An Idea to Make Money with Domain Samurai

Domain Samurai[Updated 29th November 2013: Since Google started penalizing EMDs, this application no longer provides the value it used to, and the method described here no longer works. I am leaving the article for reference only.]

Do you want to get into eBooks, but cannot come up with a cool idea to make some good cash? Let me help! Domain Samurai is a free application that will help you find the right Domains for your Web site. It comes with Market Samurai‘s keyword research module integrated into it. It is a great alternative for beginners who cannot afford the paid version. Domain Samurai does not come with the high-end features that his bigger brother does, such as the SEOC module that is so important for researching competition. The SEOC module in Market Samurai is the one that tells us everything (or almost everything) about the strength of our competitors. Domain Samurai can only tell us how much competition we have in our niche.

Once the right keywords are found, very rarely an EMD (exact match domain) is available for registration. For example, if the keywords are ‘money earning sites‘, would be an EMD for those keywords. I found my EMD for this site thanks to Domain Samurai. With the same keywords, would be considered a PMD or partial match domain because, in addition to the main keywords, the domain also contains the prefix “e”. Yahoo and Bing seem to love EMDs. Google may be divorcing them, but I heard they are going to a marriage counselor… Who knows?! Anyhow, an EMD works best but, if it is not available, we can feed Domain Samurai a list of keywords to append as prefixes and suffixes to the domain. Domain Samurai will generate a list of all possible combinations for our keywords and then tell us which partial match domains are available for purchase. Google’s latest penguin update (June 2013) is apparently targeting PMDs so it is important to feed a unique custom made list of prefixes/suffixes to Domain Samurai. Under no circumstance the built in ones should be used. Domain Samurai also helps determining the density of the domain. Density refers to the percentage of what length of the domain consists of the primary keywords. Sure, Domain Samurai does nothing that anyone cannot do with a piece of paper, a domain search engine and a calculator, but it makes the process easier and it is free, so I am happy to use it.

However, the real power of Domain Samurai comes from the Market Samurai affiliate program. Those who bought a paid version of Market Samurai, can enroll into the Market Samurai and Domain Samurai affiliate programs. Provided you are also an affiliate for GoDaddy, Hostgator and Namecheap, you can use Domain Samurai to make a good amount of cash. There is no need for you to purchase the actual services, and signing-up as an affiliate is hundred percent free. Once enrolled with all three of these services as an affiliate, you should just go to the Market Samurai affiliate program control panel and enter their affiliate links for Namecheap, Hostgator and GoDaddy under ‘Domain Samurai’ as shown below:

Configure Domain SamuraiOf course, you will want to use your affiliate links not mine… 🙂 When someone downloads Domain Samurai through your Domain Samurai affiliate link and actually buys a domain, you will be credited an affiliate commission from the registrar which the user has chosen to use! Cool!

The registrars accept everyone as affiliates. GoDaddy is the only one that manually reviews applications. I am a customer only with Namecheap because they are the best as a service although they are the worst as an affiliate. Namecheap pay only fifteen percent on the initial purchase. Their affiliate cookie lasts for just 15 days. Whether a customer buys 1 or 30,000 domains, we get roughly only $1.50 per customer we refer. Go Daddy is the best affiliate paying 40% commission for every domain purchased through their service. Their cookie lasts 45 days, and affiliates receive their commission every time that the user buys a domain from heir link, even if the user already has an account with GoDaddy.

We are set up to go. So how do we make some $$$ with Domain Samurai? Well – very simple: we need people who want to trade domains. Domain trading can be a very lucrative activity. However it is an active Internet business. One buys a domain, resells it and makes a profit from it. End of the story. It is not “money on autopilot” like a money-earning site, an eBook or computer software. Once one writes an eBook, and puts it up for sale, this has the potential to generate an infinite and recurring income stream. Same goes for a money-earning site. There is no limit to the amount of money one can make, no beginning and no end. It keeps making money forever, as long as one can find an audience for the product. As this is the kind of income I am mostly interested in, domain trading is not a business I am particularly looking forward to have a go at. [Updated 29th November: My articles on domaining will show that I changed my mind on the matter a couple of months after writing this]

An eBook about domain name trading with Domain Samurai can become a great source of autopilot money though. I am not going to try this myself. I really have too much going on and no time to check it out, so I am handing the ball, in case anyone wants to try this idea. Here is the rough plan I made:

  • Aim the book at absolute beginners. Possibly sell it on eBay for a nominal price like $2.
  • Introduce keyword research to your audience.
  • Focus on Domain Samurai – include a written and video tutorial on how to perform keyword research. This might be a good opportunity to advertise the more advanced features of his bigger brother too. Make sure to include your affiliate download link for Domain Samurai.
  • Explain what EMD domains are and how to get the best results with Domain Samurai.
  • Make a tutorial on buying and reselling domains. Concentrate on GoDaddy since they pay the only commissions that are worth doing this for. Advantages of GoDaddy include the ability to use GoDaddy Auctions to sell the domain and the opportunity to purchase hosting together with the domain to eventually flip a Web site.
  • Make another tutorial on purchasing a domain and setting up quickly a unique Web site or blog on Hostgator. The aim here is to sell the whole site on

It would not take more than a day to write this eBook. If I could spend some time doing a bit of domain trading myself, I would have a go at it, but I do not have that time, and I feel it would not be right to write on a topic that I do not have firsthand experience with. Probably, I would not even be able to come up with something credible. Maybe if no one picks up my idea, I will see if I can do something with this myself But for now, I am definitely concentrating on other things. To the next money-making meditation!

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