Where Do I Find My Links And How Do I Secure Them? Revealed Free!

Some people will tell you that SEO, particularly link building, is dead.The truth is that it is alive and well. Since Google announced the advent of its Penguin algorithm, on 24th April 2012, much has changed in the land of niche-Web-sites-oriented businesses. Junk link building no longer does the job. Webspam will not just fail to make your site rank higher, but will actively make it sink to the very bottom of the search-engine rankings. Penguin is the Google agent responsible for searching for, identifying and penalizing sites that make use of low quality links. He does a tremendous job as if an actual human being monitors the sites. However high-quality links are still needed to rank and monetize a Web site. There are two ways to get these:

  1. Try To Fool Penguin by building links that look so natural that even a human SEO expert will have trouble identifying them as spam.
  2. Use white hat methods approved by Google to earn legitimate links from external sites. These will be amazing links that will likely resist any future Google update.

Here at The Money Earning Sites Central I discuss my methods for obtaining high quality backlinks to my own sites. For example, you may want to take a look at this article for my most successful strategy. With Linkz, my specialized newsletter, I take that a huge step further. Once I have made certain that they are Penguin-safe, I will email you all the links that I earn once every fortnight together with detailed instructions on how to secure the links for yourselves and make the most out of them! That’s right! No fluff, tutorials, or philosophical discussions about SEO. You get the actual URLs for the links. This means that, if I rank my sites high on Google, you will rank them too. Why not search for “money earning sites” on Google to check where I rank?

And do not think that you will need to write some lengthy articles or pray some snobbish webmaster to get the high quality high PR backlinks I am talking about. Some of them are as easy to get as pressing a button; others require a little more work. I cannot disclose this information on a public Web site, for very obvious reasons. Linkz however gives me a great opportunity to share with my most loyal followers some great information that will help anyone building a successful money-earning site.

About Spam

I hate spammers and I would never ever sell or trade your email with anyone. My solemn promise is:

  • No more than one email every fortnight!
  • Never sell or trade your email addy. Never even ask for it!

I am confessing that I stole money from my church’s offerings some time ago. If I break my promise, you can call the police and have me arrested! :O

Linkz will be all tips and info on making money and no pitching, sales ads or affiliate links. This is the information that you have been waiting for! And if you subscribe now, you will also get:

  • My book on creating money-earning sites! It’s like having the whole of this Web site and more in your pocket.

The book isn’t ready yet. You will receive it as soon as I finish working on it. Could be a week, a month or a year but you will get it ONLY if you subscribe now while you’re still seeing this message. You should know I don’t bluff. I was giving away another freebie previously and I said I would remove it soon, which I did. And no, you do not have that “very last chance to get it.” I said the freebie will go once I update the page and now it is gone for good. So, if you want the book for free, subscribe right now. No begging about the expired freebie please, or I will put my aunt Mary in a box and ship her to you! And you won’t be happy if that happens…trust me!Instant Access

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Where Do I Find My Links And How Do I Secure Them? Revealed Free!

  1. I have read this page and the results promised seemed realistic. It will be awesome if sales fro my kindle book “Manage Your Depression: A Self Help Guide” increase with the knowledge gained from linkz newsletters.

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