Saturday Update #3: Google, Mistakes, Humility, Pain

GooglePage One Of Google With Little Effort (Presently On Page 2)

So, for four days I have been on page one of Google at a very decent fourth position, for my keywords ‘money earning sites’. Now, as I write this, I have been pushed back to page 2. Sadly no money came in, and there was very little traffic consisting mostly of spam. What did I do? Nothing, basically. The only link I added and which Google seemed to have picked is from the Great Rebellion website, which is a PR3 blog. I got a no-follow link from some guy who was discussing Yahoo Answers on his blog and who visited and commented on my article here. I also got a few do-follows from some PR0 site that is apparently using my articles to generate content. That’s all and …I ended up on page one! Now, I am on page two, however. My Google rating seems to be dropping. I am also on page 3 for the keywords “make money online Yahoo Answers“. I was ranking for “money making sites” too but that is no longer the case. It looks like I got penalized for some reason. The speed of my site maybe? Some bad links? I don’t know. What I know is:

Exact Match Domains are still considered high value to rank for the keywords making up the domain name. I have noticed this, not just from my site, but also with others I came across when doing keyword research for an article on “make money scams” that I am about to write. With Google, generally speaking, when you see a home page ranking pretty high in the searches, you can assume the exact match domain is the reason.

Partial Match Domains and domains other than .com/.net/.org are getting heavily penalized. Page one of the search results for ‘money earning sites’ used to show up sites like,, and the like. Now, they’re all gone. It could be that these sites got penalized because of their quality rather than the domain. Or perhaps, it’s a combination of both factors.

For those that don’t know, Google has been doing quite a few updates to their algorithms. Right now as we speak they are updating Panda. This the algorithm that is responsible for checking the quality of a website. I don’t think I have too much to fear from that. The site is one month old and I already have a fair amount of content. We’ll see…

I Definitely Picked the Wrong Keywords

I have to blame Market Samurai for that. It told me that ‘money earning sites’ were great and very profitable keywords. They obviously aren’t. In fact, after the program upgraded to the new Google Keyword Planner, it is telling me that they suck. 🙁 I guess it has something to do with the Phrase to Broad ratio. Phrase search refers to inputting a set of keywords in Google within inverted commas for example ‘money earning sites’. This returns only those sites where the keywords follow each other in that order. Broad refers to inputting the keywords without inverted commas. This returns pages containing all the words, in any order as well as synonyms. PBR or “phase to broad” is the ratio of phrase match searches to broad searches that users perform on Google.

I don’t yet understand what went wrong exactly. Maybe, you can tell me in the comments below? I intend to investigate the matter asap, but I am not too worried about it. I am still going to try to rank number one for money earning sites. It doesn’t seem that difficult to achieve, and, in the process, the site will hopefully increase its authority. Then I will try to rank individual articles for more profitable keywords. Remember, I wanted to use ‘money earning sites’ only to enter the money-making niche. It’s meant to be the beginning and not the end. The possibilities are endless. What happened with the Yahoo Answers article is an example. I can rank in so many different niches in the ‘make money’ category! Sure it would have been cool to get some $$$ which I could use to get good hosting and a few products I want to try out such as Unique Article Wizard but I guess, I will have to wait for that.


I am starting getting concerned about my plan to go for shared hosting for my site. I read this articleThe author says that Google penalizes sites that use shared hosting. Now, I can’t see the logic behind that. Why would Google do this? I can understand penalizing a site for slow speed or lack of  a decent optimization, as that makes for a poor browsing experience, but what does the server a site is hosted on have to do with its value for the community? The logic behind it could be that if a site uses a cheap shared server than it must not be making enough money, and, if it doesn’t make enough money, it has to be a bad website. That does make sense but does seem a bit far-fetched. I don’t know. I need a massive dose of humility and admit that I have much to learn yet. I am researching web hosts now and doing some really extensive tests on Bluehost and Hostgator. I am not that pleased with the results so far, hence why there’s no affiliate link in this article. Too early to judge.


Sadly, my eyesight has gone a lot worse this week. I had a terrible corneal erosion and since then, I can’t see at all from my left eye. I had many corneal erosions before, but never had one that affected my sight this much in such a short period of time. Don’t know what I am going to do. I don’t have the funds to get treatment, no one to help me and nowhere to go. The people around me seem to ignore my pain. The incompetent Maltese doctors said that I will be fine, and I guess that their opinion counts more than the fact that I am going half-blind. Or maybe no one cares. It’s hard seeing your sight go away. Wanting to work and not being able to, and being surrounded by people who talk about paying this or that bill at the bank and some promotional offer for online shopping with credit cards, while you’re going down and your life gets shattered to pieces. Makes me want to go out in the street and shout! I guess I need to rest and think. I am not letting anything stop me. I still have a good eye…for the time being.

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