How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Star Treck Spock6. Providing Logical Arguments

At this point, the gurus managed to bring their message to the victims’ hearts by evoking strong emotions associated with the idea that unlimited wealth will change their lives for the better. The next step is to communicate the message to the mind. On an emotional level, the victims are ready to grab the wallet and give their money to the gurus, but the victims’ minds are aware that the gurus’ offers don’t make sense:

  • Why would one give away unlimited wealth for pennies?
  • Why does everybody do not do it, if it is really that easy?
  • Why does the guru not employ a monkey to press the buttons and make the millions for himself instead of giving away the idea to perfect strangers?

With the victims’ emotions on his side, the guru uses ‘logical’ arguments to bring in the mind to the party. I use quotes here, because ‘logical’ may not be the correct description. However, some people who are new to ecommerce may fail to see the lack of logic in the marketers’ statements. Here are some real life examples from gurus I have come across recently. I am not expecting you to understand fully the flaws in these arguments since they are taken completely out of context, but hopefully these examples will serve to illustrate my point. There is always at least one flaw, and often more, in the logical arguments made by the gurus.

sad yahoo users‘I discovered this information on a super secret forum for millionaires. It is not meant to be shared, but I hate those people and their ways and being the kind of guy I am, I want everyone to take a piece of the cake!’ -> FLAW: There are no super secret forums of millionaires.


sad yahoo users‘I am giving you my secret software on trial completely free. Make a million dollars in your first month. Guaranteed! Thereafter you will pay me $50,000 a month if you wish to keep using. You don’t have to give me your credit card. Just download the software and use it free for a month and make millions. Why would I lie on this?’ -> FLAW: You are lying because you want me to sign up through your affiliate link to use your useless software.


sad yahoo users‘Check out the following mathematical formulas. In these formulas x= blah, blah, blah and y= blah, blah, blah. As you can clearly see, when combining these two variables in such a way that as x goes to infinity, the probability of y goes to zero gives us blah, blah, blah. This is undeniable mathematical proof that you will make money’ -> FLAW:  For x to go to infinity one would need to spend over a billion dollars to get a one dollar profit!


sad yahoo users‘Just imagine! Say, 1% (of the 100,000 Facebook fans you get for just $90) reply to a single one of these free ads that my super special method is about. That means $1000 right away in your pocket and there is no limit to the number of times you can do this.’  -> FLAW: Facebook fans gained through like exchanges are totally unresponsive. You will not get a conversion rate of 1% with them, likely not even 0.001%.

In the next section I will illustrate some of these pseudo logical arguments in relation to the actual offers made by the gurus. That should make it clear that these logical explanations are totally illogical. But to the guru’s victim, whose heart has been filled with promises about how to make money fast and become rich overnight, these arguments will sound plausible. With his heart full of hope and his mind wanting to believe that there is a chance that this might be one lucky day, the poor fellow is ready to fall into the guru’s get rich quick scheme!

Money Back Guarantee7. Proof and Guarantee

The gurus know that anyone who followed this far will be very interested in the crap that they offer. The buyer only needs reassurance and to feel safe with the purchase. It is time to log in to Paypal to see proof that our beloved guru is indeed a rich dude! Mind you: The one account he is showing us is just an example of his several multi-millionaire Paypal accounts. If that is not enough, how about a 30-day-money-back guarantee? There is nothing to worry about. No risk, so why not go ahead? Let me tell you why…

FIRST, ever heard about Paypal phishing sites? I am talking those sites created by scammers which look 99.9% identical to the original Paypal site. The scammers send a link by email to targeted victims telling them that there is a problem with their Paypal account. The users go to the fake site, enter their details and are directed back to the real Paypal Web site. During the whole process the users leave their passwords and emails on the scammer’s site, and the scammer can now use this information to log in to users’ real accounts. This article is not about that kind of scam though. I am mentioning this because phishing sites are easy to make. Much easier if, rather than stealing someone else’s password, your only purpose is to make a video showing yourself logging in to a fake Paypal account! Paypal proof is proof of nothing. Likewise, anyone can create a fake income tax return. There are people on Fiverr who will create one for you for $5, for entertainment and educational purposes…of course! There is no way at all to provide valid income proof on the Internet. That is why the value I personally give to income proof on is always zero.

SECOND, even if the data in those Paypal accounts was real, we have no proof that it comes from the method that the guru is advertising. It may well come from other scams that he is running.

THIRD, there are ways to make it extremely hard for a buyer to use a money-back guarantee. Some of the methods include requiring them to fill in a long survey, annoying phone calls, asking for the physical shipment of software or for a snail mail declaration about the cancellation. And the snail mail can always get lost or returned to the sender.

To summarize, none of the reassurances, given by the gurus should put anyone’s mind at rest when having a try at one of their methods. Sadly, many beginners do not know this and at this stage, have already taken out their wallets.

Money8. Asking for Money

The recipe is ready and the victims are about to be cooked. No longer wondering how they will make money quick and easy, they are thinking to themselves that there is a good chance their life might be about to change. All the guru needs to do is state the price and make it sound like an unbeatable deal. It is worth a million dollars and you get it for $99.99…and one cent, which is likely the actual value of the product… Nothing more than old school marketing here. The fairly new tactic that many gurus started using recently is the ‘second offer’ screen. The wise victim who decides to run away from the money hungry guru without giving away a cent, clicks on the close tab icon at the top of the browser. But then a dialog box pops up. It is the guru!!! The dialog will display some crazy message such as

“HEY WAIT! I am shocked that you want to leave! Click “Stay on Page” for an incredible offer”.

A new video will start playing with the guru shocked and in disbelief that the victim is trying to flee. Do not look back! Go, Willy! Go!!! :O

Free WillyThe guru offers a discount. If the magical money making eBook/application/Web site initially was $49.99, the guru decides to give it away for $39.99 now! Why? Because, despite the fact that he never met the victim and these videos were all shot, at the very least, days before the victim landed on the site, the guru wants the buyer to be successful and cannot stand the idea that this unknown stranger misses a valuable opportunity. Now this is truly a desperate move, but considering that the buyer would have left the site anyway, it is perhaps worth a shot for the guru. Even the dumbest of victims will realize, at this point, that the guy is really craving for their money. It does not even stop there, for if the buyer attempts to close the tab again, the process repeats itself with a further $10 discount applied again and again until the price reaches $9.99, at which point the window closes one last time taking the get rich quick scheme with it. A final offer to the victim appears. The offer is to either sign up for a newsletter or purchase some Web hosting offer. The final pop up explains to the buyer that he ‘made the right choice and won a free site!’  Lucky guy, isn’t he? If he did not buy anything, he sure is!

3 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

  1. A little note, for a good laugh, guys! I am listening right now to a guru video! He is giving away for FREE (lol) a money earning site. All we have to do is sign up for his hosting package.

    Nothing new but the fun part is that the guru says that we should sign up for a two year hosting plan since (get ready to laugh) if Google knows that we have signed up for such a lengthy period of time they’ll know that we’re going to stay around for long and hence we’ll get ranked higher!!!! How would Google even know that?

    OMG, this is the new frontier of SEO! Poor me! 😛

  2. Terrific article… I am suddenly deluged with people wanting me to get into “internet marketing” by paying anywhere from $500 to $20,000 for what they are calling a “business.”

    The business is taking older marketing material and giving you (allegedly) an eternal licensing agreement. It is a one-up type of scheme. You give your first sale to your ‘sponsor’ and then you must find someone to come into the program for at least the amount you came in and you really are encouraged to come in at the $3,500 level!!

    Your article was excellent and well written. Refreshingly well written. Logically laid out and easy to understand. And you are right… no where in all the videos and talking is this guy talking about TRUE internet marketing, i.e. SEO, Panda, etc.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I do receive a lot of praise for my articles regularly…but only from the SEnuke’s spambots! So it’s great to receive some appreciation from a real human being. If I have helped one single person to avoid falling into these scams, I will consider myself happy. 🙂

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