Link Facebook to Twitter, Google Plus and WordPress

ii) Link Twitter to Facebook aka Make Twitter Copy All Posts To Facebook

To start, go to Twitter and click on the Profile tab.

Twitter Facebook AppTurn off your pop up blocker. Click on Connect to Facebook. Remember, you can link only a PERSONAL account not a page. If you have already linked your Facebook account to another Twitter account, it won’t let you link again.

Link Twitter to Facebook

You will be connected to the Twitter app on Facebook. Two different pop ups will show up. Make sure to authorize each, even if the permissions requested seem irrelevant to what we want to do. If you deny any of the two pop ups the requested permissions, this will not work!

pop-up 1pop-up 2
Uncheck both “post retweets to Facebook” and “post to my Facebook profile” and click on “Allow“. A third pop up will show up.

Correct Wrong Settings

Authorize the third pop up too.

Page Authorization from TwitterChoose the Facebook page that you want to connect to the Twitter profile.

Select Facebook Page

Now your Facebook page and Twitter account are mutually linked. Whatever is posted on one of them will also be posted automatically to the other.

iii) Easily Post WordPress Articles To Twitter and Facebook

Since we linked Twitter and Facebook together, we will use a “Tweet your Article” plugin to tweet all newly published WordPress articles to Twitter. Of course, these tweets will now be posted to our Facebook page too. The plugin I use for Money Earning Sites is the Facebook, Twitter Google Plus Social Share: Sadly Google Plus and Facebook can’t be configured to work with pages, otherwise that’s all we would need. But having linked our Facebook page to Twitter, by pressing the tweet button, the article will be instantly posted to both Twitter and the Facebook page. You should be seeing the widget that allows to tweet this very article here to the left, unless you’re using a mobile device, where it’s disabled. Why not check out how it works exactly by tweeting this tutorial and, while you’re there, why not like the article and +1 it too? All that remains is to deal with Google Plus

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