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Posting To Google Plus with Hootsuite

The problem is that in order to automatically post to a social media account such as Twitter or Facebook, developers need write access to the API. API refers to application programming interface, the language that a web application “speaks“. While Google Plus does grant developers access to their read API (that is it allows extracting information from Google Plus) it does not offer access to the write API (that is allows adding information to Google Plus). We can link Twitter to Facebook, or post to both from our WordPress blogs, because developers have write access to their API. Thankfully Google have opened their doors to a few select companies to beta test their write API. One such company is Hootsuite. They offer a free service which will allow us to do exactly what we want: have our WordPress articles posted automatically on our business Google Plus page. Note that currently it’s not possible to use Hootsuite to post automatically to personal profiles. Also, there are a few more free features on Hootsuite that might come in handy to help us update our social media. Although these are not a must we will configure them too. You can optionally skip this step. Let’s begin!

First make sure you’re logged in to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If you have multiple accounts, make sure that you are logged in to the ones that you want to link together. Go to Hootsuite. The easiest way to register is to click on “Sign Up Using Facebook“. If you choose to visit their site through my partner link, you will be offered a discount, should you consider using their pro service. You don’t need the pro service for the purposes of this tutorial.

Hoosuite Begin

You may need to turn off your pop up blocker. Once the Facebook pop up appears, grant access to Hootsuite by clicking “Log In”.

Facebook Permission

You’re now a registered Hootsuite user. The following few steps are OPTIONAL and not needed for the purpose of this tutorial. Click on “Create a New Tab”. This creates a tab similar to the ones used by browsers.

Create a New Tab

Each tab can contain various elements from your social media. These elements are called streams. For example you can have one tab to display the wall posts on one Facebook page, one Google Plus page and your Twitter feed. Another tab can contain your personal Google and Facebook wall posts and a different Twitter account’s feed or your Facebook photos. In other words you can compose tabs any way you like and with whatever features (streams) of your social media accounts that you wish. Cool? Isn’t it? Again, creating tabs isn’t required to achieve the goal but if you want to have a go, click on “add stream“, choose the social network (e.g. “Facebook” in this screenshot) and pick one of the many stream options (eg newsfeed, photos, statuses etc.). Whatever you pick will be extracted and displayed in that stream. I will leave any further experimenting with tabs to you.

Add streams to Hootsuite tab

Let’s leave tabs and streams on their own and click on “Add Social Network“.

Add Social Network

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