Link Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus and WordPress

Select Facebook and click on “Connect with Facebook“. This will import Facebook pages. Select the pages you want to import to Hootsuite and click on “Finshed Importing“. If you plan on using my method to update all three social networks at once, this step isn’t required. However, if you wish to post to all three social accounts but not WordPress at a go, you will need to do this. In other words, this is recommended if you want to use your social media for posting anything else other than links to your blog posts.

Connect to Facebook

Facebook Pages
Now repeat the whole thing by clicking “Add Social Network“. This time select Twitter and click “Connect to Twitter” . Again this is not required if you plan on posting from your blog, but is very handy in case you want to post any content that isn’t a link to a WordPress article!

Authorize Twitter

A pop up will show up. It’s Twitter asking you if you want to allow Hootsuite to access your data. Click “Authorize App” and let’s go to the cream of this tutorial!

Authorize Twitter

This step is an absolute must to do our trick. Once more click on “Add Social Network” and this time choose “Google Plus“. Click on “Connect with Google Plus“.

Google Plus Authorization

Google will ask you to grant permission to Hootsuite to access your account including the ability to post on your business Google Plus page. Hootsuite can do this due to being a privileged Google Plus partner. Click on “Accept“.

Google Plus Authorization

A pop up will show up listing all your Google Plus business pages. Select the ones you want to link to Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. The plus sign will turn into a green very good. Hit “Finished Importing“. The following steps, just like the previous two, are all mandatory.

Google Plus Pages

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