Saturday Update 23: Merry Christmas To Me!

Merry Christmas To Me!To say that I feel like sh*t would be an euphemism. This has been the worst week I have ever had since … what? Well, I think that I can compare it to the day I discovered that the operation that was performed on me made my eyesight even worse and I would have to quit drawing, or when I realized that my TGR page was destined to fail, or again when I was told that my mom was going to die. No, the last one was a lot worse, probably. I can’t compare it to the day I lost P. since the pain I felt at the time is indescribable and can’t be compared to anything else. Anyhow, if you’re not understanding what I am talking about, read the story of my life. I am not in the mood of linking to it, or anything else. So look for it. it’s somewhere on the site! There’s nothing interesting in this post that will help you out with your business, so you may as well skip it altogether. Of course, you can also read it and leave a comment below to tell me how negative, pathetic, dumb and whatever else I am. Go, ahead, humanity! I don’t expect any better from you. I have taken a brake from blogging, so there really isn’t much to share this week. Let’s begin!


Here comes the reason why I’ve been drained of all my energies. I got banned from some forum. Why? I totally have no clue, not even the slightest one. I have been thinking about it for three whole days and came up with a number of reasons why that may have happened, but the truth is I did nothing (knowingly) to deserve a ban: No affliate links, no self-promotion, no sales, no cheating … nothing. In fact I didn’t even link to this site. At least, not in the past few days and when I did, months ago, I didn’t even put in anchor text like everybody else was doing on the site. At any rate, the webmasters encourage people to put links in their profiles, so that is unlikely to have been the issue. I even started thinking that it might be because someone mistook my thumbs up in my profile picture for a middle finger and got offended. I digress, however. There is no point in making up theories about what I said here, there or elsewhere, or who I may have offended with what. Only the person who banned me knows why they did it. The only thing certain is that it was done on purpose and intentionally, since I kept getting warnings on my account for three days before the ban. The reasons why I was receiving the warnings were not revealed to me. Since they said that they were having technical difficulties, and knowing I was doing nothing wrong, I was sure that the warnings were a technical issue, and so I kept using the site normally. I guess I am immature and stupid in thinking that if one obeys the rules and does the right thing nothing bad can happen. Of course I did try to contact them, but, at this point it has been days, and I don’t think that my account will be restored. If people look for my name on Google, one of the first results they will see has my real name and surname saying that I was “banned for guideline violations”. Great way to destroy my reputation for nothing. Well, hopefully Google will de-index that page soon. It’s understandable that there are many people who spam and abuse websites and moderators and administrators have a tough job, so I am not going to mention the forum or add anything negative to this post. Whatever…

Guest Posting Approval Rate: 0%

So, I sent in some guest posts and none have been published. It looks like I really suck. What can I say? I started with really low-profile blogs that I was sure would be interested in my articles. The quality of the articles is a bit better than the technical ones, which I publish here at MESC. Honestly, I don’t see any difference in style, spelling and grammar between one of my articles and those already available on the sites. Maybe, it’s just that the webmasters know the writers and aren’t willing to trust a stranger like me. Normally, considering what I said in my article on rejection, I would take this as an opportunity to discover the faults in my writing and improve it, but with the whole banning thing and the fact that none of the people I contacted even cared actually rejecting my offer (they just ignored me), I am rather going to take this as a sign from the stars that I better take a big heavy rock and head towards the sea. The sea is beautiful here in Malta and that is a great way to leave this world full of misery!

Friend Is Getting Fired

My best friend will likely get fired because he is sick and in pain and the doctor refuses to sign a medical certificate for him. He can hardly move and they say that he is fit to go to work. Another reason why this world sucks, and it is best to leave it. I would like to be there for him like he was for me, but I feel too depressed to help myself, let alone anyone else. Besides, I am selfish ego-centric fool who can’t think of anything else but his own idiotic woes…

SEO: I Was Right

Last week I made up a theory about why The Central got back to page two of Google and I was right about it. It was because I lost one single link. I managed to get that link back, and now I am back to page one number three. Sadly, the link will last only for a few weeks. But it’s great to see that I am learning the ways in which SEO works. Funnily enough this was the subject of one of my guest blog posts. Well, nothing stops me from publishing that article here or to another blog other than the one it was intended for. That’s the great thing about guest blogging. If an article doesn’t make it on one blog, there’s always another one! Oh wait! I am being a bit positive and this update is supposed to be as negative as it can be, so I better stop here…and return to my sad Saint Seiya songs and my misery…

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  1. Sadly, you still don’t realize how you have been there for me! your emails and chats helped me as well to lift my spirits and take away from my pains. You are such a great friend who just doesn’t realize that he is! :*

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