Saturday Update 15: So Misunderstood

phoenixSo last week was awful? Well, compared to this one, it was a great week because, I’ve never felt this bad in like a decade or two. As you guys…erm…wait… who the heck am I talking to??? No one reads or visits my blog, so why should I even write? Well, there are both the spammers and Google Bot who read me. OK, so, let me rephrase that, as you spammers and Google/Bing/Yandex bots know, I have been asking people around the Internet an opinion about my website and a good 80% of them think that it sucks. A few think I should shoot myself in the head. It’s great to have some negative feedback since that is what is needed to improve. And since I am still doing very little cash over here, improvement has to be my only goal! But, those comments do hurt a lot, at the same time. There are some legitimate complaints that I received and I will be working on those in the next few weeks. However, the biggest issue seems to be that people fail to understand the purpose and spirit of this site. And mind you, I am not saying this to play the part of the guy who is “misunderstood“. I’ll leave that to Robbie:

Ah Robbie Williams…Take That…so many memories from my youth…I mean my childhood…cough…cough. Anyhow, it’s obviously my fault that people don’t understand what this website is about. I am failing to grab their attention, in such a way that they feel compelled to read one of my intros. I am pretty sure, that the intros are self explanatory and anyone who does read those will get the message loud and clear. However, nearly all the people who took a look at my site, read only last week’s Saturday Update in order to “check out” what I am about. I want to address some of the common complaints…

Saturday Day Updates – What Are They?

Some complaints about the Saturday Updates: “I can’t learn anything from them“, “You are negative“, “You need to take a more positive attitude to sell stuff“. Saturday Updates aren’t supposed to be articles aimed at teaching anything to anyone. They are my “diary“, in which I share what I’ve been doing in my life during the past week, both from a personal and business point of view. The idea is to have a record of my journey into the world of Internet Marketing. In this way, when it comes to its end readers of the Money Earning Sites Blog can ave the whole picture at their disposal. If I make it, it will be useful to them for very obvious reasons. If not, it’s still equally useful as a resource of mistakes one should avoid at all costs! Regarding my attitude, the only one I am trying to take here is that of being truthful. If I just recap my week underlining the positive stuff and hiding the negative, such as my extreme frustration due to seeing very little improvement in my business in the past three weeks, then yes, maybe I will appear more likable and perhaps manage to make a sale or two but the information contained in the blog will be faked and as such be of very little use to those readers who want to use my experience to build their own money earning sites. I created the blog to make money by helping others do the same as they follow me on my own path. I don’t want to make money by telling stories or make belief or pretending to be a different person than who I am.

I Insult My Readers!

If someone is rude with me, I have no issue being rude with him/her! When I introduce myself to other human beings I try to be courteous, respectful and helpful all the way round. If someone attacks me for no reason or makes unwarranted comments (such as saying that my website is a waste of Web space), then they can get ready for a black eye. What do other marketers do? They are normally firm but nice with those who attack them. Not because they are exceptionally good people, but rather because they want to impress their audience and come off as kind hearted, generous and forgiving and thus get more sales. Of course, away from their blogs and websites they go and warn all their friends about the attacker and request them to not allow him/her to guest post, to not give any links and avoid any contact with the idiot! I am not saying all marketers are like this. There are exceptions too but they’re the ones that prove the rule. Stupid people fall into these sort of mind games all the time. I respect my audience and I don’t want to play games with them. This is who I am. I am a guy who is willing to help anyone he comes by, even complete strangers without them needing to ask sometimes. I am also a guy who hates being hit in the balls for no reason and who will be glad to make anyone who tries, spit out all his teeth! Then, again, I would be over it an hour later and if the idiot comes to me asking for help, I would give it to him, maybe decorated with a couple of sarcastic remarks for cherries. If you would rather deal with people who play mind games and pretend to be too nice to be real, just to get a few dollars off from your wallet, then this blog isn’t for you. There are a dozen others you can choose from!

What Does My Dog Pooping Have to Do With Making Money

It’s called a joke! Look for the definition of that word in a dictionary. There are many money making blogs, as well as sales letters on the Internet that are filled with post-it notes. One sales letter I’ve seen, in particular, had like thirty post-its one upon the other with words such as “unlimited wealth“, “hot girls“, “take the black Mercedes to a mechanic“, “give money to the poor“, “deposit $50,000 check from Paypal“, “buy $500,000 villa in Italy”. That was a really cool graphic and I mean no insult nor injury to the person running that offer. But really? A nice graphic with a bunch of nice words is how I should build my credibility? NO THANKS! I write for intelligent people…those who want it real. I want to build my credibility by delivering results not by writing nice words on fancy post-its! “Take Dog To Poop” is the kind of “message” that post-its have been created for, not “hot girls” and “buy $500 villa in Italy“. If one has all that money, they will have some assistant to take care of that stuff. They don’t need post-its. Surely, I could have used something more formal such as “Take Dog to Walk” and still deliver the same type of message, but the word “poop” on a business blog comes off as shocking, unexpected and grabs attention thus resulting in a hilarious effect.

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