Introduction to Domaining

stepthreeStep 3: Buy The Domain For Cheap

There are many methods that can used to find valuable domains and flip them even if we restrict our dissertation to freshly-registered domains only. Most of these, however, require experience in evaluating domains. Most professional domainers recommend that beginners use one of two methods that I am about to describe.

METHOD I: Using Market Samurai To Find Keyword Rich Domains

Note: You do not need the paid version of Market Samurai to follow this procedure. All the steps can be completed with the free version.

* Open Market Samurai and feed a seed keyword into it. Choose a profitable, competitive nice. Remember that the goal is not to rank in Google here, so the wealthier and more crowded the niche the better. Enter a title and hit create.

* Click on ‘Keyword Research‘. Do not bother with the domain options, as they are not useful for the method.


*Click ‘generate’ to find a list of keywords and set the keyword length to a maximum of two.


* Analyze keywords, so that Market Samurai provides the SEOV data, which is what is needed. This is important: order the data from highest to lowest by clicking on the SEOV column.


*Filter out any keywords that have an SEOV lower than 10.


*Click on ‘Export’ in Market Samurai and save the exported data as a CSV file. Open the CSV file with Excel and copy the column containing the keywords. You will need to change the file type to CSV while opening the file, for Excel to read it correctly.


* Go to Namestation and paste the list of keywords copied from Excel. Check Com, Net and Org TLDs. Expect to find very few names available. Since we ordered the list from high to low SEOV, available domains on the first few pages will have a higher value than those on the last few ones.

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