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As this site is about money-earning sites, I can’t omit a list of all my online-money-making websites. The Central is the first web site I created with the aim of monetizing it. My former two sites were just a hobby; one from which I learned a lot however. My first website isn’t listed, because it no longer exists. I used that web site when I was selling action figures on eBay. It ran on a free host and didn’t even have its own domain name! The name was It was a simple static HTML site with a few animated gifs. I never made a cent from it but most of the stock I had, which I purchased for $23,000 was sold on eBay and Yahoo Auctions for over $60,000. I also made a further $40,000 which I reinvested in other stuff. Here is a list of my active sites:

The Great Rebellion The Great Rebellion – Collector’s Club is my second website created on 7th July 2010. It uses Joomla. The behind the scenes for the creation of this website are very …uhm…complicated and  personal and I am not going into that. The site still has potential and is ranked as a PR3 on Google. Trying to monetize this old dinosaur could be interesting and even more interesting could be a thorough dissertation to see why it failed to achieve its goal, which was simply the creation of a strong community.
The Money Earning Sites Central The Money Earning Sites Central is my third website, created on 28th June 2013 and formerly known as Money Earning Sites Dot Net! And of course, it’s this very web site you’re on now. The motivation behind the Central, unlike its predecessor, is to monetize it the best I can. I decided to create it after becoming visually impaired and lost my job as a DVD designer as a consequence. The website has a “reality show” aspect to it in that I share my business and private life with the audience while achieving my goal.

More money-earning sites to come very soon!

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  1. I see what the problem is. I knew it when I saw your profile on the WF. Money. You’re too focused around money instead of results. You cannot work for money because money is not a reason. It is always a result and if you keep treating it like a reason, you will never get the results you want.

    People don’t want to hear about your problems with monetizing your sites or how much you want to make make money. They don’t care and that’s why they leave and never come back. People only talk about what they care about and whether you make money or not doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is your visitors and what THEY want and how you can help solve THEIR problems. You have to GIVE long before you take anything. Get off the money pot and watch things slowly turn around and go your way without you even noticing. Let me know how I can help. You can find me here:

    • Hello again,

      I am sorry, but I am a bit lost here. The argument ‘you must give a lot before you take’ is widely used by fans of inbound marketing, most notably Mr. Flynn. However, this blog is based on inbound marketing. There is no trace whatsoever at The Central of any outbound marketing tactics (exchanging money for a product). All the information is free and it does address several concerns and problems that users may have. There are real hosting reviews based on direct experience and tangible technical data. I have tutorials on how to purchase domains for cheap, set up a WordPress site, optimize it to load as fast as possible, doing effective keyword research, techniques I used to make some money on Yahoo Answers, set-up guides for programs such as Filezilla or Market Samurai… All of these are free and each does solve a specific problem that people who want to build a website may have. I keep adding new ones every week.

      Now, the subject of the blog is ‘creating and monetizing websites’. As such I do talk about money, obviously. I think what matters most is that I am not ASKING for money. As far as people not being interested in whether I make or don’t make any money, that is equivalent to saying that people aren’t interesting in the ‘how to make money online’ niche. Which of course is not true. On the contrary people are interested in whether others make money online or don’t so they can imitate those who are successful and be like them. This is what all the WSOs and info products sold on the Warrior Forum and Clickbank are about, and it is the strategy used by the make-money gurus. They show their cars, villas and girls to the public and try to sell them something such as an eBook or application that they can use to do the same. Rather than selling smoke to people, I am trying to be honest here on my site and say that these I am living in are the dark, obscure stages of monetizing a website where much hard work is needed and no money flows in. People’s interest may be low to watch such a thing, but if I make it to $1500-$2000 per month, you can bet that even these ‘doom and gloom’ posts will attract the interest of many.

      Besides the few visitors I get, do buy stuff. I only have like 300 uniques per month, which I know is very low. Forty percent are repeat visitors from previous months and I make a couple of sales each month which is about $100 in sales. Maybe if I could get 300 uniques a day I may do $100 a day rather than $100 a month, but I don’t like to hide my defects and I am frankly admitting that I am not good at driving traffic to my blogs. I read text books and other blogs and follow what they suggest, but I am not being successful with traffic strategies. I am definitely going to try harder as far as that goes. It’s hard because earning quality links is not easy. Of course I would appreciate any help and I thank you for your comments and suggestions that made me reconsider my strategy,


  2. Hello Arthur,

    Found your site today Sunday 13 July 2014, while searching for reviews on socialadr! The information you provided goes well beyond what most would take the time to shake out or even put into print. Great Job There!

    Also saw this article too! FYI and if it is any consolation I spend most of my time focused on the information, products and services I can bring to the table to help folks regardless of the money!

    Unfortunately though, if you do not put money into the equation somewhere, you will never see any money for your efforts and I can personally attest to this fact!

    On the other hand I must say, you do have a way of combining all of the right elements ( information, products, services and monetization) without overdoing it, so as to get clobbered by some massive social changes or some other unpredictable changes. At least that is the way I see it today.

    I also see a PR of 2 with an Alexa Rank of 435,839 and 317 pages indexed by Big G for this site. Sure the money might be slowly coming in and even may not be enough to pay the bills, but this site is a gem and just needs more of your polish.

    Oh and BTW, anyone losing their job and reaching out to the Internet with a focus to get money is not unheard of….people do it every day but many do not have what it takes to do it right!

    Bottom line, regardless of money, give people what they want! They will come for it and more and will willingly pay for it, when they realize a clear difference based on what they are getting compared to what is available!

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