How to Get Free SEO Software, Links and Advertisements

freeI am going to share one of the sites that I came across recently while using my evil, Market-Samurai-voyeur techniques (which I fully discuss here). Normally I would share a great site such as this one only with my most loyal followers who are subscribed to linkz, but I want to be nice and share the love with everyone, so you too can enjoy the free SEO tools and much more that the site has to offer. Well … the truth is that I am throwing in an affiliate link in this article, which will help me gain even more points for my profile. Did I say “points”? No, this is not one of those scams where you earn one cent for an hour of work, and you never make enough cash to be able to checkout. The site I am going to introduce is very similar to Yahoo Answers, but rather than warnings and threats, we are given free SEO software in exchange for our time and for answering questions. That’s not all! You can add a signature to your answers, where you can add up to two do-follow links. I have seen profiles with six links actually, but I prefer to stick to the rules. We earn 40 points for every question answered, and each point is valued at 1c. This means that by answering three questions every day we can earn $1.20. In a little over a month one will easily be able to afford a $47 product, and it takes no more than five minutes to answer three questions. Without further ado here is the site and why I have fallen in love with it:

Internet Marketing Q&A

Free SEO Software

The SEO software products that you earn for free, or rather as a well-deserved prize for sharing your time with the IMQA community, are these:

The Best Spinner Instant Article Wizard Keyword Canine
Keyword Snatcher Article Builder Accurank Tracker
Answer Analyst Instant Article Factory Jiffy Articles

Each of these products costs between $47 and $127 for a one-year license. This means that you will need between 4700 and 127000 points to get one of them. I spent maybe half an hour on the site, and I have 500 points already. Each question answered earns you 40 points. Some of the software titles offered are top-class products such as The Best Spinner, which is the favorite article spinner of many SEOs. I do prefer Spinnerchief, but both of them are great products. I am particularly interested in trying out Jiffy Articles, which can create good quality articles in less than ten minutes. They wouldn’t be articles I would publish on this site, but they should work amazingly well for web 2.0s link sources. Now, if that was all there is to IMQA, I would say, “forget it!” For my tastes, it’s too much work and too little gain, but there is a lot more than free SEO software alone.

Free Do-Follow Links

Once you have 250 points on the site, you will be allowed to add a signature of at most three lines with at most two different links. The links may have anchor text too. That’s a huge improvement over the links on Yahoo Answers, which are no-follow and have no anchor text at all. Also, these links are relatively powerful compared to others. IMQA does not use a popular forum platform such as SMF, vBulletin or the like. This means that, for the time being, Google is unable to distinguish contextual text from signatures, which means that the links will give you more juice. I am not sure this is the way it works, but I strongly suspect it’s the case.

You are not allowed to place self-serving links in the context of an answer. However, if you use a good signature and give purposeful, insightful and intelligent answers to people’s questions chances are that they will visit your site. I did get some traffic in this way; nothing out of this world, though. Of course, if you just throw in a couple of lines to gain points and expose your signature, you can bet no one will visit your site, and you risk getting banned possibly. Like all sites I participate in, this one is a high-quality one, so I bet that trolls don’t last that long there. On the other hand, if you try to provide value, you will likely get something more valuable than the free software and the links: visitors to your site, contacts and followers. So be nice and don’t spam!

Free Advertising

Don’t like the software? The signature links are not enough for you? No problem! IMQA has a deal for you that you can’t refuse. I am talking about some free advertisements here. You can have ads placed on their site for free in exchange for some of your points.

It’s not a CPM campaign either, but a CPC! Now, if you don’t know what that means, it will likely be a bit hard for you to answer questions on IMQA because every decent Internet marketer should know that CPC campaigns are usually far more valuable than CPM ones. To make it even more appetizing, the cost for each click is just one point!

There is a little catch here because you need to have a conversion rate of at least 1% to have your ads displayed, in other words you should get one click for every hundred impressions. This means that advertising hosting or shoes may not be a great idea. You should advertise stuff related to Internet marketing such as a free eBook to make money online in exchange for registering to your newsletter or a technique to build links with a product you are an affiliate for.

AdWords Alternative

You can get more points by placing ads from IMQA on your site. When someone clicks on the links you get one point. Take note that you will not be paid in cash. This is not something that I am doing. I don’t want to clutter my site with ads, and I definitely don’t want to remove Google AdWords.

Affiliate Program

This is likely the best part of the deal. Refer other people to the program and whenever they gain points by replying to questions on the site, you will also receive hundred percent of the points they earn. This is the ideal tactic for those of you who are lucky enough to have a huge amount of traffic to their site … and are lazy folks too! It works only for people whom you refer directly to the site. If they refer other people you will not gain any points from the second tier.

IMQA also provides a sweet WordPress plugin that will display questions from their site on your blog. You can use these to entice people to sign-up to the site.


IMQA is an awesome site and I am so grateful to Market Samurai for helping me find this other gem on the Internet. While the topics discussed on the site are not as broad as those on Yahoo Answers and the site will appeal only to IM enthusiasts, the quality of the site is very high. As usual, besides the free SEO software, the links, ads and whatever else, the best thing one can gain from places like this one is knowledge. There are many experienced users who give some great advice on the site, so go there, get your free stuff and make treasure of their input. At least there are no crazy kids trolling the boards such as those on Yahoo Answers. Have fun!

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