SocialADR Review: The Final verdict: Is SocialADR Safe for SEO and How Effective is this Service?

SocialADR ReviewI have been hearing good and mixed reports on SocialADR for quite a while. Some say that it’s effective and others that it didn’t do much for them. Oddly enough, I never heard any negative reports about this service, which was a great sign. Seeing that some marketers I respect were recommending SocialADR, I decided to have a go myself at it, and I am pleased to report that I am extremely impressed with the results. One of the things that held me back from testing it thoroughly when I started my online adventure was that I could not understand exactly what the service is. Their site is a bit confusing, and, to many newcomers, the whole concept of “social bookmarking” may sound a bit weird to begin with. So before starting the actual review, I want to go a bit in detail about what this service actually does, and what it doesn’t do. If you are a social bookmarking guru already, feel free to skip the next paragraph.

SocialADR Services: Social Bookmarks, Tweets, Google Plus Ones, Facebook Likes and Linkedin Shares

It’s important to understand that SocialADR offers five different services, not just one. The most important of these is Social Bookmarking. Unlike the other four, this is the only service that is available to both paid and free members (more on that later). So, in this article, I am going to focus mostly on this feature, but first…

You don’t know what a social bookmark is?

To understand exactly the concept of social bookmarking, you first need to keep one thing in mind: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn are social networks, not social bookmarking sites. A social network is very different from a social bookmarking site, so don’t let the fact that SocialADR offers services related to those four networks confuse you! Then, think about your browser. It has a favorites tab to which you can add your favorite web pages for easy navigation. A social bookmarking site works in a very similar fashion. You create an account with the site, and add your favorite URLs to your profile, for easy access. The only difference is that, rather than being stored on your computer privately, social bookmarks are stored on a public web server, and can be accessed by other users too (unless you elect to make your profile private). Hence why the bookmarks are called “social”. Since they are public, Google and other bots can crawl them too. A website, which has been social bookmarked a large number of times by different people, is considered popular, and is therefore ranked higher in the SERPs than one that has little or no social proof. Some social bookmarking sites, such as work exactly like a browser: click “Add Link”, type or paste the URL of the web page that you want to add to your profile and hit “OK”. It’s as easy as that!

Delicious ExampleOther sites, such as Pinterest or We Heart It, are more graphical, and require you to bookmark a picture on the page rather than the whole of it. This is why it’s important to always have at least one picture in all your articles to take full advantage of SocialADR’s services. It’s all very intuitive, in the end. By the way, at this point, you may be wondering how SocialADR can help you with this. Here is how it works: users sign up to SocialADR either as Free Members or Lazy Members (i.e. paid), and then submit a URL which they want to have shared across social bookmarking sites. Having one of your bookmarks shared will cost you several credits. You can earn credits either by purchasing them (as a lazy member) or by sharing other people’s URLs. It’s as easy as that! These are the social bookmarking sites that SocialADR supports presently:


You don’t need to register to all the sites to use SocialADR, but the more you are registered to, the more you will earn your credits easily if you opt for the free plan. If you opt to go for the Lazy Plan, you don’t need to register for any account at all, since you will be paying for your credits and the free users will share your URLs for you automatically. SocialADR also offers to register all accounts on your behalf for $11, which is a great deal considering that it took me over a day to register them all by myself (and I wouldn’t do it again if I had to start all over)!

Other Services

SocialADR also offers a like exchange service on Facebook. You like other people’s Facebook pages to earn credits, and then spend them to have people like your Facebook page. Similarly a Google Plus One and LinkedIn exchange service are also provided. It’s also possible to have other people Tweet your tweets. While everyone can like, Tweet, share and plus one all content to earn credits, only lazy users can use these four services to get likes/Tweets/plus ones/shares for their own content. I strongly suggest you to NOT use the Google Plus One service. Messing with Google themselves is never a good idea. I would use the Facebook service sparingly since I recommend using paid Facebook Ads instead for reasons I discussed elsewhere. Twitter is recommended though. They are not that paranoid about paid tweets.

Submitting to SocialADR

To submit a bookmark to have it shared by other SocialADR users, you need to provide a short spun article that describes your web page. SocialADR do not provide a built in spinner; you will need to use your own. I suggest using Spinnerchief III. The basic version (which is all you need) is hundred percent free. Make sure that you spin the article manually using sentence and paragraph spinning. Use a wide variety of titles, but do not use phrases such as “click here” or “this article”, like the admins on SocialADR reccomend, since your title will be used for the bookmark and it’s a bit odd to have ones titled “click here”. So, as your generic anchor text, I would recommend “Article to read later”, “Good article about ____”, “Recommended by John”, etc.

Effectiveness of SocialADR

There are mixed reports on the effectiveness of SocialADR around the web. Using their service alone, I managed to go up five positions on Google for a search with low competition keywords. I submitted about 100 social bookmarks to achieve this goal, and did nothing other than using SocialADR.

So why is it that some people say that SocialADR is not being effective for them?

Well, this is pretty obvious, and those who can’t see it simply still have a pre-2012 SEO mentality. You cannot rank a new site in one day just by firing it up with SocialADR or no-follow links from blog commenting. This does not mean that these SEO strategies are ineffective. When a new website/domain is created Google looks at it with great mistrust. You will need to earn a minimal amount of trust in order to use SocialADR and similar techniques to improve rankings. Strictly speaking you need to have a Trust Flow of 15-20 on Majestic SEO. To do this, the domain needs to be a couple of months old and you need some good quality backlinks from PR4 or higher sites. One way to get these links is to head on to Fiverr or the Warrior forum and pay for them. Just check the quality of the links first. If you go for Fiverr don’t even look at gigs offering 1200 links for $5. You can rest assured that’s the kind of garbage that will get you penalized. Look for gigs or offers that will give you one contextual link on a page (not domain) with high PR. Alternatively, if you want to go 100% white hat, subscribe to my newsletter Linkz, where I reveal how I did it for this very site you’re on now. Once you have your basic high PR links set and a fair amount of impressions and visits (like 1000-2000 impressions per day), you will find out that using SocialADR can turn out to be very effective. But if you plan on using it on a site with zero trust, be prepared for failure. It’s as simple as that: Some spammy link building techniques will work if you have some trust, but they won’t if you don’t have any.

Is SocialADR Safe?

This is the definitive answer to this question, which people keep asking over and over again: Yes, SocialADR is safe today; tomorrow is a different story. For all we know, even using WordPress can stop being safe, if Google decides so. Not even their own technicians can give any guarantee, because what’s approved as a white hat technique one day gets labeled as black hat the one after. Guest blogging is a great example to keep in mind to this regard.

SocialADR links are perfectly safe to use and have very positive effects, as we speak. If the service becomes very popular and more people start using it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google decide to penalize it. I guess that the real question should be: can they detect SocialADR links? Some points on this:

  • Most of SocialADR’s links are no-follow. No follow links are very important to achieve search engine rankings (even though Google says otherwise, please don’t listen to them). It is Google’s policy to not target no-follow links with their algos. So your no-follow links SHOULD, be safe from any penalties. “SHOULD” because there is very little chance that Google will start targeting no-follow links, but still, I don’t work for them, so can’t put my hand on fire.
  • It is highly unlikely that Google will penalize the social bookmarking sites or stop using social signals as a sign of popularity and authority.
  • Google can still isolate SocialADR links by identifying SocialADR users on these social bookmarking sites. They might do this based on common links being shared by a large group of users (who happen to be the SocialADR community). Facebook managed to penalize and shut down several users who were using the like-exchange website a few years ago using this strategy. This is actually quite a likely scenario in the not so distant future, and I am sure Google can manage to figure it out, if they want to.
  • However, it’s extremely unlikely that they will manage to identify users with enough certainty to warrant a penalty. More likely, the links will just lose their value in the worst case. This is not like a link exchange service where all users are guilty simply by using it.
  • It’s best to try not to leave any footprints. For instance, do not use the SocialADR WordPress plugin, which can make you extremely identifiable in Google’s eyes.

Those were the facts. Now, my advice is to use SocialADR carefully when sharing bookmarks from your money site, especially if it’s an important source of income to you. Use “drip” as your submission rate to get your bookmark shared from as vast a group of users as possible, making it difficult for Google to gather enough data to point their fingers at you, should they ever decide to get to that. Do not have any page submitted more than fifty times (SocialADR allows a maximum of 200). Most importantly, don’t overdo it! With that said, in business you have to take risks. If you just sit there waiting for people to link to you, no matter how awesome your content is; you’re going to wait for a very long time. It doesn’t sound like Google are that much concerned with social exchanges right now, so I wouldn’t scrap the idea of using SocialADR on a money site. It does its job, and compared to similar services, it’s the safest you can find around.

You can rest your head well on your pillow when using SocialADR to rank YouTube videos or add social proof to Web 2.0 blogs. SocialADR works amazingly well on YouTube, since it’s a high authority and trusted site and your videos will become relevant easily and quickly. Using it to have your web 2.0s gain authority is also an amazing idea. Your money site will not undertake any risks at all and the link juice and authority will still flow to it seamlessly! I am, of course, talking about Web 2.0s that you use as a source of links for your money sites.

Gaining Traffic from SocialADR?

Besides the social proof we get through Google, can we get any actual traffic from the social bookmarking sites? The simple answer to this question is: No, none at all. Our links get shared by real people just like you and me, but remember that they won’t share them because they like the content, but rather to earn credits. Some of the links shared on SocialADR are pretty spammy too, such as “Toronto Dentist” or “How to make money online with my awesome guru product”. The truth is that no one will look at these profiles or the links shared by SocialADR users. Their only use is to gain social proof in the eyes of search engines, and they work pretty well to that regard.

Bottom of the Line

I highly recommend SocialADR. It’s the safest, easiest, cheapest and, most importantly, effective tool of its kind that I have come across ever. As with any other bulk link-submission tool, you need to know what you’re doing and be careful and moderate with the way you use it. It can give a boost to your business more than any other tool out there imo, but do not expect any beneficial results if you plan to rely exclusively on it. As with any SEO/link-building strategy, diversification is key. If you follow my tips, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve my same results. If you have any questions, just leave a message below. I will reply to them right away, and I am always willing to get in touch with you personally later, if you need any specific help.

7 thoughts on “SocialADR Review: The Final verdict: Is SocialADR Safe for SEO and How Effective is this Service?

  1. I really liked this article. I’ve been toying with using Socialadr for a few weeks – even built up some credit but was afraid it wasn’t for me. I might give it a go now.

    By the way, your link for Linkz has a typo “/inks”

  2. After printing out and reading your article several times (I am new to the net) I realized how much I do not know. Thanks for those first few paragraphs that explained it for us newbies.
    Couple of questions for you though…if you can help.

    With all the information you give in this article, for us newbies, is there a particular order of events that we should take? In other words, which should we start with and then 2nd, 3rd and so on?

    If you go to my above site, you will see that it is pretty generic. I am not promoting that page though. I am promoting the others that are connected to it. I have made several short videos and put them on YouTube promoting the above site pages. But for some reason, I am not getting the views that I feel I should be getting. Earlier on, I used a gig on Fiverr and got ‘slapped’ by YT , removing all my videos and likes/views and so on, down to zero. Ouch ! That really hurt ! I was up around the 17000 views mark. Now, it seems that I am stuck at 301. 🙁

    You mentioned that SocialADR (social adder) will rank YT videos and “add social proof to Web 2.0 blogs.” I am a bit lost as to what 2.0 blogs are? Can you help out here please?

    According to your article, I need to also, figure out how to spin and article. Which by the way, I have not idea how to do. But I am sure willing to learn how.

    I know that it takes effort to be successful online. But it just comes down to having a good mentor. I’ve followed several mentors online, but when it comes to their “teaching” techniques, it just seems that it is all about the money. In other words, they all have the “pay up first, and I will share my knowledge with you” , mentality.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am more than willing to pay for knowledge, but there seems to me that enough knowledge should be given out for us newbies (and low on $$$) to get some type of income so as to pay for this much needed information and continue to upgrade for our mentor.
    Maybe I am wrong, but that is the way I have always conducted my (offline) service business with other people in my area. I always get repeat business for helping them the first time around.

    OK, so much for that line of thought. But , getting back to my earlier questions, if you can in any way, direct my efforts, I would be forever grateful.

    Thanks very much for your time,

    Tom McDaniel

    • Hi Tom, you are totally right about “mentors” wanting only the money and offering very little in return. Your approach is the one a serious dedicated business man should take. Look out for an article on a post (right here on this site) on the subject that was deleted by the Warrior Forum mods.

      My advice is to stay away from Fiverr Gigs. Consider yourself lucky that YouTube didn’t shut down your account altogether, like they did to many others who used bots to artificially increase the number of their views. YouTube lately, AFTER I published this article have become more stringent when it comes to ranking videos, but Social ADR can still be effective, even though not as much as it used to be.

      “Web 2.0 properties”, as far as SEO goes, refers to creating a webpage on someone else’s website, to explain it in a very basic, understandable, yet inaccurate way. Examples of such sites include WordPress.COM, Blogspot, Blogger and others of the like. They are used in SEO to create websites on these platforms and then link to your money site (or YouTube or whatever you want to have ranked) from them. It’s pretty simple really, although very time consuming. Also, you will need to post to these sites using a private proxy (you can buy one for $3), since otherwise Google will catch you. Don’t ask how they do because nobody knows (probably by illegally invading our privacy), BUT THEY DO!

      As for a spinner, check our The Best Spinner. You can find a link to it on my resources page or right here among the ads in the side bar. You can use the free version. The paid one isn’t needed at all. There are a few tutorials on their site which will show you how to accomplish the task.

      If you need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact me (you can even write to me privately using the contact form on the About Me page). Thanks for your support!

  3. Thanks for this really informative article. Like many others I’ve looked at SocialADR and couldn’t really work it out. I’m now willing to give it a go. Cheers

  4. I think the key to socialadr is the spinning as you said, something which I haven’t had the patience to play around with yet….but I need to add this to my arsenal to diversify my link profiles for my niche sites

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