biggest asset.


You must first choose a topic for your site, but before you do that you need to answer one question. Are you going to create a money-earning Web site with no content at all, fill it with ads and affiliate links while trying to fool Google into thinking your on-line-money-making site is useful to their users? Or do you want to earn money through the Internet by bringing expectational value to the folks who visit your baby? Or maybe you want to create something in between these two extremes? You can use the methods I teach here to create either the most useless Web page ever seen in the history of the Internet, or one that will manage to bring world peace. As far as I am concerned, I am trying to build money-making sites that will bring high value content to those who visit them. My strategy is called inbound marketing: instead of turning visitors into customers, I want to turn visitors into fans first, people who will visit my Web sites, find the content they were looking for, and love it! To create a high quality money earning online site you need p.e.a.c.e. which is short for passion, effort, action, competence and effectiveness. Find out more about how to earn money through the Internet by adding great value to it by reading this article. One other consideration you need to make is whether you want to create a micro niche site, which laser targets a specific group of customers, or a macro niche site, aimed at a much wider audience. A micro niche site can become a very short-termed source of income since Google does not love these type of sites, and they are doing anything they can to keep them out of the search engine results. You will soon learn that getting ranked on page one of Google is an essential step towards successful Web site monetization. A macro niche site, such as The Central, will likely last much longer and be way more rewarding, but is extremely hard to manage and even harder to monetize. Take a look here, if you are unsure which of these two approaches you want to start with.


As I just mentioned, the aim is getting on the first page of an organic search on Google, possibly at the very top spot, for a set of profitable keywords. ‘Organic’ refers to free placement on the search page as opposed to paid advertisements.

organicsearch(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Once you have chosen the topic which you intend to focus on, you need to find your primary keyword. This is a crucial step, perhaps more important than choosing the topic itself. If you have picked a topic such as “health and fitness”, you cannot enter that niche using the keywords “health fitness”. There is way too much competition for those two words, and no one would stand a chance of getting on the first page of Google. Using Market Samurai, I find out that “gyms near me” are good keywords to try to enter the health and fitness niche. They are relevant, have a good level of traffic, relatively little competition and a good value potential to earn some cash through the Google AdSense program.

marketsamurai(Click on the image to enlarge it)

You can find tutorials on how to use Market Samurai at the Noble Samurai Dojo. Market Samurai is an incredibly powerful application, but it can be easily mastered in a few minutes. This is not to say that keyword research is made easy, but the application definitely makes it less frustrating and much simpler to understand for a beginner. The free alternative to Market Samurai is Google’s Keyword Planner. Everything that Market Samurai does can be achieved with Google’s tools, but it takes more effort and a much longer time to extract all the data needed to find the right keywords for your site.

And yes, I am an affiliate for Market Samurai. You can only be an affiliate for the application if you have purchased it yourself. If you are into the niche of wealth, which you should if you have been reading this far, enrolling for the Noble Samurai Affiliate Program would certainly be a wise move. I am genuinely enthusiast about the Noble Samurai applications, but if you feel that my opinion may be biased, you can just download the free trial and decide for yourself if the application is worth the discounted price of $97. If you think that it’s a piece of crap and decide to remove it, 1) I don’t get paid anything and you don’t pay anything and 2) There has to be something terribly wrong with you…:/ Market Samurai can be used as a powerful search engine optimization tool too. More on that later.


Always keep your host and domain provider separate. The free domains, which many host providers offer, may be tempting, but, should you need to switch hosts, it may be a pain to do so when your provider has full control over the domain. Remember that it is your greatest asset. All the work you will do to promote your site would be lost too if you were to lose control of your domain. Treat all your domains like a most special treasure.

I suggest Namecheap as a domain registrar. Their customer service is the best and their interface is as user-friendly as it gets. GoDaddy is a great alternative especially if you want to pitch domains on your site; they offer a very rewarding affiliate program that is much better than Namecheap’s. In case you need one, here is a tutorial to register your domain on Namecheap.

You have two options for choosing a domain name. You can go for an EMD, which stands for exact match domain. For example, had you chose ‘money earning sites‘ as your keywords in step two, would be an EMD for those keywords. An exact match domain is made exactly by your chosen keywords with no extra dashes, words or letters attached to them. If any of these are included, the domain is referred to as a PMD, or partial match domain. For example or are both PMDs. Partial match domains are being heavily penalized by Google, so you should not try to go for one of those. If you opt for an EMD, make sure to choose a .com, .net or .org. The other option, and the one I would recommend, is to go for your brand name. When choosing a brand name it is important to pick a short, phonetic name. One trend is to leave out or replace a vowel from a common word, e.g. ‘tumbler’ become ‘tumblr’ or ‘flicker’ becomes ‘flickr’. The best way to find a great name is to write a list of short words by free association, and then work on those that sound the best. Make sure to check that the brand name you come up with is not already in use. Google can help here. If I could go back, I would not choose an EMD again, as I did, but rather a brand domain such as You choose what you are most comfortable with!

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