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Now on to automate posting our WordPress articles on Google Plus. First we need the RSS feed for our website. In general this is or For example for my site it is Type the address in the browser to verify it exists. If it doesn’t temporarily add the RSS widget from your WordPress administrator panel to your site and click on the icon on the front end (your actual web page not the admin panel) to get the correct url.

RSS feed

Click on the small avatar at the top left of the Hootsuite control panel. This will bring up your profile. Click on the “Edit Profile” button as shown below.

Google Plus RSS linking

Next choose RSS/Atom and click on the big “+” sign to add your WordPress feed.

Add RSS Feed

Now in the pop up that shows up, type in the address of the feed’s URL and choose your Google Plus page. Set the other options to your liking. I would just leave the default ones since they do a great job. Hit “Save Feed” when you’re done.

RSS Feed Options

THAT’S IT. Your new WordPress articles will be posted to your Google Plus account automatically.

EXTRA BIT: Posting Updates from Hootsuite

Sometimes I may wish to post on my social media accounts anything else other than a link to a WordPress article. In that case, Hootsuite can come in handy to post to Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook at the same time, without even having to touch WordPress. Note that if you have Twitter and Facebook linked using their own APIs as shown in part I of this tutorial, you need not post to both Twitter and Facebook with Hootsuite. Instead you should just post to one of them. Actually you MUST post to one of them from Hootsuite, otherwise you will end up with duplicate posts on both Twitter and Facebook. Again this only applies to those who have linked Twitter and Facebook together using their own APIs. I recommend posting from Hootsuite to Facebook, since the posts that Hootsuite does on Twitter don’t look that great. So post to Facebook and let the App post to Twitter as it does a much better formatting than Hootsuite.

Start by writing a message and click on the small arrow to get a list of available social networks. Choose Google Plus and the Facebook Page you want to post on. If you haven’t linked Twitter to Facebook through their APIs, choose Twitter too. If you did link them (as per example where we linked the Teela Facebook page to Sheila Burlo), Facebook will take care of posting to Twitter.

hootsuite21Make sure to pick your social networks before adding any link or photo as these may not appear properly (no preview thumbnail) if you fail to do that! If you post a link make sure to “shrink it” before proceeding. Hit the “send now” button.

Message Example

Your content is posted on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter all with the touch of a button!

Automatic Posts

Stay tuned for more Social Marketing Tutorials!

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