Saturday Update #4: My Morale Is Down!

Speed LimitNo big news this week. Money Earning Sites has been stable at position 9 on Google but it went down to position 15 today. No sales at all. 🙁 My morale is down for several reasons.

Sisters Driving Me Crazy

The three sisters Mary, Carmen and Censina are driving me crazy. On Wednesday I had a fight with them and completely exploded. I started yelling and shouting like a mad man. All three of them do nothing but lie all day long. It’s in their intrinsic nature to lie to other people and treat them like 2 year olds to avoid confrontation, so they can have it their way effortlessly. Censina hasn’t been feeling well and she is obsessed with turning off the air conditioner to ‘save some money’. The AC is a class A++ that consumes maybe €50 a month. She risks her health to save this much when we spent over €1000 in expenses when she was taken to the hospital last time… Moreover spending €50 for something that could improve her health, with a temperature of 110F outside, is ‘totally out of question’, but spending €200 to play lotto and a further €200 to call her sisters with her mobile when they are in the other room is FINE! That’s how unreasonable my family is. Makes me want to go in the street and shout. Being poor is horrible. It’s really hard being close to people like these. Negative people, who can’t think logically and hinder your growth should be kept as far from your life as possible. No ifs or buts.

My Speed

Did you read my article on money making Gurus? I think it’s a great article full of insight beginners who unavoidably come across these shady people. So, I am happy with the result. But it took me three days to complete it (well, that includes my rocky Wednesday) and, when I hear that people write up articles like that in 3 hours, I feel like a failure. Plus, is the article really any good as I think? My friend Chris likes it but no one else. No comments, no response nothing. Am I really good at doing this job? Or am I retarded just like my ex-friend whom I am calling Lawrence once told me? Oh, this is the first time I mention Lawrence on this blog. Have not found an opportunity to bring this up in my biography. I will elaborate further about him and a pathetic guy named (I am calling) Stanley, who thinks he’s Brad Pitt and looks like a bad clone of Homer Simpson. That and the failure of my TGR website will be the subject of a soon to be released article. [Added 1st December 2013: I was really upset when I wrote this. I never released, and probably never will, the article on my TGR Web site. Also take note that the biography referred to in this update is the first version that I took down recently.] The thing is my eyes hurt a lot and I can’t type for a long time without taking breaks. This makes it so hard to focus my attention on the job I am doing. Plus, my English isn’t the best. I use the dictionary very often. All this doesn’t let me feel like a winner. Feeling this way is the least productive thing I can do. There’s so many different more productive attitudes that I could take, to overcome my limitations. For instance, I may transform my article writing into a game and see if I can beat myself at being quicker or try to write a whole article without using a dictionary. Or, again, go on writing without ever looking back at what I am doing. All good ideas! Will my sick eyes let me do it? We’ll “see”. But I need to take action, stop complaining about my lack of skills and do something to improve them!

Same Old Mistakes

I keep doing the same old mistakes. And I can’t seem to want to change. Among the reasons why my TGR website failed miserably is the fact I use to embark in projects that are too big. The final one consisted in creating a 20 minute cartoon and I mean one of a very high quality. Also, I wanted to do that on my own without help from anyone. Not that there was anyone interested in working with me for free or with the aim of sharing profits. It took a year to do only two minutes of that. Would have taken 10 years to finish it. :O Luckily I gave a cut to it. I need to manage my time better. Now that I am…uhm…getting older, I am giving a whole new value to my time. Likewise, the Money Earning Sites website was probably too big of a commitment to start with. It’s taking away much of my time and not making me any money. This needs to change. Maybe I should give a cut to the Saturday Updates too and just have one article per week, possibly try to invite some guest bloggers and concentrate on making some cash that I can invest back, rather than building value over a longer period of time by adding great but time consuming content. I also need to strike while the iron is hot. Embarking into big projects to provide information that becomes outdated when they’re ready, doesn’t bring in profits and traffic. My eye issue doesn’t help with my speed but I can’t let that stop me. I just have to factor my handicap as one of the variables in the equation that must be solved. For instance, now that Market Samurai has totally changed, I could have made a tutorial on the new version, instead of continuing to work on this series of articles that I am writing now and which I planned a month ago! It’s the obvious thing to do and I know it’s what should be done to maximize my chances for profits. Then why don’t I do it? Why do I have to be so obsessed with finishing up what I start when I know it doesn’t bring up the results I want? OCD, maybe? I need more self-discipline…damn it! Anyhow…I am going to have a new go at Yahoo Answers on Monday. I’ll probably finish my planned series of articles, and then go to a new series of tutorials about keyword research, after I figure out myself why “money earning sites” failed…Maybe I will come up with some new ideas for meditation corner. I am thinking iStock photos or ebooks. We’ll see…

Until then happy weekend, my greedy friends!

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