Secure Your Brand Name with the Best Domain Registrar

As one of the best domain name registrars, Namecheap allows you to easily configure your domains’ options at a go.

  1. Set this option to “automatically renew before expiration” to make sure that you don’t lose your domain’s ownership.
  2. Make sure to enable WhoisGuard and enable automatic renewal to protect your private data!
  3. This is the most important setting. The DNS settings will tell Namecheap the address of your host, so that when someone types your domain address in their browser, your website will be loaded from your hosting company. If you don’t yet have a host choose “Use Our Free Nameservers“. Otherwise, if you do have a host type in the DNS settings here. You can find these from the “welcome” email that your host has sent you when you signed up with them. If you wish to use the host I recommend (and which hosts my own site) which is Site5, your the DNS settings will be and You only need to fill in the first two lines. If you are a starter, you will not have a domain name at this stage, so just leave the default option, but if you plan to use Site5 you can fill them right away. You can also change them later and I will show how to do that in a moment.
  4. You need only use this option if you want to use the domain to cloak an affiliate link or to have it redirect the user to another website. If that is the case, type in the affiliate link or other website you want to link to here. Do not fill this space if you want to use the domain as the main one for your website. Starters should leave this blank.
  5. Here you will type the address of the email you want to use with your domain, for example, in this case, my email would be In the blurred up space you will insert your personal email where you want messages to forwarded to. This again applies only if you do not have a host that provides you with real email. Site5 allows you unlimited emails for your domain, so if you have an account with them or a similar top level host, just leave the default settings.

Click Save and continue when you’re done.


Site5 DNS settings:dns settings

That’s it! Choose you preferred payment option and pay for your domain(s). Now you have your brand name registered with the best domain registrar.


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