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Jan 28

How to Overcome Writer’s Block with These Extravagant Tips

Writer's BlockThe worst thing that can happen to a blogger or a professional writer is to get into that mood—the one that stops the writer, for some reason, from putting down his or her ideas onto paper, or Microsoft Word to get in touch with modern-age technology. What is normally referred to as a “writer’s block” may have a variety of causes; the author may simply be out of ideas. Those of us who do this for a living and have to write several articles per day will, sooner or later, find out that creativity’s pool in our minds wasn’t built on a bottomless pit. Writing four or five articles a day, or one new chapter of a book may come easy at first. In the long run, it will get more and more difficult because coming up with new ideas on the same topic requires a great deal of ingenuity, dedication and self-confidence as a writer. This brings us to the second cause for a writer’s block. Sometimes the author may have plenty of ideas to write about and possess enough creativity to forge even five or ten articles out of those initial concepts. A writer’s block can occur under these cicumstances too when there is a lack of motivation or enthusiasm for the job at hand. The reasons for the second type of writer’s block are usually psychological. They may stem from boredom, fatigue or a lack of self-confidence, which can be caused from a previous job being rejected or harshly criticized by the audience. In both cases, there are a few tips that can help authors, bloggers and aspiring novelists alike to get the best from their time and produce the possible highest quality work. Overcome Your Writer’s Block With These Tips

Jan 23

How to Get Free SEO Software, Links and Advertisements

freeI am going to share one of the sites that I came across recently while using my evil, Market-Samurai-voyeur techniques (which I fully discuss here). Normally I would share a great site such as this one only with my most loyal followers who are subscribed to linkz, but I want to be nice and share the love with everyone, so you too can enjoy the free SEO tools and much more that the site has to offer. Well … the truth is that I am throwing in an affiliate link in this article, which will help me gain even more points for my profile. Did I say “points”? No, this is not one of those scams where you earn one cent for an hour of work, and you never make enough cash to be able to checkout. The site I am going to introduce is very similar to Yahoo Answers, but rather than warnings and threats, we are given free SEO software in exchange for our time and for answering questions. That’s not all! You can add a signature to your answers, where you can add up to two do-follow links. I have seen profiles with six links actually, but I prefer to stick to the rules. We earn 40 points for every question answered, and each point is valued at 1c. This means that by answering three questions every day we can earn $1.20. In a little over a month one will easily be able to afford a $47 product, and it takes no more than five minutes to answer three questions. Without further ado here is the site and why I have fallen in love with it: Click Here to Reveal!

Jan 21

Legal affiliate: Defend your interest and make money online

lawAs a legal affiliate, you must be following a simple principle – helping consumers know about their right when they’re encountering harsh debt collection tactics. However, before you could help others to successfully get out of debt through online money making, it is important for you as well to work cautiously. Click Here to Read More

Jan 18

Saturday Update 28: I Found a Job.

Huggins SpeaksAnother week has passed by. Stuff has happened, not the great breakthrough that I was looking for, though. The week began with me applying for several translation jobs on oDesk and Elance. I also continued to do my thing on Yahoo Answers and Web Hosting Forums. Incidentally, I realized there that I may have an enemy! More on that later. One of my guest blogging articles was published and another person, to whom I sent an article for review, answered me, but in a most funny way. Later, I received a reply from one of the clients on oDesk. He required me to take a very tough test. It took me two days to complete it and I got paid $16… I also sold a hosting package and … well, now as I am writing a few articles for the Central, I got an email saying that I got hired to do the job. Is this something I should rejoice for? Let’s See!

Jan 14

How to Buy Facebook Likes Cheap

buy-facebook-likesNote: I use Pakistan in my examples below because trial and error shows it gives one of the lowest possible rates for Facebook Ads. No disrespect is meant to my many friends and followers in Pakistan! 🙂 Technorati code:

Are one-cent Facebook Likes real or an urban legend? Technically speaking, yes, they are real and today I am going to show you how to buy Facebook likes for cheap easily. It’s actually pretty simple and straightforward, and there are no magic formulas or secret tricks, as the gurus love to imply. It’s just a matter of using a bit of common sense when setting up the Facebook Ad to promote your page or business. Before we begin, let’s take a step back though. It is actually possible to get Facebook likes for free using services similar to Like ASAP. Sure, it takes some time because in order to get likes for our pages, we need to like other people’s pages. However, it’s very easy to get a thousand likes or possibly more using this method for ten or twenty minutes every day. There are two huge disadvantages in doing so. To begin with, this is not a method that Google and Facebook approve of. If Facebook catch you doing it, they can suspend your page for thirty days. They will send you a not-so-friendly email informing you that they gathered evidence to this regard, and further threaten you that, if you do it again, your page will be gone for good. That aside, there is an even better reason to opt for paid ads to get likes. The people who will be liking your page will be totally uninterested in your business whatever it is. The one exception to this is if your business is about increasing social signals, which is what they are after. They will like your page only to get likes for their own one. It is highly unlikely that you will ever get a response from these “fans”, or that they will interact with your business in anyway, let alone buy your products. Learn How To Get Liked For Cheap!