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Social MediaSocial media are a powerful tool for any Internet marketer who wants to establish a presence on the web. For starters, however, keeping track of the many available social platforms such as Twitter, Google Plus and, last but certainly not least, Facebook can be a huge pain in the behind. Outsourcing may be undoable when the business isn’t generating any profits. Watch out, guys! You may end up spending all your time at the computer, updating Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or even worse all of them. Spending too much time on Facebook was one of the reasons why my previous venture failed. Luckily, tools exist that can help us manage our social media with the touch of a button. My favorite application is Hootsuite. They offer both a free and paid pro version and you can even try the pro version for thirty days. We’ll only be using the free version for the purposes of this tutorial, but if you’re serious about social media marketing, the pro version will prove itself to be extremely powerful and can save an establish business time and money as well as giving them the edge over the competition. Hootsuite managed to get pat on the back from Google themselves. In fact our favorite search engine allowed Hootsuite, along with a handful of other companies, full access to their API for Google PlusThis makes Hootsuite even more powerful and a somewhat unique service. But the scope of this tutorial is to show you how you can create very busy Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages/profiles, without lifting a finger! And the way to do that is pretty straightforward: we will post links to our WordPress Blog articles to the three top social media, all with the touch of a single button! My method to achieve this aim is to link together a Twitter account to a Facebook page for my brand, in such a way that whatever I post to one of them, gets automatically posted to the other, as well. A WordPress plugin will let us post our articles to Twitter automatically with the touch of a button. Finally a free account at Hootsuite will deal with posting to Google Plus too! Here are step by step instructions.

Linking Twitter, Facebook and WordPress

Let’s begin our task by linking a Twitter account to a Facebook page. Then I will show you how to install and use a WordPress plugin that lets us post an article to Twitter (and hence to Facebook since we linked them) with the touch of a button. We can make the process more automatic by eliminating the “touch of a button” deal, but using this plugin gives us several advantages over a fully automatic method. The plugin will also allow our blog visitors to share our articles on their Twitter accounts and we should be the first ones to give a good example by sharing our own articles. Even if no one else shares them seeing one share is definitely better than seeing zero shares.To start, log in to the Twitter Account and Facebook Account that you want to link.

IMPORTANT: You cannot link a Twitter account to a Facebook Page directly. You must link the Twitter account to the personal Facebook account of the administrator of the page. Then you can configure Twitter to post on whichever page you want as shown below. BUT, notice that you can link a personal Facebook account to one Twitter account only. This means that you cannot link two different Facebook pages having the same administrator to two different Twitter accounts. To circumvent this restriction, get another personal Facebook account and appoint this account as an administrator of your second Facebook page. Then link the new account to the second Twitter account.

Wrong LinkCorrect Link

i) Link Facebook to Twitter aka Make Facebook Copy All Posts To Twitter

As an example we’re linking the Facebook Page “Masters of the Universe Teela” to my cousin Sheila’s Twitter account. Everything I post to the Teela Fan Page will also be posted to Sheila’s Twitter account. Type in the address in your browser’s address bar (or click the link).

Facebook Twitter App

Click on “Link My Profile To Twitter“. You’ll be taken to Twitter where you will have to authorize the Facebook app.

Facebook Twitter App

Now unlink your personal profile and link the Facebook page whose posts you want automatically tweeted. Note: Do it this way and don’t link directly to the page. I did not overlook the other link in the last step but sometimes going that route gives an error.

Correct SettingsAuthorize the Facebook App on Twitter yet again!

Authroize Facebook AppAnd that’s it!

Facebook and Twitter Linked

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