Methods - Money-Making Ideas I Get While Meditating

Where does an Internet Marketing Genius get his ideas from? Speaking for myself, I get them while meditating. As far as my meditation process goes, I revealed all the relevant stages some time ago right here on this page. The revelation shocked many folks who stopped by, however… As such, I decided to make things simpler by taking down the details, and limit myself to sharing the actual money-making ideas. These strategies do not involve having a website to begin with. Take a look at here to see why you need to engage in these for your money site to be successful too. This page contains affiliate links.

Yahoo Answers Yahoo Answers is one of the oldest Q&A format websites on the Internet. Thousands of people every day visit the site. They are hungry for information and want to know how they can run a successful Internet Business, which Worpress Plugins are the best or just where they can buy the latest iPhone. Can we add valuable information to Yahoo Answers and promote our business? FIND OUT HERE
Info Barrel Revenue sharing sites like InfoBarrel work in a similar way to a money-earning site. Users of InfoBarrel write articles to be published on the site and submit them for approval. AdSense Ads are displayed together with the article and the author earns a minimum of 75% of the earnings. But there are rules to be followed when submitting articles to InfoBarrel. READ MORE
Domain Samurai Domain Samurai is a great program that you can download and use freely to find good domains to host your niche sites. The program can be used to make money in another way too. I got the idea during Thursday’s meditation session! If you have the paid version of Market Samurai you can become a Noble Samurai affiliate and… CHECK THIS OUT!
ebay eBay is a great platform to make money on line quickly and with very little effort. It is different from a money-earning site because it is not based on automatic income. I myself have made a reasonable amount of money on eBay. Make sure to check out my tips and secrets. Check back often since more articles are added regularly as I try new things.
domaining One online activity I am totally thrilled about is domaining, simply because it is so similar to eBaying for rare toys. I am hoping to repeat the same success I had on eBay with domain flipping, which basically consists of hunting for great and rare domains, buying them for cheap and selling them for great or reasonable profits.
fiverr Fiverr can be a great place for beginners to start making some good cash. There are two tricks to have success on Fiverr. First, you need to market your gigs in an effective way since there is much competition on the site. Next, you need to offer gigs that you can easily complete in a few minutes. Get both right and there you go!


That is just the beginning! Stay TUNED! I meditate once every day and more ideas will come! :/

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