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Jul 14

Is Making Money with Yahoo Answers, Worth Investing Our Time Into?

Yahoo Answers Witch HuntMy intention was to write a very negative review about making money on line with Yahoo Answers. But something happened tonight, 13th July 2013: I made my first sale ever as an affiliate and earned $65! Guess where the sale came from? If you replied ‘Yahoo Answers’, you guessed correctly. Of course, I am totally thrilled, because I was starting to believe that to make money on line, Yahoo Answers empowered or otherwise, is nothing but a myth. Could it be that everyone saying otherwise was just trying to pitch me a copy of Market Samurai to play with? Making $65 after three weeks with about forty questions answered is not that bad. Keep in mind that the questions should stay there for a long time. I get new clicks every day from many of my answers. The sale was from a question I answered three weeks ago. Every answer I left works like a mini-money-earning site that may keep making me money for years to come.  I still have a lot to learn about search engine optimization, advertising and marketing. By using a few of the ideas that are running through my head, I may be able to get many more sales soon, so it is time to have a closer look at this method used to make money on line. Yahoo answers is the largest user driven question and answer community on the Internet. It does not take a genius to figure out that the place can be a gold mine for any Internet marketer. As I want to employ only white hat (ethical, legal, honest) methods to make money on line, Yahoo Answers posed a serious dilemma to me. Would I be breaking their rules, if I post my links on their site? Would I be wasting my time by working on my contributions and risk seeing them deleted or getting banned? I read Yahoo Answers’ Community Guidelines and happily found out this: I Found a Three Eyed Fish!!!

Jul 13

Saturday Update #1: Russia Here I Come!

Map of RussiaIt’s been three weeks since I started my journey into the wonderful, awesome and amazing world of online marketing.  I won’t lie. My morale is pretty down for a number of reasons. Let’s start with business:

1. I am on page 1 of both Yahoo and Bing!

I made it to position number 6, with very little effort. Now that should make me happy, shouldn’t it? Well, maybe I am just the kind of guy who always sees the glass half empty rather than half filled. This has made me really depressed. First, I am nowhere to be seen on Google. Second, getting to number one position on the search engines isn’t my goal. My goal is to MAKE MONEY! And guess how much money I am making off, from my position on Bing and Yahoo? A stunning $0.00. I wasn’t expecting thousands or even hundreds of dollars but, a couple of bucks would have been nice to give me hope. Add to this the fact that the domain “money earning sites” was already registered before. I am hoping Google aren’t penalizing me because of the wrong doings of the previous owner or something. 🙁 Get Ready to be Burned Spammers!

Jul 11

Starting Up with Money Earning Sites

money-making-websites-business-logoWARNING: This post contains greedy affiliate links! ‘Affiliate’ refers to promoting services on behalf of a third party. This is one way in which a Web site can generate cash online. For example, I am an affiliate for Site5. When a user clicks on my affiliate link and purchases a hosting package, the company pays me a referral fee. In other words, if you purchase any items through my links, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. In some cases you will pay less than you would through a non-affiliate link. If you do not want me to get paid for my work in delivering this awesome free content to you, just take note of the product’s name and do a google search in a separate window without clicking on my links first. If you do that, I am perfectly OK with it and I shall still love you… :/ …what the heck, no I am not…if you do that, curse you!!! 🙁 I am kidding, of course. Also take note that this article gets regularly updated with new, useful tips and information, as I become more and more proficient in monetizing Web sites. Unlike the updates made to other articles, anyones I make to this one will not be stated as such. The reason for this is to avoid making this resource unreadable  Another thing to remember is that there are links to almost every single article I wrote here, but you don’t need to read everything to start building your own money-earning site. The articles are linked, so that if you need further information on that particular aspect of Web site monetization, you will have the information handy.

There are four aspects to The Money Earning Sites Central: introduce on-line-money-making sites to beginners, discuss and devise new strategies with intermediate and expert marketers, the “reality show” aspect, which consists of watching my progress as I try to monetize this and other sites and finally the practical aspect discussed here: how you can create your own money-earning sites. We take a brief look at the process of monetizing a website. This article is not intended to serve as a tutorial, but to give a very concise overview of the process as a whole. Please, don’t feel overwhelmed with the amount of information it contains. Find out more!

Jul 09

PEACE: The Basis for Creating High Quality Money Earning Websites

qualityWhat kind of Internet marketer do you want to be? If you are like me, you want to be an Internet marketer who makes money. Also since you are on my site, it is likely that you are thinking about on line money making Web sites to achieve your goal. In this article, I discuss the five basic ingredients that are needed to create a high value content website: passion, effort, action, competence and effectiveness or PEACE for short.

Argh! Sadly, I cannot put any affiliate link to any of these five, because you can only find them within yourself, and achieve them by using your own intelligence and creativity. A money earning site is a website that is designed with the aim of making money. Some think of on line money making sites and the first thing that comes to their mind is some useless single paged website filled with awful affiliate links and ugly Google advertisements. The truth is that a money earning site can be a bad one; in extreme cases, it can be a site that downloads viruses to a visitor’s computer and continuously runs unwanted advertisements and pop ups on the infected machine until it jams it up. However huge multi-millionaire sites like Facebook or Yahoo also fall into the category of money earning sites. A site that makes cash by any means, being it direct sales, affiliate marketing or advertisements can be considered a money making Web site. Affiliate marketing is when a site promotes third party products, and gets a commission for each sale. There is a broad range of sites on the Internet that can be classified as on line money making sites. I like to think of this population of Web sites as a spectrum ranging from black to pure white:

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