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buy-facebook-likesNote: I use Pakistan in my examples below because trial and error shows it gives one of the lowest possible rates for Facebook Ads. No disrespect is meant to my many friends and followers in Pakistan! 🙂 Technorati code:

Are one-cent Facebook Likes real or an urban legend? Technically speaking, yes, they are real and today I am going to show you how to buy Facebook likes for cheap easily. It’s actually pretty simple and straightforward, and there are no magic formulas or secret tricks, as the gurus love to imply. It’s just a matter of using a bit of common sense when setting up the Facebook Ad to promote your page or business. Before we begin, let’s take a step back though. It is actually possible to get Facebook likes for free using services similar to Like ASAP. Sure, it takes some time because in order to get likes for our pages, we need to like other people’s pages. However, it’s very easy to get a thousand likes or possibly more using this method for ten or twenty minutes every day. There are two huge disadvantages in doing so. To begin with, this is not a method that Google and Facebook approve of. If Facebook catch you doing it, they can suspend your page for thirty days. They will send you a not-so-friendly email informing you that they gathered evidence to this regard, and further threaten you that, if you do it again, your page will be gone for good. That aside, there is an even better reason to opt for paid ads to get likes. The people who will be liking your page will be totally uninterested in your business whatever it is. The one exception to this is if your business is about increasing social signals, which is what they are after. They will like your page only to get likes for their own one. It is highly unlikely that you will ever get a response from these “fans”, or that they will interact with your business in anyway, let alone buy your products.

Are Like Exchanges Useless Then?

While you can buy Facebook likes cheap easily, getting them for free is even better. Like exchanges aren’t useless where Google comes into play. Our friendly-neighborhood search engine determines the authority of a Facebook page from the number of likes that the page has as well as the activity, shares and likes from the page. Increasing the number of likes is crucial to get a good Pagerank and do well in the SERPs. At this stage, Google doesn’t seem to be taking into consideration the authenticity of these likes or any abyssal mismatch between the number of people who supposedly like the page and those who share contents to it. Am I contradicting myself here? Not really. The fact that they aren’t doing that now doesn’t mean that things will stay like this for long. Expect changes soon, and that’s not a hypothesis. It’s a certainty. However, while it lasts, you can still take advantage of like exchanges to get your page going. You must be ready to change your strategy as soon as the next updates show up, though.

What About Those Cheap Targeted Likes?

The only way to get laser-targetted traffic to your page is to pay what you should for the traffic that you need. The trick to buy Facebook likes for cheap is to target underdeveloped countries, women rather than men and younger people rather than older ones. You should also restrict your campaigns to a restricted number of people, such as those who like a competitor’s page. If you limit the audience for your ads to this extent you will very likely get likes for as little as four cents, and sometimes even less if you keep fine tuning your choices. It’s as simple as that, but there is a downside to this method. Are people in Pakistan likely to buy your products as the ones in the United States? If you’re selling ties, are women as likely as men to buy your product? Sure, when the ad is displayed on their feeds, it’s up to them to put a like or not on your page, so, if they do, it’s within reason to assume that they are interested. The cheap traffic obtained in this way will be definitely much more qualitative than the free likes from exchanges, but it will not be as powerful as targeting the specific demographic that best converts for your product. Note that you can get all the data about these demographics from Alexa and Quancast, but I will leave that to another article. Today, I will concentrate on getting the likes as cheaply as possible.

Is There a Work Around?

The gurus will tell you that there is one, but the truth is that this is definitely not the case. Their solution is to add both underdeveloped and key countries, for example, by including both the US and Pakistan at the same time. The gurus say that you can still buy Facebook likes for cheap in this way, but you will include your primary targets that convert the best. This is not true. What happens exactly when we do this? If we target the US alone we will be suggested a bid of $0.30-$0.60 per like. If we target Pakistan alone, the recommendation is $0.04-$0.08 per like. If we target both we get a suggested bid of $0.05-$40. This is because Facebook takes the average of the amounts that are required to have your ads displayed to your selected audience. However, if you set your maximum bid to $0.04 your ad will be displayed only to Pakistani users and very rarely to US ones. You would still need to bid in the higher range of the suggested bid amount to reach a US audience. There is no way around it and no magic trick. You either settle for likes from other countries or you have to pay more.

Assuming you’re OK with this scenario, here is how to get those cheap Facebook likes you’re after:

1) Click on the wheel the top-right-hand side of your Facebook screen and choose Create Ads.image1

2) What follows can be used to get cheap clicks for any Facebook campaign. Personally, I only use Facebook Ads for Page Likes and Clicks to Website, which can also be affiliate links, of course. If you are into applications, sell physical goods on your site or organize events, you can opt for other relevant choices too, and still apply the same technique to get cheap clicks and likes. Remember one thing. Whichever option you select, you can choose between two options for billing: pay for impressions or clicks. I wouldn’t mess with impressions, since getting that one right requires very advanced marketing skills. You should therefore pay per click, and keep in mind that on Facebook clicks include page likes, page interaction and actual clicks on your ad. Yes, I know, it sucks!


3) Check that you selected the correct page in the previous step. If you are going to promote a website or affiliate link, you should also make sure that the link is correct. Recently, Facebook has also implemented a new feature. Advertisers can have up to six pictures displayed with their ad, rotating randomly when the ad gets displayed. I wouldn’t mess with this one since, due to the randomness, it will be difficult to assess your pictures and determine which ones work better than others. It’s better to use different pictures with different ads and compare the performance of each of these.


4) Here is where we fill the basic details of the ad. (1) Choose a catchy title to attract your audience. (2) Add a brief description. If you are aiming at conversions be honest and upfront. If your product costs $60 payable yearly, don’t say that you’re charging $5 a month. The trick to have success with PPC is to aim at conversions, not clicks. We don’t want clicks from users who will not buy or like our page. The click has to be paid for anyway, and it’s very unlikely that users who are deceived into thinking that a product is free, cheaper or better than what they find out on the sales page will buy it. (3) Sponsored stories are free so there is no reason not to have this option ticked. (4) Use this option to send your users to your landing page, if you have one. (5) The ad defaults to News Feed view. Make sure the image displays well under this view. This is how ads are displayed in the news feeds of your target audience.


5) Click on Right Column view to check how the ad displays here. This is how the ad will display in the right hand column of your Facebook screen. Make sure the picture fits well in this view as well. Sometimes I like to leave the Right Column option only. You can do this by clicking on Remove for the News Feed column. I do this to optimize conversions more. Ads in the news feed aren’t recognized as ads right away and I want those who click on my ads to know that I am trying to sell them something.


6) Here is where the fun begins: defining the audience. This how we get likes for cheap. (1) This should be left blank. This option is to be used when you want to target a specific group of people, such as contacts in your email list. I don’t use it at all. (2) Here you choose the country. Large, western countries are usually way more expensive than others. You should choose countries like Pakistan, India, Iraq, South Africa, Malta, Portugal. (3) This is the age group of your target audience. Choosing to include older people makes the cost of your ads skyrocket. I use 18-40 years old, which most of the time gives the best results. (4) Use this to target men, women or both. In some cases women get cheaper ad rates; in other others men perform better. It’s the old battle between the sexes! (5) This is important. Choose a category that will help you get conversions, for example, people who like a competitor’s page. (6) This should be set to target all people who have not yet liked your page, or if you are aiming at a click to your link, just set to “all”.


7) Advanced options are also available. Note that these may be used to only affect people who already like or not like your own pages.


8) (1) and (2) can be used to target specific groups. For example, if your products may appeal only to single straight women, you can choose “single women interested in men“. (3) Always choose the language that your page or website is in to avoid receiving unqualified clicks or likes. (4) You can also define the education, workplaces and many more options for your audience. In general none of these will help get the price of the ads down further, but if you have a specific reason to use them go ahead and have a go.


9) Choose the budget and type of add. (1) You can opt for an overall total budget for your campaign or set a daily limit and have it run indefinitely. I prefer to set a total lifetime budget to keep the wallet under strict control. (2) Choose Bid for Clicks even if you are aiming at likes to your page. You will have to pay for clicks, likes and interactions anyway. If you choose to optimize for likes you will have a lot less control on your budget. So there is no point in doing that. Now, a counter will appear under “audience definition“. Go back to step six and keep refining country, age group and gender of your audience until you get the cheapest possible price, which most of the time will be under $0.05. If changes you do make the price go down, keep them; otherwise, remove them. (3) Set a maximum bid for the likes. Note that despite any errors that Facebook may issue, you can usually set this to about two cents less than the minimum and you will still get a good amount of likes or clicks. Hit Place Order to finalize your submission.


Enjoy the cheap likes and please let me know if you have any issues with this tutorial in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to post any suggestions, and objections to my method, if you feel like it. All genuine comments are welcome, and I don’t bite … most of the time.

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