Mastering WordPress Installations

6. In Filezilla’s left panel, that shows the contents of your local computer, find the folder you unzipped in step 3 and open that folder. Then select all the files contained in the folder by left click+shift or left click+ctrl. In the right panel, that shows the contents of your hosting account, locate the public_html folder. If you wish this installation to be your main website, just drag all the files you selected in the left panel to the public_html folder. Your website will load from your domain. For example, h**p:// If this is your first website, this is likely the goal you will want to do. If you’re adding additional domains to your hosting, or you want your website to load from a different folder, for example h**p:// then proceed to the optional section 6A-C.

Copying WordPress Files


6A. To create a new directory. Select and click on the public_html folder. Right-click on the two dots (..) in the lower area of the right panel making sure that /public_html appears under Remote Site: Select “Create Directory“.

Create a Directory6B. Type in the name of the directory, where you want to install your new site and then click OK.

Choose New Directory Name6C. Drag all the files highlighted earlier in step 6, to the new directory that you just created.

Dragging Files


7. Access your web hosting account. If you’re hosting with Site5, go to Site Admin: and click on Select then click on your domain name to log in to your cpanel.

CPanel Login8. Scroll down to the section named Databases and click on MySQL Databases.

Setting up the WordPress Database

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