Saturday Update 35/36: Go Daddy Sucks!

Go DaddySince I have started doing my updates bi-weekly, I feel as if I am not updating you on my progress often enough, however, I don’t feel like I have much to say. This week has been really uneventful. The past week has been way more exiting — nothing out of this world, but not as depressing as this last week. I really want to try website flipping as my next attempt to make money online. And before anyone says, “Stop starting up new things and instead try to finish what you have started! Blah Blah Blah…,” I just want to point out that after failing in flipping some domains, this was my planned step towards trying to monetize those same domains again. If the domains I got aren’t as valuable as I had been told, then the only sensible thing (other than trying to scam someone into thinking they are worth anything…which I will NEVER do), is to add value to them by doing SEO, building an actual site etc. Now, the point is I have to do that without spending too much time. I am sure that none of my domains is worth more than $100, so if it takes me like 10 days to empower them with value, I would be getting a really horrible deal. Since building SEO power for a domain that is brand new is quite difficult, before venturing into that jungle, I thought it would be cool to do some practice with aged domains and I have been totally overwhelmed by how difficult it is to secure a decent domain. More importantly than that, I have been totally disgusted with Go Daddy and how poor their service is compared to Namecheap (as I said before, I heard that from many people. That is why I always used Namecheap. Now, I had been forced to use Go Daddy because of their auction service, for the first time. I already knew they are not as good as Namecheap, but I would have never expected them to be THIS bad. I bought my domains on Wednesday and they haven’t yet transferred them to me!!!). Anyhow let’s go into the details of the past two weeks:

Job at Elance

Fifty percent of my time, i.e. six on twelve days has been totally dedicated to my Elance job, which I cannot fully discuss, due to the fact that I had to sign a non disclosure document with the contractor. I make $50 a day with that working ten hours. That’s a miserable $5 per hour, and so much pain for my poor sick eyes. I really don’t know for how long I will be able to keep doing this with my health getting worse by the day. I guess that I will soon end up completely blind if I don’t find a way out (or they don’t fire me, which may also happen). At any rate, I need the money and I can no longer draw, so what do I do? Well, I could train to get a better job in the same field, but that would take me months. I could try applying for a better job with the skills I have. Why not? Trying and failing isn’t the end of the world, BUT then should I want to have another go, I will be out of luck. I don’t know… Maybe it’s worth a shot. I don’t want to play the part of the George McFly who says “I wouldn’t stand this kind of rejection…” (Shame on you if you never watched Back to the Future). We’ll see. I will have to spend a lot of time on that. Even, if I am successful, the money will still not be enough to get the treatment I need, and with my eyes getting worse by the day, it can’t be but a temporary solution. So wouldn’t it be better to focus on my business? Speaking of which…


Wednesday of last week was dedicated to me getting some good training by watching videos on YouTube. I will be honest and say that I didn’t learn too many new things that I wasn’t aware of. Some guy was explaining my “macro niche site” strategy using a different terminology, however I also realized how important it is to continue to develop my skills. There is so much that I don’t know and that I may learn. I have a huge shortage of time. Just read the paragraph above to see why. I am working like sixteen hours a day. I also work when I eat and I am in the bathroom (but if you’ve been with me since the days of my naughtier site, you already know that, right?). I am getting extremely tired and fatigued and am feeling like my days are numbered. I don’t think I can go on like this without becoming seriously sick in a few months, or weeks. Anyhow, I MUST put off some time to learn and develop new skills, but I need to do it in such a way as learn and then put the skill into action, not study theory upon theory upon theory and get no practice at all. If I haven’t mastered one skill, there is no point in learning a new one. The way Universities here teach is like that: just theory and no practice. That is why this island is filled with so many incompetent people.

YouTube Project

On Thursday, I got back to my YouTube project. I managed to create a nice intro for my “So Wealthy” video series. It’s full of cartoons and animals singing and dancing, so I am sure that people will hate it. People always hate my intros full of cartoons and crazy stuff. “The Faith of the World is in the Hands of a Beautiful Girl…” That was my old toy podcast’s intro, that still exists in a new form called “Council of the First Ones” — managed by my buddies. You can look it up, if you want. Anyhow, I can’t figure out why people love the intros to The Simpsons and Family Guy and hate mine. I had to remove the intro to the podcast because of a formal protest and a vote. Whatever… I am sure that people will love the “So Wealthy” intro. Who wouldn’t love to play around with a cute little penguin and a cuddly panda?

Go Daddy Nightmare

This was on Wednesday of this week. I hate Go Daddy. They were the first web host I ever tried years ago when I was setting up the TGR website. I quickly canceled and asked for a refund due to how slow my site was with them. My next step that I have to take in domaining, as already mentioned, is to master the art of aged domains. Those are the only ones that still retain some real value after Google’s EMD update and the advent of the new TLDs. In case you don’t know the Web is changing! Besides the typical .com, .net and .org, soon we will have new domains such as .fitness, .business, .health, .personals etc. These are the so-called new generation TLDs. Anyhow, GoDaddy’s auctions is the go-to place to buy aged domains. No one has a repertoire as vast as theirs, so dealing with them is unavoidable. However, that company is freaking terrible. I bought a domain four days ago, they were quick to take my money and the domain isn’t yet transferred to me! How crazy is that? On top of that, buying aged domains is so difficult. Anything in the deleted domains realm is pure garbage or has little to no value at the very best. Expired domains are super expensive. I know I am missing something in this field. There are many people who manage to grab them for pennies without going through the so-called drop catchers (that do nothing but inflate prices even further). Sounds like my mission has to be finding out how they do it. Finally I have my $1000 budget to invest in my business. It’s not a fortune, but it’s not that bad to start with…

That’s all. If you’re wondering where’s Thursday of this week, well, the Go Daddy drama made me so nuts that I sank into my bed and slept for all day long! I did need to rest a bit. Oh and Friday? Well, in case you haven’t figured out yet, Friday is the day when I take care of the MES Central and hence the day in which I write these articles that you are reading right now. Despite the fact that they are published on different dates, I write all my articles on Friday! What’s up for next week? I predict more fights with Go Daddy and trying to figure out the REAL trick to get cheap aged domains, if such a thing is actually possible with my resources. Well…I will update you again in a couple of weeks and we’ll know at that time, I guess!

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