Saturday Update #5: Rage, No Money, No Links, New Domain, Yahoo

Snob Money Earning Website OwnerSo here come my weekly updates about my erm…progress…can I call it progress? Let’s start with my anger!


Some nazi deleted all my comments from his money earning blog. Bastard! I took the time to read all of his stupid articles, test out his ideas, search the Web before making a comment, and that IDIOT marked all my comments as spam and blocked my IP. Curse him and his pathetic PR7 blog. If I had the time I would post bad links to his stupid site (hopefully he won;t read this since a guy with a PR7 blog can certainly crush me by lifting one finger!).

But yeah, these ‘established’ bloggers think they are some sort of blogging gods because they earn good money with their sites and have obviously forgotten how hard it is to start with this business and how complicated life is for a guy with a PR0 blog to get links or attention from anyone. I swear, if I ever make it with money earning sites, I will never be like that and I will try by all means to help out the new guys.

I do need to control my anger though. Making enemies isn’t good for any business. I need to learn to not take stuff like this personally, even though before marking comments as spam, people should think twice. Sure, if it’s a bot comment, that’s one thing, but to consider spam any comment just because whoever posts it is not a native speaker of your language, or you don’t like their money-earning site, then that makes you a douche! Period! [Added 1.12.2013 Or maybe the site sucks!]

No Links

Getting links for Money Earning Sites is harder than I thought. I guess giving away links in 2013 is considered on a par with giving away your first born child. Also Google isn’t even acknowledging the edu links that I managed to get. I probably need to create some tier 2 backlinks for those to get noticed. Link building will be a hard job. I keep losing SERP on Google for my main search phrase “money earning sites“. The worst I have been this past week is 18 but I expect it to go even lower tonight. Every Saturday night I get de-ranked, for some mysterious reason. On a side note, my SERP for “make money online Yahoo Answers” has improved. I am now number 16 (was 24 last week). We’ll see. I am not throwing in the towel yet. Get ready to have your nose broken in pieces, Google!

New Domain

I bought a new domain! I bought a new domain! I bought a new domain. Tralalala… But I am not telling what it is. I am using it for a very special purpose that I can’t make public. Sorry.

At this point you will blather, “You son of a bitch, piece of crap! What happened to ‘I will share everything with you’ You’re just a liar. You’re just a freakin guru in disguise. I hate you! Die!!!!!!!!!!”

This is it! I warned you two times already about your attitude! Now, you’re banned, you teddy bear! (That’s an old joke for my friends from the Great Rebellion website). LOL If you want the details, subscribe to my newsletter. I am not posting the info here on the site. It would be too easy. Sorry!


This week has been devoted mostly to perfecting my Yahoo Answers skills to make money. I have implemented new strategies and extremely focused keyword rich questions and answers to try and get better conversions. Because out of 250 clicks, I got one conversion only. While getting a lot of impressions is great, I need to be more persuasive when selling my product. Let’s see what happens when my new accounts get to level 2, unless those dammed witch hunters get to me first.

That’s all for this week. Next Saturday I may not do an update at all. It’s the 17th of August and those who read the story of my life know what that date means to me. It will be hard. Message for someone: I am already thinking about you. You’ve come back to visit me in my dreams. Wherever you are now, remember that I love you and that I am sorry for not managing to protect you from those people whose every breath is an insult to the very meaning of the word love.

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