Saturday Update #1: Russia Here I Come!

Map of RussiaIt’s been three weeks since I started my journey into the wonderful, awesome and amazing world of online marketing.  I won’t lie. My morale is pretty down for a number of reasons. Let’s start with business:

1. I am on page 1 of both Yahoo and Bing!

I made it to position number 6, with very little effort. Now that should make me happy, shouldn’t it? Well, maybe I am just the kind of guy who always sees the glass half empty rather than half filled. This has made me really depressed. First, I am nowhere to be seen on Google. Second, getting to number one position on the search engines isn’t my goal. My goal is to MAKE MONEY! And guess how much money I am making off, from my position on Bing and Yahoo? A stunning $0.00. I wasn’t expecting thousands or even hundreds of dollars but, a couple of bucks would have been nice to give me hope. Add to this the fact that the domain “money earning sites” was already registered before. I am hoping Google aren’t penalizing me because of the wrong doings of the previous owner or something. 🙁

2. Yahoo Answers Witch Hunt Squad

The first way n which I tried to make money online was using Yahoo Answers. It was awesome learning that they allow “businessmen” to put a link to their sites in their answers. The condition is that the answers have to provide value and aren’t made for the sole purpose of leaving a link. Sounds cool, huh? Well, no – sadly, Yahoo! leave the moderation of their site to a bunch of crazy kids and frustrated middle-aged geeks. These label and trash everything as “spam” without even knowing the true meaning of the word. I’ll give you an extreme case, as an example. On their Spam Witch Hunt forum, one of these mod-brats had the account of a girl banned. She answered a few questions from people who have acne scars. Her solution was to have them ask their doctor about riboflavin supplements. No links were posted. However, one kid moderator thought that riboflavin was some product she was trying to pitch. In a few hours, her 5 year old account was deleted. So much time invested in adding value and quality to that site, “gulped” (as the brats say), by someone who is stupid enough not to know what riboflavin is. Stuff like this makes me go NUTS!!!

3. No Support from my Friends

Of all the people who know about the existence of this site, no one has given me a word of encouragement despite the, hopefully obvious, amount of effort I am putting into it. It would be so easy and take less than 30 seconds, to Google Plus my articles, like a few of them and like the Facebook page. Yet not one friend nor one relative has given me one damned single like. The only comment I got was from a spammer… Could it be that they think that my business is a scam? Maybe they don’t understand the importance of getting likes and plusses and the positive impact it would have on my site? Or, they simply don’t care about me? I was told and read in many books not to expect support from my friends and relatives. Most people will try to convince themselves that an Internet business isn’t viable for anyone, simply because they aren’t able to make it function themselves. Well, I never gave up as a powerless, fragile small kid when the three sisters used to repeat to me day and night that I was inferior to my cousins, my classmates and anyone else in this world. I am not going to give up now. The only person I need to believe in me is me!!!

4. Going to Russia?

My social life and self-care are at a historical minimum. I am putting all my efforts into making this site work. So much sweat that I stink like Stinkor! Yay! Stinkor is a Masters of the Universe character whose super power is farting… The condition of my eyes keeps getting worse. I see misty and blurry from my left eye. If I didn’t have the right one, I wouldn’t be able to use a computer at all. I need to find some cash quick if I am to save my sight. My father said that he is willing to come with me to Russia to see a specialist, because he is not sleeping at night seeing his son suffer like this. Oh poor man…how generous! But wait a second… No, this is NOT good news. He said that many times before. And my dad is one of those people who offer you their right hand to grab, when you’re in need. But when you try to grab it, they take out a calculator from their pocket with their left hand and quickly put the right one in to hold securely their wallet with it. This has happened so many times with my father. If I accept his help, at the very last minute, he would phone me to tell me that that he found an amazing specialist, Dr Nick Riviera, who will perform state of the art surgery on me without the need to go anywhere. No thanks, I know I won’t be lucky enough to have Lisa in the operating theater to save the day.

Coming up next week: more research on keyword research and keyword density secrets, maybe my first tutorial on Market Samurai. Meditate more, workout a bit…hopefully.  And if you don’t watch The Simpsons, SHAME ON YOU!

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