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Dec 06

Two SEO Myths Busted

seomythsIn search-engine land there are a few SEO myths and common believes, which anyone who is in the business will hear a number of times while navigating from blog-to-blog. A few times these Internet legends turn out to be true; way more often, they are revealed to be as real as the Bigfoot. Sometimes they are the remnants of a distant past. Other times they originate from hearsay and people who do not know what they are doing, and yet, in a few instances, they originate from Google themselves. Are they lying on purpose? It could be, but it might as well be the case that something that was true three years ago may no longer be so today. Based on my experience, I can say that the statements which follow are totally false. Medusa’s Head Was Not Made Of Snakes

Dec 04

Fool Proof Keyword Research Tactic That Always Works

keywordsThose who follow me on my blog know that I am a huge fan of Market Samurai. It is a great tool for doing keyword research and an amazing partner for reverse engineering in SEO. I discussed the latter topic in this article, but today I will be focusing on keyword research alone. This is an article that was long due. However, I confess that the subject has always been one I could not fully grasp; I wanted to wait until I could understand this important aspect of Web site monetization before opening my mouth. The topic, unfortunately, is so vast that it will take me years to master it fully. Nonetheless, now I am way more familiar with it then when I started out. I realize I have made many mistakes with regards to keyword research, and I believe that beginners can benefit by learning from my experience. A good place to start, if you are completely new to this, is the Market Samurai Dojo. Besides learning how to set up and use Market Samurai, there you will also learn the basics of the art, and science, of keyword research. Do not be fooled though. No application can make keyword research as easy as they make it sound. Let me explain you why. Elementary, My Dear Huggins!

Nov 30

Saturday Updates 20/21 — Welcome To The Money Earning Sites Central Version Two

welcomeHave you been wondering where I’ve been? No updates and no new articles for two weeks can mean that I gave up, perhaps. Since you’re all smart folks, however, I am sure that you noticed the all new site design. No, I didn’t give up. I was busy restructuring and renewing this site, whose name is now officially The Money Earning Sites Central. In my last Saturday update, I said that I was considering a revamp, but that I had no intention of doing it for the time being. Even a teddy bear should have noticed, by this time, that I changed my mind about it. Why is that? As mentioned in the past Saturday updates, I became very enthusiast about the concept of domaining; I applied everything I have been taught and… nothing at all happened. Getting anyone to notice, let alone buy my domains, looks like mission impossible to me! And I am quite positive that my domains aren’t worthless. For example, I have swaplinks (dot) org in my portfolio. The .com TLD is owned by Afternic, one of the biggest corporate level domainers. They are selling it for $120,000. Now, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will buy that domain for that kind of money and .org domains are only worth 25% of a .com. So my domain should be worth $30,000. Let’s say they sell it for only 10% of what they are asking for. If you are confused, the domaining industry works by corporate domainers setting very high prices for what are known as premium domains, and then the buyers making considerably lower offers. That still means $3000 for my domain. What am I actually asking for the it? $300, NEGOTIABLE. I would probably sell for $70-$80. How many people are interested in that? ZERO. That put me down. It wasn’t the only thing. I had a few issues with people I know in real life who stumbled upon my blog. But the coup de grace to my morale came from some idiot who deleted a link I was very fond of, which gave me a huge helping hand for the site’s SERPs. With the link gone, I lost my ranking on page two of Google for that keyword. In a moment of desperation, I opened a thread on the Warrior’s Forum stating that I was going to give up and hated Internet Marketing. Of course, it was only for five seconds. I quickly came back to my senses especially after reading the hundreds and hundreds of responses full of encouragement from the folks over there. My thread was the most popular of the week. But I needed a dose of reality. Look Who’s Back!

Nov 20

Passive and Active Income: PTR and Why You Need Both To Succeed Online

passiveactiveWhat is this site about? Building and monetizing Web Sites, of course. Irrespectively of the site’s size, this method of generating an income online is considered by most to be a passive one. Put together a Web site, have it rank in Google for some competitive keyword and wait for people to click on your advertisements and affiliate links. As long as the site stays ranked, it will keep generating money without the webmaster having to lift a finger. That is a big if, however. Even if a site gets ranked number one in Google, that does not mean that it is going to stay there forever especially in today’s search engines’ environment. Frequent updates, article writing, SEO, advertising, public relations and many more tedious tasks come into mind; they turn that “without lifting a finger” into a mere modern-age utopia. As such, this is not such a great definition of “passive income,” so it is best to seek another one. If we turn to the biggest expert in the field, Pat Flynn, we get this one: Passive income is income generated without trading time for money. This is unquestionable a much better definition, but one that does not convince me. Pat himself admits having very busy work days, and I am myself so exhausted that I would gladly sink into my bed and sleep for three consecutive days. On the other hand, when I was earning bread and butter on eBay, I was able to make a great deal of money without spending more than a few hours every day on the job, so I was trading very little time in exchange for cash. But no one would even dream of calling that “passive income“. Instead of using time as a means of distinguishing between active and passive income, I would rather use their “Power To Recur.” Censored

Nov 18

Making Money On eBay; How I Made $100,000 Selling Toys

eBayWhat is the one issue that nearly every kind soul who visited my blog complained about? Well, I am sure some of my acquaintances hate me because I did not speak of them too nicely, but I am not talking about that. What most of my “fans” such as Another Loser were skeptical about is this one thing: I never made any money online. As such I should not try to teach others how to do the same. I am going to refrain myself from explaining for the nth time why, in today’s scenario, learning from someone who just started up is far more valuable than studying what anyone did to monetize a Web site in the past ten years. Of course, I am not making any money because the project is brand new, and shaping up a site into an authority blog is a very long and tedious process. Today, however, I want to underline a fact, which some of you may have missed: I have indeed made money on line in the past. Thirteen years ago, making money on eBay was my cup of tea. In the course of three years, I made around $100,000, possibly a little more. I spent a little less than $30,000 to buy my stock, which leaves a net profit of about $70,000, or $1900 per month. However I wasted around $40,000 buying other stuff for myself, so I only put around $30,000 in my pockets. Considering that in Malta, where I live, the average wage is $2000, I could have easily made a living off from that. Click Here To Learn How I Did It