How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

No to Fast Money ScamsWhat is the first thing you did when the idea of earning some cash through the Internet first popped into your head? I went to Google, and asked my favorite search engine how can I make money fast. The first ten results were all get rich quick schemes. That was way back in January of this year. Today, thanks to the very recent Panda update, the search results for the term ‘make money‘ appear more legitimate than the rubbish that was available at the time. Panda is the Google algorithm that rewards good quality Web sites and penalizes those with poor or deceitful content.

If you want to get an idea of the results I got through Google in January, you can search ‘how to make cash quickly’ on Youtube. There is still plenty of rubbish over there. If you do that, I urge you to read the whole of this article before you experiment with any of those methods. You will be surprised; the only people who benefit from those kind of get rich quick schemes are the ‘money-making gurus’ who are behind them. In this article, I am going to try to expose some of their tactics particularly who their schemes are aimed at, the marketing techniques they use and some of the different types of get rich quick scams which they advertise. This write up is aimed mostly at beginners and its purpose is to help them spot out these scams and avoid them.

Baby PenguinWho are the ‘make-money gurus’ talking to?

If you are a complete newcomer to Internet marketing, when you ask yourself about what you should do to earn some extra cash on line, you will likely have something very different in your mind from when I ask how can I make money fast. In my mind I am asking myself questions such as, what is the best forum to advertise Web hosting on, which keywords can help me get to the top of a particular Google search fast, how can I take advantage of the new Panda algorithm, or whether I would make a profit if I use AdWords to promote one of my affiliate packages.

When a newcomer asks how to make quick money on line, he imagines secret formulas, special software or powerful cash generating Web sites. For example, newcomers may imagine that there is a secret Facebook formula that allows them to set up a Facebook Ads campaign using a combination of special parameters that will make them thousands of dollars every time they run the advertisement. Such get rich quick schemes simply do not exist. There are no secret formulas that can help you make money effortlessly, on autopilot, and with nearly no work from your part. Even if such a thing existed, in a short period of time, everyone and his sister would start doing it, and it would immediately lose its value. The first thing you should learn about Internet marketing is that the software, products and sites you use do not matter much. Legitimate software such as Market Samurai and a good hosting plan can help, but the key ingredient in your business recipe is the entrepreneur, you; meaning your skills, intelligence, determination, perseverance and creativity.

The point is that newcomers do not know this. This is why they are the gurus’ primary target. An Internet entrepreneur has to go through several stages before finally becoming successful. Ninety-nine percent of the people attempting this career will stop at one of the very early stages. In the very first stage, the aspiring Internet marketer has a vague idea that cash can be earned on line but has no clue how to do it. This is where the guru comes in. Knowing that the newcomer asks how he can make money fast on line, the guru attempts to answer the question with a get rich quick scheme.

I confess that I am myself subscribed to a guru’s newsletter. The ‘business proposals’ he sends me by email are, to say the least, laughable. I eagerly wait for his money opportunities to come into my mailbox. Where there is laughter happiness likes to be! If you are wondering why I subscribed to this guru’s newsletter, no he did not fool me with his schemes. I am proud to say I never gave a cent to any guru ever in my whole life. Let us say it is for research purposes, such as writing out this article, and the guy is very entertaining. That’s the only good thing about him, sadly. The absurdities he blathers are beyond this world and beyond our wildest imagination. My subscription to his newsletter served a good purpose, however. Well, actually two good purposes: cheering me up  with a good laughter every now and then and the inspiration to write this article.

It would be wrong to think that these gurus behave like this because they are stupid, they do not know what they are doing, or they are simply underestimating people’s intelligence. Thousands of people ask everyday ‘how can I make money fast on the Internet’ to the search engines. The gurus know that all the people who use such a general search term are totally uninformed about the way Internet marketing actually works. A better informed user would use more specific terms such as ‘best affiliate marketing methods’, ‘SEO techniques 2013′, ‘optimizing AdSense’, etc. Also people who are at such a basic level in the wonderful world of ecommerce will have varying levels of intelligence; some will be sensible people who one day will become true entrepreneurs. Hey, we’ve all been there! Others, however, will be people who cannot tell the difference between a butterfly and a moth. These latter ones make a great appetizing meal for the money hungry gurus. Do not misunderstand me, please! I am not saying that everyone who falls for the gurus’ get rich quick schemes is stupid. Not being able, or willing, to think with your own head does not help, however. So to summarize:

Blue GuruMoney-making gurus target primarily people who want to make money fast with little to no education. They know that their get rich quick schemes appear absurd to anyone with a minimal knowledge of Internet marketing. This does not concern them since the small percentage of people they specifically target with their offers is enough to guarantee them a profit.

guru_greenGurus avoid mentioning technical terms such as ‘affiliate marketing’, ‘SEO’, ‘keyword research’ and the like. They do so to avoid equipping their target audience with new words they can search for in Google, as that would likely lead their prospective victims to get a better understanding of ecommerce. This is not a rule. Sometimes gurus will mention a term or two to sound more technical and credible.

guru_red One of their selling strategies is to affirm that their methods will work for everyone. Anyone claiming they can make money quick with no effort or skill from whoever they coach should always ring an alarm bell. Making money without any knowledge or work is something that is just impossible. If it did, everybody would be doing it and the competition would be so high that no one would profit from it.

guru_yellowGurus will look for their victims in the right places such as job boards, casinos and even porn sites. In other words, they place advertisements where people seek to vent their frustrations. Do not be surprised if, while watching an adult movie on line, you get interrupted by some guy who will claim that he will make you a millionaire with all the women you may ever want by playing a Martingale at the Roulette.

Anyway, let us leave adult movies and Martingales aside, and have a look at HOW the gurus want to teach us to make money fast.

3 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money Fast? Not with Get-Rich-Quick Schemes

  1. A little note, for a good laugh, guys! I am listening right now to a guru video! He is giving away for FREE (lol) a money earning site. All we have to do is sign up for his hosting package.

    Nothing new but the fun part is that the guru says that we should sign up for a two year hosting plan since (get ready to laugh) if Google knows that we have signed up for such a lengthy period of time they’ll know that we’re going to stay around for long and hence we’ll get ranked higher!!!! How would Google even know that?

    OMG, this is the new frontier of SEO! Poor me! 😛

  2. Terrific article… I am suddenly deluged with people wanting me to get into “internet marketing” by paying anywhere from $500 to $20,000 for what they are calling a “business.”

    The business is taking older marketing material and giving you (allegedly) an eternal licensing agreement. It is a one-up type of scheme. You give your first sale to your ‘sponsor’ and then you must find someone to come into the program for at least the amount you came in and you really are encouraged to come in at the $3,500 level!!

    Your article was excellent and well written. Refreshingly well written. Logically laid out and easy to understand. And you are right… no where in all the videos and talking is this guy talking about TRUE internet marketing, i.e. SEO, Panda, etc.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I do receive a lot of praise for my articles regularly…but only from the SEnuke’s spambots! So it’s great to receive some appreciation from a real human being. If I have helped one single person to avoid falling into these scams, I will consider myself happy. 🙂

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