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Feb 19

Are you Confident or Delusional? A Guide to Understand the Difference Between the Two

confidenceAs we grow up, we hear it over and over again: Be confident! Whether we want to date a hot blond, get a good grade at school, go to a job interview, try to get a promotion from our boss or simply run a business, we are told that the number one requisite to be successful is to be confident. When does confidence become delusional, though? Suppose I want to build a nuclear reactor and I have no knowledge whatsoever of nuclear physics. Everyone tries to discourage me, and I feel a little let down. Would you come to be and suggest me to “be confident” and do my thing? Sure, if you answered yes to that, I bet you would take your family and loved ones very far away from my construction site, right? When you have what it takes to do the job, being confident despite the negativity that surrounds you can help you achieve what you want. Without a good dose of confidence, you won’t make it. BUT…there’s always a but…

Feb 15

Saturday Update 31/32: Going Nowhere? Plus…More on my Evil Father

cycleofviolenceThese have been two very bad weeks one after the other. As time goes by, the state of my business seems to be totally stalled, and so is my life in general. After the very negative posts from December, I told myself to avoid being that negative again; I was obviously alienating my readers with that attitude. Here I am, however, complaining and contemplating again. I know many will run away and will not even read what follows. It’s a matter of fact that people want hope, want optimism, want nice, confident and smiling guys whom they can inspire from. But you know what? In all honesty, I am sick of going to other people’s blogs and reading how powerful their strategies are and how much success they are having when a little bit of insight from Market Samurai, Alexa, Quancast or SEMrush shows that they are doing worse than I am! S**t! Let me change that for once, and tell you something that is so rare to find in Internet marketing blogs: the truth. With Google labeling any link-building technique as black hat, webmasters so scared of them that they won’t give you a link even if you pay them and everyone on the web becoming more and more paranoid about spam, there is really nothing to be happy about. Starting a new business online with zero capital to invest is a thing of the past. That ship has long left the harbor, baby, and we missed the boat!
Rants, rants, rants…

Feb 13

The Guide to Building a Mailing List that Rocks! (And Use it to Bring in Profits)

build a newsletterWe hear it all the time: “If you want to make money online you need to have a mailing list.” How true is that? Well, I don’t believe that making a good deal of money online without a mailing list is as impossible as some claim, but having one can definitely help out with the task at hand. In the end, a mailing list is like a bachelor’s black book. An attractive young man will not need one to find a girl. He can go out and “sell” himself easily, but having a handy list of chicks, all potentially interested at what he has to offer, can make things much easier and ensure success. While I don’t have a gigantic mailing list with tens of thousands of contacts, my list has been quickly growing in the past two months. I decided it’s time to share my list-building techniques with you, and, since I am also subscribed to many mailing lists— a few good ones and many useless crappy spam—, I also want to tackle the subject from a buyer’s perspective. That is way more important than the techniques themselves. Provided you can drive enough traffic to your sign-up form, it is easy to convince people to subscribe to your newsletter when you’re offering free cash, but if you promise them an $100 bonus, and fail to deliver, you’ll be losing their trust. This means that it will be very unlikely that any of them will actually purchase your products, share your articles or even check out your latest tutorial. I am going to show you how to build a list first, and then I will explain what you should, and shouldn’t do with it, once you have it in your hands! Click Here to Read This Epic Post

Feb 05

Some Thoughts on Guest Blogging and Matt Cutts’ Latest Blog Post

Last week, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Anti-Webspam Team, wrote a post on his blog declaring guest blogging for SEO purposes to be a “dead practice“. In his post, Cutts sounded pretty annoyed—his anger, apparently motivated by an email he received, wherein some Indian guy offered to write a guest blog post for him in exchange for a do-follow link:

Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.

—Matt Cutts, Head of Google Anti-Webspam Team

Cutts stated that this is equivalent to paying for a link. If you want to read his full article, click here to check it out. I have to respectfully disagree with everything that was stated in the article.
Check What Arthur and Huggins Have To Say!

Feb 01

Saturday Update 29/30: Progress with Money Earning Sites?

ImpresionsI guess it’s official that my weekly Saturday Updates have become my bi-weekly Saturday Updates. Right now I am focusing on getting a capital to use to promote my business. Some time ago, I wrote a post about 31 tips on how to create a profitable blog. Those tips are more of a “plan”, but one that I strongly believe in. The thing is that I haven’t yet placed a check mark besides each of them, yet. In fact, I would say I have tackled like half of them, and, since I wrote that article, I came up with ten or so new ones. I think the most important goal I have to reach, in the shortest time possible, is to get a capital. As such, I have to reduce the amount of SEO and new articles I forge out every week. Rather than writing two articles and one update per week, I will have to start creating the same quantity of new material once per fortnight. The thing is writing many articles isn’t helping me out. It’s not bringing in new contacts, and it’s not making me any money. I am stating to wonder how “important” it is creating “new fresh content” every day for a blog. But anyway, let’s recap the last two weeks! Ready for my Weekly Rants?