Mastering WordPress Installations

OK, the only thing that remains to be done is to configure the database. You can do that using WordPress’ automatic database installation procedure, or you can do it manually.

11. Configuring WordPress automatically. Go to your website’s url. Remember that if you just changed the DNS servers for your domain, it may take a while before the changes come in to effect. In that case, you will have to wait or do the manual installation. If all is in working order, you should see a screen like the one below. Click Create a Configuration File.

Install WordPress 112 Hit “Let’s Go” here.

Let's Go!13. Now you will need the information from the earlier steps of this tutorial. (1) Is the database name created in step 9. (2) and (3) are the username and password from step 10. Remember to enter the full names of the database and user e.g. enter “arthur_newsite” not just _newsite. My actual username has been blurred up in the screen shots, to avoid any teddy-like behavior from unscrupulous users, such as Mr Huggins. (4) is the Database Host. This will be “localhost” for Site5 and most other hosts. Some others, however, use different names. You need to check this information in the welcome email sent by your host or you can contact them on Live Chat (if they offer that service). (5) you can set it to anything you wish. Try to avoid the preset “wp_” as that makes a hacker’s life a bit easier.

Wordpress Datbase Data14. I wish to point out that Sparky sounds like the name of a teddy bear. I don’t like this… Anyhow, click “Run the install“.


15. Choose a name for your new blog and register an administrator account by choosing a username, password and email address. You will be using this to customize your blog, create new pages for your site and publish new posts.

Administrator Account

16. Click on log in to enter your new blog as the big boss himself and start messing around to customize your new home to your liking.

Log In Screen

17. After some customization here is (more or less..) how your blog should look like.

Teddy Bears

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