PEACE: The Basis for Creating High Quality Money Earning Websites

qualityWhat kind of Internet marketer do you want to be? If you are like me, you want to be an Internet marketer who makes money. Also since you are on my site, it is likely that you are thinking about on line money making Web sites to achieve your goal. In this article, I discuss the five basic ingredients that are needed to create a high value content website: passion, effort, action, competence and effectiveness or PEACE for short.

Argh! Sadly, I cannot put any affiliate link to any of these five, because you can only find them within yourself, and achieve them by using your own intelligence and creativity. A money earning site is a website that is designed with the aim of making money. Some think of on line money making sites and the first thing that comes to their mind is some useless single paged website filled with awful affiliate links and ugly Google advertisements. The truth is that a money earning site can be a bad one; in extreme cases, it can be a site that downloads viruses to a visitor’s computer and continuously runs unwanted advertisements and pop ups on the infected machine until it jams it up. However huge multi-millionaire sites like Facebook or Yahoo also fall into the category of money earning sites. A site that makes cash by any means, being it direct sales, affiliate marketing or advertisements can be considered a money making Web site. Affiliate marketing is when a site promotes third party products, and gets a commission for each sale. There is a broad range of sites on the Internet that can be classified as on line money making sites. I like to think of this population of Web sites as a spectrum ranging from black to pure white:

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Malware and other illegal sites are those that make money by hijacking visitors’ computers by a variety of methods including stealing passwords, delivering spyware or forcing advertisements and pop ups, thanks to malicious software.

Deceptive sites are those that try to deceive both the end user and search engines into thinking that they contain specific content, for example movies and songs for download, when in fact they only promote affiliate links and advertisements.

No content/limited content/good content sites are built specifically with the aim of gaining money from them. Sites that contain no content at all just rely on deceptive SEO techniques to fool search engines into “thinking” that their content is particularly relevant to a specific search phrase. In fact they contain no information that is truly useful to the end user and are simply filled with advertisements, affiliate links and sometimes bot-generated content. Good content sites are also built with the only aim of generating cash but they provide some good quality content to the users. The topic is chosen based on the potential financial gain that the site can make. While these sites are often useful to the end user, in some way or another, very rarely the folks who click on their links manage to get what they are searching for. Limited content, of course, is midway between the two.

Extreme quality communities, such as the WordPress Support Forums, while still obviously have the aim to make money, owe their existence to their usefulness to the users they seek to serve. Extreme quality service websites such as facebook or Yahoo provide a factual service to their users, for example entertainment, communities, hosting, knowledge bases etc. Thus they manage to engage a wide audience which can be also exploited for commercial purposes through the serving of advertisements.

This article focuses on high value content sites, which is where The Money Earning Sites Central sits.  “High value content” means a site that does not simply exist to make money, but provides a real service to the end user. Suppose that I am a user who types “money earning sites” into Google. Why would I type that? I may do so, because I want to learn more about the way in which Web sites make money on line, or to learn how to create one, or maybe buy one that is ready-made for me. Will I get the information I want by visiting this site? Will it be exhaustive? Will I be able to leave this site having learned to do exactly what I wanted with the tools I need to accomplish my task? I think the answer is a big “yes”, so that makes this site of high value to those who happen to stumble upon it. They search, click, read and leave with the information that they were looking for. Oh yeah…if you want me to build you a site, feel free to contact me. Don’t expect me to charge $7 for a real money making site…so that is covered too!

Now suppose that my site is about “dog training.” Why would one type that in Google? Maybe because they have a dog that is making a mess on the carpet and barking to the kids, right? I have never trained a dog in my life. I can read a few books and write a few tips on how to train a dog. Maybe, I can write a lot of tips or even a whole book on the subject if I document myself well enough. Sure, the visitors who typed “dog training” in the search box will leave my site with some information, but will that solve their problem? Heck no, it won’t! They will hit the back button go to Google and click on the next search result which happens to be “Charles Dog Training Center.” To clarify, I am making this up. But for the sake of the argument, let us say that Charles is a professional dog trainer. He has a great site and one of his employees is always available to answer questions online. Our searcher enters the live chat, makes an appointment and he is done: the carpet will be clean and the kids happy! See what I mean? “High value” means delivering a real service to the users of your website. Whether it is information, a service or a product, a high value content website delivers to its visitors exactly what they are looking for.

We can have a website ranked in Google in twenty-four hours at the very top number one spot, but we marketers should stop thinking that people are stupid monkeys. OK, some of them are indeed stupid monkeys sadly, but only a few. If our users see that our websites do not fulfill their needs, they will not “like” them on Facebook, recommend them to a friend or visit them again. Whether they understand their true purpose or not is completely irrelevant.

By creating a high value content site as our money earning site, we make money, provide a real service to others and go beyond setting up a money earning Web site, to creating an actual online business that will last in time. I am not going into details on how to create a high quality website in this article, but I shall rather focus on the five necessary ingredients that are a must to have our site qualify as a high value content website before we even start building it. These are not rules set down in a textbook of course. They are my own criteria, which I use to figure out if I should or should not tackle a particular topic for my own projects.

3 thoughts on “PEACE: The Basis for Creating High Quality Money Earning Websites

  1. Dear friend I am in much hardships and not able to provide my children 3 time food and my wife is disabled and she needs new artificial leg but in this hand to mouth condition I am not able even to repair her leg.
    Kindly if this is not fake then tell me how can I earn dollars through this?
    I pray to God for your success and good health.
    Sincerely yours
    Shakeel Hussain

    • If you are in need of money urgently, building up a website may not be the right solution for you. There are many ways to earn money online but it depends on your skills. What can you do?

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