Saturday Update 16: Web 2.0 SEO, Market Samurai, Check and Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

seoThis has been a very calm week for me and I have done quite a lot of work and discovered a few new SEO techniques. I still don’t feel that I am doing any significant progress money wise. I’ve been actively working on SEO for the site for three weeks. I learned many new things, all of which, obviously, I am going to share with you. Now, the site is on page one of Google for three keywords related to Yahoo Answers, on page three for ‘money earning sites‘ and it moved from n/a to page five and from page eight to page two for another two keywords. My traffic is still like four visitors per day. But I am definitely seeing progress for all my keywords. Now, I think that’s a momentous achievement! Basically, Google ranks a Web page depending on a score it gives to the page itself for a given set of keywords and an overall score it gives to the Web site (i.e. the domain) as a whole. I may not have years of experience in SEO, but I know that this is the way it works. It’s pretty obvious. You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out. There are times when all keywords improve together and other times when only one keyword improves. Also No Follow links definitely affect search engine placement as far as the single page score works. I am not sure if they affect the domain score too. I think not. Will have to do more tests to figure that out properly. Considering how much SEO has become difficult since 2011, I think I am doing well. I am seeing people, who could rank a site to number one in a week prior to Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird, and now they can’t rank at all. This is a hard time for Internet marketers. There is no question about that and things will keep getting worse. So what did I do this week?

Web 2.0 SEO

I’ve built my first Web 2.0 property for SEO purposes. I used WordPress to build the new site, gave it a sweet logo and uploaded like thirty articles scheduled to be published over one year. It took me three days to accomplish the task. How did I write thirty articles in two days? Well, I did not. I got thirty free, unique articles. The first 20 took me half an hour each to ‘prepare’. For the last ten, I got fed up and bought a software that would do the job for me. Yes, I will be telling you exactly what I did, but I am waiting for my affiliate application for the software to be approved so that I may make a few bucks, and when I will show you what I did, you’ll agree with me that I DO deserve those bucks because I should really be selling this method in an eBook. It’s really the ultimate technique to get free unique articles! No, it’s not an article spinner! No, I didn’t encode the article in a different character set. That’s an old and useless trick that will send your sites straight to the sandbox. No, I did not register to one of those programs that give away free articles in exchange for links. They would not accept a PR0 site. So what did I do? Subscribe and wait! You’ll know soon. As far as the site itself goes, I built a link widget for it and put in a link to this site along with seven top names in the SEO/inbound marketing niche. Then I placed my link in one single high quality article along with two more links to top high quality websites in the inbound marketing niche. Afterwards, I published this site I used the URL to comment on some hot blogs. Google indexed the site in two days and, as that happened, my rankings improved significantly. Of course, that is not enough. I want to add some social media to the site and add tier 3 links and tier 4 to support it. We’ll see how I do. Maybe off to the sandbox again I will go! 😛

Market Samurai

Another powerful method that I am using to do SEO is to use the competition module in Market Samurai to find and ‘steal‘ my competitors’ backlinks! As a poor man, I can’t afford the crazy prices, like hundreds of dollars per month, that most sites are asking to let me see other people’s backlinks. Free services only allow me to view ten of them at a time and that is ridiculous, if I am to achieve any results. Along with a bazillion of other features, Market Samurai allows me to check for free up to a thousand links per Web page! I managed to get a few great links with this method. This program is truly one that I will never regret purchasing.


I got my first affiliate check in the mail: US$130. I already spent the money but it felt so good getting that check. I hope it won’t be the last one. Actually, I know I will make it someday. I am determined and I am headed there. My only concern is if I will make it in time to have my eye surgery done before I completely lose my sight. I must try to paddle the accelerator…and to do that I need to outsource. And to outsource, I need…money. I am thinking about selling part of my toy collection to get the cash. I need to make this business work asap. I know I have the right ideas. The things I am doing wrong, I can fix them, now that I got some valuable feedback on my website…but I need some more cash! You can’t make money without money.

Ultimate Web Hosting Guide

The Ultimate Web Hosting Guide is finally finished (almost). Well, at least the written parts. I still have to do some YouTube videos and then merge everything into an eBook. I don’t know how useful, this will be. But for the time being, I am not adding any more articles to the project. I have already spent way too much time on this.

That’s it! Next week, I plan to do a few researches on different stuff, more SEO with Market Samurai, maybe write that article on free unique high quality articles… We’ll see.

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