Saturday Update 37/38: A week ago…

SleepingFunnily enough I am writing this on Sunday. Almost a week before it’s going to be published. My week will be wholly spent working at my job, hence I had to prepare my articles a lot earlier than usual. Last one has been very hectic. I almost slept for three days. I was so trashed and in pieces that I couldn’t get out of bed and the reason was: Go Daddy. You guys know that I was buying domains to flip a few websites, hoping to have my present miserable $500 per month income replaced by something more tangible (and by doing a job that won’t stress my poor sick eyes that much). Aside from the fact that buying aged domains is way tougher than I could ever imagine, the idiots at Go Daddy flagged my account sending me a stupid email, wherein they said that they were afraid that I paid with STOLEN funds and that they were going to seize my domain, sell it to someone else and lock my account. I wish I could punch someone in the face so hard to make them bleed all over! Sadly, the only thing I could do was insult my poor mom and destroy an orange against a table, then go to sleep for about three days. That means that this week I will not have much to tell. I guess I will be yelling against Go Daddy some more, and talking about domaining and the Warrior Forum. But to start with…

Mr Huggins
Oh Arthur! I am sure Go Daddy is right! I have lost my purse…erm…I mean my wallet the other day, and couldn’t find it anywhere. But now I know where it is! You STOLE it to buy these domains from Go Daddy!. Thank the Teddy God they stopped you!


Mr Huggins, where have you been? It’s been so long! Have you been in jail or something? Ah! I guess I am feeling a LOT better now since I can make a few jokes about the whole deal. Whatever, before I got interrupted:

$500/month Job

Back to my $500/month job — last week I spent only Monday and Sunday at it totaling $105 for 21 hours of work. My next goal has to be to double this income. This is really too little even to live with here where I live, and if I didn’t have to pay all my medical bills. Plus it’s a huge strain on my eyes, and my condition will get a lot worse if I don’t get something better. I guess, those $8000 per month I need to save myself from oblivion seem to be so far… But as an intermediate goal I want to set making $1000 per month. That would be a good point to start. Incidentally I had a good idea on how to increase my profits from a controversial post I found on Facebook. I am going to try the “easy way” first, but I am sure that eBay will block me and I will have to try harder. Giving it a try won’t hurt though. For the time being, I am not going to tell what I have planned. There’s a handful of folks who may use that information against me, as they have in the past!

Domaining is Tough

Getting expired domains to flip on Flippa is super tough. The free lists have only garbage listed. And the paid ones aren’t that better. Yes, there are many domains that can be grabbed for pennies, but that’s only because they are worthless. If a domain doesn’t have many links, a high trust flow, domain authority and PageRank, then it’s useless for all intents and purposes. No one would buy a domain like that (or a site built on a domain like that for the matter). It’s pretty simple to figure out why I won’t make any money with these. Would I buy them (if they cost more than $50)? HECK NO. Why should anyone else? Case closed. I need to find a way to get great domains for reasonable prices. Settling for cheap crap isn’t going to help me out. It will just lead to more and more frustration. The point is, I have no clue how to do that. Many people manage to do it — they re-sell them on Flippa and forums all the time. I guess my mission has to be finding out how they do it. Sadly these are the kind of secrets you don’t find in a “guru product” because you can make real money. Many people say, buy PR0s with high DA as PageRank hasn’t been updated for a while. Well, unless the domain is brand new, that’s BS! If the domain has a high DA, many links and high TF but no PageRank, that’s black on white proof that it’s been penalized by Google!

I HATE Go Daddy

Sometimes I wonder if I am terribly unlucky or if it’s normal that using services such as Go Daddy on the Internet is so difficult and complicated for everyone else, just like it is for me. Anyhow, the whole ordeal I am going through with them really made me depressed and wanting only to sleep and not wake up. Basically that is how I spent last week. It looks that no matter what I try, with every step I take, a problem has to crop up — but that is business, I guess: devising strategies and solving problems. I just wish I could have one single easy day and some minimal results to keep me motivated.

Warrior Forum

Friday night, I got back up from my coma and stumbled upon the Warrior Forum and a great thread where people were questioning the so called “IM coaches”. Most of the responses were hilarious and ran along the lines, “We want to get paid right away because our courses are useless and we know that our students don’t make money nine times out of ten; if they make any it’s just a mere coincidence.” No matter how pathetic some of these replies were, they made me think a lot and ask myself questions such as: “What am I trying to achieve exactly? What did I do and what am I doing to get to my goals and what obstacles are stopping me from being successful?” I am still thinking about these questions and reflecting deeply upon them. I think two of the greatest obstacles I face are my complete lack of confidence, a result of the many abuses I received from my father, mother and aunts during my childhood, and, of course, the poor condition of my eyesight, which makes working, reading and writing very difficult for me (and it gets worse by the day). I wish I had a way to relax a bit and take a bit of time for myself because I am really, really stressed…

Well, that’s all for this very short and much uneventful week (other than the Go Daddy incident). Yeah, I know I get extremely depressed with very little. Believe it or not, I am getting better at taking blows straight to my face. Nevertheless, I need to go on, get a new account on Go Daddy, find better domains, learn more on domaining, acquire more and more knowledge and test the idea that Facebook got me. Hopefully, the next two weeks will bring some positive change to my business. Just imagine it, a Saturday update titled, “Guys I did it! $50 a day on autopilot!”. I think I would cry tears of joy and go out in the street singing and dancing, if that were to happen. If not, to my next rant!

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