Make Money Online—Yahoo Answers Tips and Tricks

Making Money With Yahoo AnswersThe method I use to make money on Yahoo Answers is both an ethical and a legit one. Yahoo Answers do allow contributors, who have their own business, to put a link in the answers which they post provided that certain conditions are met. Unfortunately, the moderation of the Yahoo Answers community is left to a group of preselected users of the site some of whom, obviously, did not read the terms of service, or just choose to ignore them for various reasons. I have discussed this in my previous article covering this method, which weighs the pros against the cons of using Yahoo Answers to generate a long-term-recurring income. To summarize that discussion, Yahoo Answers can be a great source of extra income, but, because of the way in which the site is managed, all questions and answers left by any user may be suddenly deleted with no way to effectively appeal to their unfair deletion. This should be taken into consideration before engaging in this technique. For those who still wish to try Yahoo Answers, here is exactly how I do it:

bulbThe first step towards monetizing Yahoo Answers is to do keyword research with Market Samurai. Here is how I find the best products or services to promote on Yahoo Answers:

  • Enter the keyword research module and type ‘Yahoo Answers’ as your main keyword.
  • Click the generate keywords button and add ‘Yahoo’ as a positive keyword.
  • Once the results are in, go to keyword analysis.
  • Set the filter to none and order the results by SEOT by clicking on the traffic tab.
  • We are not interested in any other data for our purposes here.
  • Ignore results such as ‘make money online Yahoo Answers’, ‘Yahoo answers fails’ or ‘Yahoo Answers terms of service’ and concentrate on keywords that are actual products or niches that you can target, e.g. ‘Yahoo Answers Pregnancy’, ‘Yahoo Answers build radiator’, ‘Yahoo Answers buy LCD TV’, etc.
  • Find the ones with the highest SEOT which appeal to you. Competition, trends and SEOV are irrelevant here.
  • Take your time to do a bit of research on those products.

Remember that you can do a keyword research for free using the Google Keyword Planner if you do not have Market Samurai. The free version of Market Samurai allows you to carry out the above procedure without the need to upgrade to the paid version.

bulbCreate a brand new Yahoo Answers account. Use a proxy if possible. When using a proxy, Yahoo may ask you for phone verification. Take note of the country your proxy is located in by using a service such as this. When you register on Yahoo, tell them that you are located in the country where the proxy is and provide them with a mobile number from that country. Type something like ‘please contact us on our mobile [country code]’ in Google. For example, if the proxy is located in Malta, ‘please contact us on our mobile +356’. That should bring up a list of search results with valid mobile numbers, which you can use to register. If this does not work and they insist on calling you, you can circumvent this by registering without a proxy on Facebook or Google. Once this is done, delete all your cookies, switch on your proxy and then sign in to Yahoo with either of your Facebook or Google accounts. Post a question to Yahoo using a keyword rich title and body text. Make sure to make it look as natural as possible. Remember that when the moderators have doubts about whether something is or is not spam, they shoot first and ask questions later.

HINT I: Search Yahoo Answers with the name of the product that you want to sell. This will bring up top-rated questions about the product. You should post questions that are similar to those. Do not simply copy them straight away however, as that can turn on a flag. Also use Market Samurai to find target keywords to use both in the title and body of your question. Just follow the procedure above for Market Samurai, but type the best keywords that describe your chosen niche instead of ‘yahoo answers’, e.g. ‘pregnancy test’. There are two ways to sell through Yahoo Answers. One way is to rely exclusively on the Yahoo Answers community, and the other is to use SEO techniques to have your question rank high in Google. Competition only matters in the latter case. You need the paid version of Market Samurai to analyze your competition with the SEOC module. At any rate, trying to rank your question on Google is no easy task; Google does not seem to love Yahoo Answers. What I normally do is rely on the Yahoo Answers community.

HINT II: Do not post in the ‘make money online’ category and try to avoid mentioning the word ‘money’ at all. Post your questions only on Monday. Never post on a Saturday or Sunday when most kids are home on their computers. Remember that most of the moderators on the site are young teens and we do not want to have to deal with them. The ‘make money’ niche is their preferred hunting ground. If your question gets deleted, just repost it.

bulbRegister for another Yahoo account. First, we need to upgrade the account to level two since level one accounts cannot have any live links. Here is how to do it: search for any word, e.g. ‘pregnancy’. Once you get to the search results page, search for the word ‘the’; if you search for ‘the’ directly, Yahoo will return an error. On the right hand side of your screen is a control panel. Select ‘Search for Questions that are Open’, and ‘Search for Questions with No Answers’. In the sort column, click on ‘newest’ twice. It should turn to ‘oldest’. Go to page three (the questions on the first two pages will have only a few seconds left to answer and you will not have enough time left to do so). From page three onwards, choose twenty questions and answer them all. You need not spend that much effort in answering these questions. I try to give short 20—50 words answers. Try not to spam and be helpful and courteous partly to avoid running into the moderators, and partly because it is cool and it makes one feel good helping other people. If you want to spam, it is up to you in the end.

bulbGo watch a match of Octagon on TV, play a videogame, do some SEO work on your Web site or meditate for ideas to make money on line. Yahoo Answers, after about an hour, will put all the questions you just answered ‘in voting’, and since you have answered questions that had no answers and were about to expire, chances are that yours will be the only answer for each and every of the twenty questions. All of them should be listed under your profile. Revisit each one and vote for your own answers. While you are on your profile make sure to set your activity to ‘private’ so that the moderators cannot bomb your answers. If each of the questions that you have answered gets indeed picked as best with your vote, you should theoretically be a level two account owner already, but the voting will go on for two days. To be on the safe side, wait for twenty-four hours.  Answer a few more questions with this account using the whole procedure that I have described. This will give you a few more points.

10 thoughts on “Make Money Online—Yahoo Answers Tips and Tricks

  1. Great tips, Arthur!

    Where did you learn so much about Yahoo Answers? I really like those hints, and I never thought about most of those little details..

    I guess I’ll try again in near future.

    What do you promote there?

    Best wishes,

  2. I’ve used it only for two weeks but, as I said in the article, I intend to have another go soon. The trick to using it successfully is to avoid the WH. LOL You need to enter their mind and try to think like they do. For instance, the first thing most of them look for is “make money” or “where do I buy…”. Those are the niches where most spammers post and that’s also where the WHs are more likely to be found hunting for preys.

    I try to research a lot when I try a new method to make some cash because I don’t really want to break any site’s rules or add trash to the web. What’s odd here is that it’s the mods breaking the rules. Yahoo need to find another way to get free moderation for their forums. Having a computer algorithm assign the title of mod is definitely bad for everyone involved.

    I got hit by them a few times, but most of my answers are still up and getting clicks. I would not use Yahoo for SEO though. Links to info pages and articles that may somehow lead to a sale are OK but, if you use the site for SEO, you risk losing everything very easily and as you rightly said on your website, they can easily track your domain, even if you use multiple accounts.

    Sorry, I prefer not to tell what I sell on Yahoo in public. You never know who may be listening and I don’t want to make it that easy for them to “gulp” me. LOL

  3. Hi, Arthur!

    Thanks for reply! I suppose that means avoiding internet marketing niche altogether? (including network marketing, mlm’s, and anything that’s related).

    How do you know so much about their moderation system? “Having a computer algorithm assign the title of mod is definitely bad for everyone involved.” Where did you read that?

    Well, if mods themselves are constantly breaking rules… that’s just sucks for everyone.

    Okay, got it. You promote products that are completely unrelated to money/marketing. In niches like health, hobbies, animals, etc. So how does that work work you? Is it worth the time invested?

    Best wishes,

    p.s. – love the nickname! (no, seriously).

    • LOL Thanks! I am glad that you like the nickname. I love making fun of myself. But I guess, that’s pretty obvious if you browse a bit around this site 🙂

      There’s a link in my article to their forum where they talk about the moderation. No one really knows how Yahoo assigns moderators to the site. But if you read the replies to topics like “how do I become a mod” etc. you will see that most people say that they became mods after reporting a number of posts. Most report that they just go and try to flag a post as usual, and they find out that Yahoo gave them the ability to delete the posts on their own. They can’t delete accounts but if they are given the permission to post on the forum (which is pretty easy to get from the senior mods) all they need is to list the spammer (or whoever they want!) there and it’s automatically removed. The process seems to be completely automatic. The case of the girl that I reported in my article seems to prove this. There doesn’t appear to be any actual Yahoo employees involved in the whole deal. Even Yahoo themselves, in a press release, admitted that only about 95% of what goes into that forum is actually spam. Which likely means a lot less!

      It does suck for everyone that the mods break the rules. It’s the point I have tried to make in my first Yahoo Answers article.

      Honestly, I only made $65 on Yahoo Answers. I am not that big of an expert. I used it only for like two weeks and posted like 50 links (although I answered a lot more questions to confuse the mods). 10 links were lost to the mods in my first few days before I learned how it works. The others are still there. And yes, avoiding the money making niche is the best possible idea. “Make money” and “buy” are the two top searches that mods and aspiring mods focus on. You can PM me, if you want more details on specifics on where to post etc. 😉

  4. Hi, Arthur!

    Being able to make fun of yourself is good, but it should have its limits. Self-respect is very important too. How can other people respect you, if you can’t respect yourself?

    Aah.. I see now. That’s bad. So basically anyone who became a mod can lead to deletion of your account, even if it’s a 12-year old girl who didn’t like your Yahoo Answers avatar…

    “There doesn’t appear to be any actual Yahoo employees involved in the whole deal.” Then hoping for “fair” judgment is certainly stupid.

    Well, now I know what to expect, at least 🙂

    $65 in first 2 weeks online is great! If you can scale it up (and you probably can) to $200-300 for each two weeks, than you will have something to invest in your blog/business. And it’s easier to go from there.

    Best wishes,

    • That was exactly the idea when I began using Yahoo Answers: get a few $$$ to invest in this blog. The whole deal with the mods put me off a bit. The idea of investing so much time for work and see it gone in seconds made me think if it’s worth it or not. Judging from my clicks, the quality of the answers I gave seems to be more important than quantity to get conversions so I am going to have another go at YA trying to give more valuable and honest replies than before and limiting myself to do it once every fortnight or so. We’ll see how it goes! I am also thinking that using several Level 2 accounts to give the answers may be a better idea than using one Level 4 or higher account. That way the risk of losing everything becomes a lot lower.

  5. Hi, Arthur!

    So how are those Yahoo Answers going for you so far? Have you done “another go”?

    By the way, I just met this cool guy few days ago – Omri. Here is his website –

    He opened my eyes! There is so much scam on the web! I think you will find it really useful, since you started recently and you’re not familiar with all those big names. And you’ll probably laugh your ass off 🙂

    Best wishes,

  6. Sorry for the delay in answering. Was a bit busy lately.

    I am concentrating on quality rather than quantity. Today I submitted a new question and answer that is highly keyword optimized. I am hoping it does well, if it passes the exam of the mods and the attacks of a nasty competitor.

    WOW! That site takes humor and sarcasm to a whole new level and I LOVE IT! I am not familiar with the guru mentioned in that article. I refrain from making names but I actually came across many gurus. Here is my take on them: and it’s so far one my two best articles actually.

    Now how do I remove that music from my head???

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