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Aug 11

The Secret of Making Money On line

Make Money SecretI discovered it! Among all the secret ways to make money sold on line by the fake gurus for $47.99, I found the one secret that truly delivers, and I am sharing it here hundred percent free. I am not even putting affiliate links in this post. Am I not a really nice fellow? 🙂 I have been wondering for long why so many people seem to believe that there is some unrevealed secret to making money on line, a way to earn cash which only a select few are aware of. Well, those people are right, although the one that I am about to share, may not be the kind of secret they were after in order to make money on line.  It happened yesterday, while I was browsing a Web site managed by a very honest (and easily irritable) dude who is not doing that great. His earnings are something like $10 in AdSense for every micro niche site he has. OK, I am making $1.50 per month from this site, so who am I to throw the first stone? Anyhow, while checking up that site, I got very depressed, seeing how this guy was struggling to earn a buck or two.  His site has a decent SERP on Google for a few good keywords and yet, he makes so little money? It made me think: ‘Should I really keep doing what I am doing? Am I wasting my time?’ The people on his site had very negative comments regarding his earnings. Some told him straight and plain that his business model was not going anywhere. Then I visited a much more successful entrepreneur’s site who makes money for about 100x of what the other guy does. They sell exactly the same product, and their sites are nearly identical. I asked myself: why? Why is it, that one guy is making a fortune and the other is making pennies? Could it be luck, the way they write their articles, their aftershave, the ****? It was at this point that I had one of those illuminating moments, which you get only once in your life! And I figured it out: the secret way to success on line and to making bank!
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Aug 09

Macro Versus Micro-Niche Sites. How to Market a Product Effectively

Marketing a Product EffectivelyThe Oxford Learners Dictionary defines a niche as ‘an opportunity to market a particular product to a particular group of people’. Macro and micro-niche sites require very different approaches to be monetized successfully. Therefore choosing between building a macro or a micro site is a crucial step when establishing how to market a product on line. Most marketers often overlook this step, and apply product marketing techniques to macro and micro-niche sites indistinctively. The term ‘niche site’ is usually used to describe what in this article I will be referring to as a micro-niche site. Such a Web site is aimed at marketing a product to a small group of people, who have some particular interest. We ‘aim’ a site at such a group by targeting specific keywords, for example, ‘make money online Yahoo Answers’, ‘how to reduce fat in the thighs for women’ or ‘home based dog training’.

To be more specific, start first with a broad topic, for example, ‘make money’. Obviously, we do not want to market our products by targeting such a popular phrase. Although a high volume of traffic and value  is desirable, common keywords will also bring a high level of competition. Such a choice is exactly how to market a product starting on the wrong foot. Therefore, use an application such as Market Samurai to find out a wide variety of specific keywords that real people search for daily in Google. Market Samurai can do this automatically by extracting the data from Google’s Keyword Planner. As an example, Market Samurai says that ‘how to market a product’ is a good keyword to tackle in the make-money niche. Size Matters! Read More on Niche Sites

Aug 03

Saturday Update #4: My Morale Is Down!

Speed LimitNo big news this week. Money Earning Sites has been stable at position 9 on Google but it went down to position 15 today. No sales at all. 🙁 My morale is down for several reasons.

Sisters Driving Me Crazy

The three sisters Mary, Carmen and Censina are driving me crazy. On Wednesday I had a fight with them and completely exploded. I started yelling and shouting like a mad man. All three of them do nothing but lie all day long. It’s in their intrinsic nature to lie to other people and treat them like 2 year olds to avoid confrontation, so they can have it their way effortlessly. Censina hasn’t been feeling well and she is obsessed with turning off the air conditioner to ‘save some money’. The AC is a class A++ that consumes maybe €50 a month. She risks her health to save this much when we spent over €1000 in expenses when she was taken to the hospital last time… Moreover spending €50 for something that could improve her health, with a temperature of 110F outside, is ‘totally out of question’, but spending €200 to play lotto and a further €200 to call her sisters with her mobile when they are in the other room is FINE! That’s how unreasonable my family is. Makes me want to go in the street and shout. Being poor is horrible. It’s really hard being close to people like these. Negative people, who can’t think logically and hinder your growth should be kept as far from your life as possible. No ifs or buts.
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Aug 02

How to Get an EIN through the IRS Phone Number Method

Uncel SamIf you live outside the US and want to engage in Internet Marketing, you will definitely need an EIN. This tutorial will show you a little hundred-percent-legal trick, straight from the IRS, to get an EIN in a few minutes and with little effort. This method only applies to international users who need an EIN for affiliate marketing. It does not work under any other circumstances. EIN stands for employer identification number, and is required by law to work as an affiliate for companies located in the USA. I am not going into what an EIN exactly is or why is it required, because I myself do not really know, nor care. Despite the name, you do not need to have any employees working for you or your company to get this number. It is basically a number that identifies you as an entity, and which companies you work for as an affiliate can quote on their tax returns. Some companies like Bluehost are very strict in requiring their affiliates to provide a valid EIN; others will ask you for it before they issue a payment, and a few will totally ‘forget’ to ask for one. To avoid missing out on some great business opportunities, you need to get an EIN. Note that having an EIN does not mean that you have to pay any taxes associated with it from any of your affiliate sales. The best way to get one is to phone the IRS and request it. Do not let this put you down! I give you my word that it is very easy. And I am giving away a little secret that will enable you to get one in less than twenty minutes without mailing anything or waiting for any documents to show up in the mail. The way to do it is to use Skype to call the IRS phone number (Internal Revenue Service). They have left me waiting on hold for ten minutes. On a normal land line, that would have cost me an arm and a leg. With Skype, I spent forty-seven cents! So Skype is highly recommended.
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Aug 01

How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

No to Fast Money ScamsWhat is the first thing you did when the idea of earning some cash through the Internet first popped into your head? I went to Google, and asked my favorite search engine how can I make money fast. The first ten results were all get rich quick schemes. That was way back in January of this year. Today, thanks to the very recent Panda update, the search results for the term ‘make money‘ appear more legitimate than the rubbish that was available at the time. Panda is the Google algorithm that rewards good quality Web sites and penalizes those with poor or deceitful content.

If you want to get an idea of the results I got through Google in January, you can search ‘how to make cash quickly’ on Youtube. There is still plenty of rubbish over there. If you do that, I urge you to read the whole of this article before you experiment with any of those methods. You will be surprised; the only people who benefit from those kind of get rich quick schemes are the ‘money-making gurus’ who are behind them. In this article, I am going to try to expose some of their tactics particularly who their schemes are aimed at, the marketing techniques they use and some of the different types of get rich quick scams which they advertise. This write up is aimed mostly at beginners and its purpose is to help them spot out these scams and avoid them.
I Am the Only One Who Can Scam You!