Secure Your Brand Name with the Best Domain Registrar

After You Purchase Hosting

Once you purchase hosting, it’s time to update your DNS settings. Log in to your account and go to my account and pick Manage Domains:

DND Configuration

Select the domain that you want to use with your new site:

Choose a Domain

Click on Domain Name Server Setup:


Type in the name of your web host’s DNS Servers. Here is what you should type in, if you opt to host with Site5:

dnsconfiguration15Click on Save Changes and your new domain is ready to use with your blog, content managment site or whatever else your heart desires. Check out my sixty seconds guide to setting up a WordPress blog if you need a site to use with your domain. If you thought that getting a name with the best domain registrar was easy, you’ll see that setting up your WordPress blog on Site5 is even easier and free for the first month!

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