How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

Thief Guru Eight Make-Money-Fast Guru Tactics

Internet-money-making gurus employ several clever marketing techniques to fool their victims into falling into their get rich quick schemes! Who are the last four or five gurus you came across? Can you see a pattern in their advertising tactics? Many money making gurus use quite standard ecommerce and Internet marketing strategies to achieve their goals, which involve taking money from whoever falls into their schemes, in exchange for a poor value product. In short they make themselves a little richer and their victims a little poorer.


Guru Price Goal1. Setting a Realistic Target Price

The first thing the money guru does is to set a realistic and achievable goal. Dishonest marketers know that only a few of those they manage to reach with their advertisement will actually take out their wallets. Given a good source of traffic, if the gurus could cash in as little as $1 from each visitor they receive, that would be enough to make them rich. It is very unbelievable that anyone would give away unlimited wealth for such a low cost, so gurus typically price their offers in the range from $30 to $100. They may test their products on a small sample of customers to see which price brings in the highest profit. There is no difference, in terms of money, between selling to thirty customers at a profit of $1 each or to one customer at a profit of $30. The guru has to ask himself which price will give him the highest margin, that is maximizing as much as possible both the number of conversions (customers who actually purchase the item) and the price. Obviously, if the cost gets too high, the number of conversions will decrease. Most people, even those who actually put their hands into their pockets, are aware that the guru is blowing them smoke. They just feel it might be ‘worth to try’. If the price becomes too high, people will think twice before paying for a questionable product. The price has to be credible, affordable and worth the trouble.

banner blindness2. Getting Noticed – Fighting Banner Blindness

Ever noticed banner blindness? Internet users are subjected on average to 3000 advertisements a day. This information overload causes a phenomenon called banner blindness, a tendency to consciously or unconsciously ignore any banners and advertisements that we come across as we surf the Web. One way to fight banner blindness is to use audio-visual media to bring the message to the target audience. A video, comprised of both sound and visuals is harder to identify as an advertisement.  Our brain has a much tougher job filtering out the information in a video as opposed to a banner on a Web page. Gurus use how to make money fast videos to capture the attention of their targets, and force their deceitful ads on them.

snow plowing in malta3. Getting Noticed – IP Tricks

An IP address such as is to a computer what an identity card is to us. Internet Service Providers assign IP addresses to their clients. When we connect to any Web site, our IPs are forwarded to the site and from those four digits, the Web site can determine the approximate location of our ISP including country, city and state. Gurus often use IP-geo-location information to make their offers more believable and catch the attention of their victims. For instance, if the guru’s target lives in London, UK, the guru may set a script on his Web page to grab the IP address and hence the approximate geographical position of the potential customer. There are many free scripts available on the Internet that can accomplish the job, such as this one. Once the guru has the required information, this may be used to put an eye-catching banner on the site such as ‘Exclusive Business Opportunity – Only Available To People In London For a Limited Time’. The unknowing user will see the message and think it is his lucky day. Even though, probably only one on twenty people may fall for such an old trick, it still brings the guru some profit. This technique may also be used in email marketing. The guru writes a subject such as ‘Hey, what happened to London? Was it Sucked in a Black Hole?’ and then will go on explaining to the recipient that some third party is running a special promotion (read ‘scam’) but they haven’t managed to find enough people in London to work with. It is a way to grab the victim’s attention, but also to make them feel ‘special’ as good luck would have it.  This is especially effective if the victim lives in a small town.  ‘Hey, we can’t find people from Arthurville to join our program. You live close to Arthurville, right?’ If the victim lives in a small town, he’ll be more inclined to believe the statement. Note that the emails and banners are all fully automated. The information gets filled out by a robot using the IP address which the user unknowingly supplied when they signed up for the guru’s newsletter or promotional offer.

hand shake with make money guru4. Establishing a Connection

Having grabbed the victims’ attention, the guru’s next step is to establish a connection with them. The gurus know that ninety-nine percent of the people which they manage to drive to their videos will only be watching out of curiosity. Now, the gurus’ mission is to turn that curiosity into a genuine desire to buy. They start by creating a bond with the victims. The most common practice, which some marketers use, is to outsource the video, typically to an attractive and confident young man in his twenties. Some prefer older actors dressed up in professional businessmen attire. Other yet actually show up in the videos themselves. In all cases the goal is to have the victim identify with the guru. The marketers tell the potential customers that, at one time in the past, their lives were very similar to theirs: jobless or dealing with a nine to five job, wanting desperately to live the ‘internet-lifestyle’ and asking themselves day and night how to make money fast. The guru tells them that they were once alike and opens up a window on their future, so they can see how they will evolve. Telling another human being, ‘I am like you and I know exactly how you feel’ is one step forward step towards establishing a meaningful emotional contact with them.

Expensive Guru Car5. Underlining the Advantages

This one is the most important step. The success of the sale depends mostly on how the salesman performs here. The task at hand for any salesman, honest or not, is convincing the client that he needs whatever service or product is being sold. In fact the client must be convinced that he can no longer live without the damn thing. While the honest marketer tries to pitch a product that is useful to his customer, the money making gurus try to sell a more abstract concept, which is wealth.

“Hey, Idiot,” you might interrupt me blathering at this point, “are you completely retarded or what? Do you really think anyone needs to be convinced that they would be better if they were millionaires?! Everyone wants money, you piece of crap! I can’t believe, I’ve been reading  two pages of your crap only to find out that that the most important part of the process is to convince people that being rich is cool. I am going back to **** **** **** ****  **** and leave you all alone talking nonsense, you miserable piece of fecal matter! Shame on me for wasting my time with you and your pathetic nonsense!”

First of all, I have already pointed out in one of my other articles that there is no need to talk like that here. So please calm down! Second, yes, I am well aware that everyone loves money and wants to be wealthy! The guru’s victim obviously wants to be wealthy more than the average Joe, since otherwise they would not have stumbled on the guru’s Web site or email list in the first place. The problem for the gurus is that he victim is still in the mood ‘I know this isn’t real, but it would be so amazing if it was.’ With this mindset, the victim is not going to give any money to the guru. What the dishonest marketer needs to achieve is make the customers wanting this deal to be real so bad to the point that they will be willing to sacrifice a small amount of money in exchange for a slight hope that they may get some result. The guru’s mission is to transform those ten minutes in which the victim will be watching his video into an actual on-screen daydream.

And the gurus are pretty famous for the tactics they employ to achieve the job. One million dollar villas, pools, huge gardens, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Limousines, multi-millionaire Paypal accounts and last but not least, pictures of their hot girlfriends in swimming suits! That’s the cherry on the cake! Could my lack of interest for this latter accessory be the reason why they never fooled me? 😉 The marketers here are trying to play with the viewers’ minds. They know that potential customers are looking for a way to make money on line. They also know they got their interest. Now the gurus have to make them imagine as vividly as possible how their lives may change, in exchange for a very small amount of money. It is the devil’s temptation. After being subjected to these brainwashing tactics, the victim will be in the mindset ‘so want this. If only, that was true! I may have everything I want, in a matter of a few weeks! Ah! That villa! That car! All that money! All the hot chicks! But…this sounds too good to be true so it probably isn’t.’ The guru still has some work to do to sell his get rich quick scheme and put some hard earned cash into his pocket!

3 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

  1. A little note, for a good laugh, guys! I am listening right now to a guru video! He is giving away for FREE (lol) a money earning site. All we have to do is sign up for his hosting package.

    Nothing new but the fun part is that the guru says that we should sign up for a two year hosting plan since (get ready to laugh) if Google knows that we have signed up for such a lengthy period of time they’ll know that we’re going to stay around for long and hence we’ll get ranked higher!!!! How would Google even know that?

    OMG, this is the new frontier of SEO! Poor me! 😛

  2. Terrific article… I am suddenly deluged with people wanting me to get into “internet marketing” by paying anywhere from $500 to $20,000 for what they are calling a “business.”

    The business is taking older marketing material and giving you (allegedly) an eternal licensing agreement. It is a one-up type of scheme. You give your first sale to your ‘sponsor’ and then you must find someone to come into the program for at least the amount you came in and you really are encouraged to come in at the $3,500 level!!

    Your article was excellent and well written. Refreshingly well written. Logically laid out and easy to understand. And you are right… no where in all the videos and talking is this guy talking about TRUE internet marketing, i.e. SEO, Panda, etc.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I do receive a lot of praise for my articles regularly…but only from the SEnuke’s spambots! So it’s great to receive some appreciation from a real human being. If I have helped one single person to avoid falling into these scams, I will consider myself happy. 🙂

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