Saturday Update 28: I Found a Job.

Huggins SpeaksAnother week has passed by. Stuff has happened, not the great breakthrough that I was looking for, though. The week began with me applying for several translation jobs on oDesk and Elance. I also continued to do my thing on Yahoo Answers and Web Hosting Forums. Incidentally, I realized there that I may have an enemy! More on that later. One of my guest blogging articles was published and another person, to whom I sent an article for review, answered me, but in a most funny way. Later, I received a reply from one of the clients on oDesk. He required me to take a very tough test. It took me two days to complete it and I got paid $16… I also sold a hosting package and … well, now as I am writing a few articles for the Central, I got an email saying that I got hired to do the job. Is this something I should rejoice for?

oDesk and Elance

This is the first time that I have tried to use these marketplaces seriously. I had been registered on the sites for a long time, but never used them. When I was working as a graphic designer, my partner used to find the jobs for me. I would then create great artwork and DVDs, send them to clients and get paid. That was the end of the story. I had no need to use services like Elance or oDesk. I used to make a good amount of cash that way. Nothing exceptional, but it was still above the average of a paycheck one typically earns here where I live. Thanks to the unscrupulous eye-surgeon who had the operation done on me and my evil father who forced me to have it, I can no longer do that job. Therefore, I have tried to apply for jobs that do not require a good sight. I must say that the pay outs offered by clients on oDesk is ridiculous. Some want one-thousand word articles for $1!!! They can afford to make these sort of requests because the many users from poorer countries are ready to work literally for a few pennies. Elance is a bit better because they have a “minimum wage” of $4/hr and $20 for a fixed-price job. In the end, after applying for about fifteen jobs, I got hired as an Italian-English translator. I will get paid like $0.005 per word which is ridiculous, but what choice do I have? I don’t have enough money to proceed with my plan to monetize this website, and I need to get the cash from somewhere. It doesn’t look like selling my toys on eBay will be as easy as I thought in today’s environment, so I guess I will just have to take the job and find a way to be as fast as I can at it. This means I will likely have to leave this site on its own for a while, until I put together $3000 or so, which should be enough to get things going. It may take forever to get the money I need in this way. We’ll see, I guess.

Guest Blogging

One of my articles was published. Many thanks to the cool webmaster who accepted it. I sent another two this week. As regards the first one, I got no reply at all. The second one got a funny answer. This person was advertising their blog as a PR4, DA40 blog while asking people to submit articles to it. I did, and was told that they would allow me to guest blog provided the only one link to my website, which they allow in the author bio, is a no-follow link. OK, why the heck in the world do you advertise your blog’s PR and DA when looking for guest bloggers if you want to no-follow the links? I will never understand some people. Anyhow, I obviously refused to publish anything on that blog and moved on.

I Have A New Enemy

I just realized that one of my competitors on a popular forum hates me big time. I posted a message on some forum and he has been extremely rude even calling me names at some point. He did edit his messages after he posted them, but I could see the original versions, which were delivered to my mailbox. I also noticed that every time this guy is online and he replies to my messages on that forum, “someone” comes to my site and votes “this loser has no chance” in the poll. I wonder who that might be? At any rate, I decided to ignore him. Now, I am wondering if this person may be involved in all the awful stuff that happened to me last month…

Website Statistics Have Never Been This Good

Google made a Penguin update on 9th January. It looks like it was a major update, but luckily my site was affected only positively! My impressions have for the first time ever surpassed a thousand per day and my website traffic seems to be, AT LAST, rising! From 10-30 visitors a day, I went up to 50-60 visitors a day. I know that it is still a miserable amount, but at least I am going forward not backwards. Hopefully, when I have enough cash to invest, things will start going a lot better quickly.

My eye sight is still bad, but not as bad as it had been in the last few weeks. I am trying to rest as much as I can. I am excited to begin my new job as a translator, even though it’s going to take away much of my time and I am getting paid pennies. We’ll see where this new adventure will take me. Next week may be an interesting one. That’s all for this week!

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