Saturday Update 29/30: Progress with Money Earning Sites?

ImpresionsI guess it’s official that my weekly Saturday Updates have become my bi-weekly Saturday Updates. Right now I am focusing on getting a capital to use to promote my business. Some time ago, I wrote a post about 31 tips on how to create a profitable blog. Those tips are more of a “plan”, but one that I strongly believe in. The thing is that I haven’t yet placed a check mark besides each of them, yet. In fact, I would say I have tackled like half of them, and, since I wrote that article, I came up with ten or so new ones. I think the most important goal I have to reach, in the shortest time possible, is to get a capital. As such, I have to reduce the amount of SEO and new articles I forge out every week. Rather than writing two articles and one update per week, I will have to start creating the same quantity of new material once per fortnight. The thing is writing many articles isn’t helping me out. It’s not bringing in new contacts, and it’s not making me any money. I am stating to wonder how “important” it is creating “new fresh content” every day for a blog. But anyway, let’s recap the last two weeks!

New Job and January Earnings

So January has to be my best month ever in terms of cashing in! I got $245, most of which came from my job as a translator. I am being paid below what can be defined as cheap labor for that job, but (i) I am trying to find one where I will be paid a normal rate of at least 0.03c per word instead of the inhumane 0.008c per word, and (ii) my aim is only to raise those $3000 I need to fund my business. I am definitely not letting myself content with $250 a month. By March, I got to have the full sum in my hands, whether that be with a new job, affiliate marketing or selling my toy collection, which is worth quite a lot of cash. However, I still feel that the new job is a huge help, despite the super-low payout. It feels great to e rewarded at least something for the hard work you do.

Affiliate Marketing

Very disappointed with Site5 since they canceled all my commissions without even explaining why. Site5 may be an excellent hosting service, but it’s a very bad affiliate to work with. Not only their referral fee is the lowest in the industry, but they don’t even pay! No surprise you don’t see them advertised around that much! Well, their service is awesome. With that said, if they keep up acting like this, I might consider recommending and using some other reputable host. There are plenty of them, such as Arvixe and Siteground.

Guest Blogging

Matt Cutts is attacking the practice, but it seems I am not having much success with this, so I am not too concerned. I published two articles and that’s it. One person contacted me back and told me that he is “not accepting guest bloggers at the time.” The same day he posted like twelve articles from guest bloggers to his site. I have no clue why my articles are being refused. I don’t think that it is the quality of the articles. I suspect it’s my domain name which is made up of keywords and looks spammy. I would never buy it again, if I could go back. It was such a bad idea, but at the time I was not realizing how important establishing meaningful relationships with other marketers is. I don’t want the domain thing to serve as an excuse for not improving my own skills in article writing, on the other hand. One thing I need to do is to go deeper into SEO and IM to be more knowledgeable and competent. Many bloggers who accept guest posts claim that they are after “actionable content”, but what they actually publish are more like academic papers, so I need to focus on that aspect. In fact, this week, I have been working on an article on “marketing psychology“. I have enough experience in the field that I can probably write an article with a very innovative and fresh take on the matter, and that is very technical and detailed at the same time. We’ll see how that turns out.

Yahoo Answers

Still selling stuff there. One of the questions that was converting the best for me was deleted by those Witch-Hunters. I am pretty annoyed with that, but I managed to create many new answers using a brand new method for the site! Yahoo has totally revolutionized the way in which their site works by introducing “reference questions“. I suspect that these will not be lasting for long because eventually they are bound to attract a lot of SEO spam, once everyone realizes the potential that this new feature has, and I doubt that the Witch-Hunters will be able to monitor all the questions that may be affected by this spam. Some people are already using this pretty-obvious loop hole, of course.


My SEO efforts have been limited to submitting my site to a few directories, blog commenting and forum commenting. I didn’t find any great links in the past two weeks, which I am pretty disappointed with this. The site’s rankings are improving slowly. Impressions rose to 1843 today. This is my biggest record of impressions ever. The best I got in December was 934, so I almost doubled. Clicks are still pretty low at about 20-30 a day although I had one day where they went up to 50 and received almost 100 unique visitors on the same day, as per Google Analytics! I know that these are pretty low numbers, but it’s my best result ever, and I am quite happy with it. Hey, at least I am improving, not staying where I am or going backwards. Hopefully, when I will have some capital to invest, things will start to speed up too. It shows that what I am doing is right. I just need to be faster, and search for and find new opportunities for more links!

That is all I had to say for now. See you in two weeks time, when my eight month online will begin! Hopefully I will have soon more good news by the time and save you one of my doom and gloom updates, like the once I tortured you with in December.

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