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pandaBThis Web site’s business model is based on two forms of marketing, which I firmly consider to be the future of any on-line venture: inbound marketing and attention getting marketing. Whether you are an ‘intermediate’ marketer, who has just started out his adventure in the exciting world of on-line-money-making sites, or are already making a living and a name in the field finding keywords that have made you rich, thank you so much for stopping by! In a few words, this is what this Web site is all about: I have never built a money-earning Web site in my life, or generated cash through Web sites in any way. I will be creating at least seven money earning sites, the first of which is this one you are seeing now: a site about money-earning sites, which is itself an on-line site, which aims to make money. I am documenting all my strategies, earnings, loses, and techniques on this blog as well as my YouTube channel for each of the sites that I build including this one. The fact that so far I haven’t made any money and I am plainly admitting it is not the only novelty that comes with this experiment. Besides being 100% honest and truthful about all my selling strategies, I am also going to open you the door on my life and share with you many of my most intimate secrets. Many entrepreneurs, who try these sort of experiments talk business all the time and do so from the point of view of someone who has already been successful in making a living on line. When they refer to the obstacles that they had to overcome to find the right keyword that took them to success, they do so in the past tense. Here I am documenting my progress almost in real time, and giving you full access to my personal life, my family, my friends and my lifestyle. Both those of you who want to follow my footsteps and those who, having already made it to the other side, are coaching beginners can get a better grasp of topics such as:

  • Motivation: How important it is in order to start a project like this. How to determine if a newcomer to Internet marketing has the drive that is required to actually succeed.
  • Realistic Expectations of a Beginner: Do I truly know how Web sites make money? Am I doing keyword research in the right way and employing the correct SEO techniques?
  • Stress Management: How to deal effectively with the stress that inevitably accompanies those first months of hard work where no cash flows in, and the frustration that sets in as a result of this.
  • Time Management: Much hard work is needed to create a money-earning Web site. Time becomes a major issue especially to those (like me) who have no funds to outsource.
  • Common Mistakes: Those mistakes that beginners inevitably make experimenting with various techniques to monetize a blog..

Keep in mind that I myself don’t know if I have enough motivation, if I am able to deal with the stress, manage my time effectively and avoid those mistakes that may lead me and my sites into becoming frozen food for pandas! This is the beauty of my little experiment; we shall see what happens together. What I can say, now, is that I have a lot of motivation, I am a fairly intelligent person and I love this business. Normally I do not endure stress too well, tough. [Note added on 28th November 2013: This has caused me to want to throw in the towel a few times. Just check out my rants in a few of my ‘Saturday updates’, as well as on the Warrior Forum. I am still here, though…]

This is actually version 2 of my ‘expert introduction’. I trashed version one because it contained a lot of references to other Internet marketers, both the good ones and the bad fraudsters. I do not care what the rotten apples think of me, but, as part of my strategy in ranking this site, I want to build a good relationship with anyone out there who is an honest marketer. And I am sure that I can provide great value to them too. What I mean is that, if any marketer wants to help me out, and I manage to have this blog ranked and profitable, the site itself would become the embodiment of an advertisement for the marketer. If you are a seasoned IM, you must already know that the marketers who make the most money on line are those who are able to provide concrete, verifiable case studies to their audience. Give me a helping hand, and I will become the perfect evidence for the effectiveness of your coaching program. I document everything I do on this blog hence your genuine efforts to help me will be all recorded. I will earn some money out of it, but you will likely get ten times as much what I will make out of the deal. I am not going to waste more words on this; if you cannot see the huge potential for your own business in what I am offering, it is likely that you do not have what it takes to offer me some valid help. The last sentence may sound like a not-so-veiled call-to-action, but think about it for two seconds; what I said is as true as it gets to be. And if I fail, nothing is lost except a bit of time, perhaps. It all boils down to whether or not one wants to bet on this horse. Do I understand how Web sites make money, and am I able to make the right choices to get enough traffic to successfully monetize this site? Will my tactics work? There is only one way to know: Bookmark this site.

Speaking of tactics. One thing that this article lacks, with respect to the mysterious version one and much of the rest of the site, is the (bad) humor and the swearing. [Note added on 28th November 2013: Five months after writing this article, I decided to revamp the site and do without the informal style, cursing and swearing for the most part. Many users were not even getting my jokes, some of which were giving a bad first impression thus making my link building harder than it has to be.] Why did I decide to be so formal here? First, I want to be clear about one thing. I am NOT creating these sites to:

  • Make the Internet a better place by adding valuable content to the world wide web.
  • Help others by donating all my profits to charity.
  • Help other marketers achieve success because I am a spiritual person who believes in the laws of karma.

I promised nothing but the truth and here it is: I WANT THE MONEY, just like every other single Internet marketer out there, whether they admit it or not. If you are curious to learn more about me and why I need some cash, read the introduction to the site which focuses exclusively on my personal life. My commitment to anyone visiting this site and purchasing products or services that I recommend is to always be truthful, never recommend a product or service that I or someone I fully trust did not test out fully and never recommend products or services that are useless, in other words products or services that can be done without or to which there exist valid free alternatives. Just to clear it up, I will be earning money from this site by making commissions on tools that I recommend which are used to build money-earning websites. All information on the site is and will always be free and there will be a lot of it. In fact I even have what I call the ‘Cheapo Plan’ which shows exactly how to create a hundred percent free money-earning Web site without purchasing a single marketing tool. All one needs to invest in the project is time, patience and a will to succeed.

The way I plan to be successful on line is to build value. That doesn’t contradict what I said earlier. My primary goal is to be successful. Building value for others is the means by which I plan to reach that goal. By offering the users of this Web site free services, tutorials, YouTube videos, tips and my own experience as discussed beforehand, I am helping them achieve their own goals too. Thus instead of turning traffic into visitors and visitors into customers which is old school outbound marketing, I want to turn traffic into visitors, visitors to fans and only then a portion of those fans to customers of my affiliate offers. This is inbound marketing which I firmly trust as the future of any successful on line business.

Inbound marketing can work wonders coupled with a good dose of attention getting marketing. And this is the tricky part. AGM can help both in converting traffic to visitors and visitors to fans. The question is how to use AGM honestly on a money-making Web site? The typical ‘cash-generating guru’ will use a video to show his villa, hot girl and Mercedes. He will tell lies such as saying that making-money on the Internet is easy or that there is some super-secret sect of millionaires that knows of a secret-money-making formula. The guru wants the potential customer to feel like a ‘chosen one’ and that stumbling upon his Web site was an event set out by destiny. To summarize gurus try to grab their victims’ attention by threating them like idiots. I uncover some of their craziest techniques in this epic article.

I shall leave aside the ethical side of these methods, which consist basically of fooling off uninformed people who do not even know what SEO is, and have them buy useless products or services that are of no real value to them. Anyhow, these methods simply no longer work. People are so used to them that they have learned to ignore them. It is what I call guru blindness. Banner blindness is a phenomenon studied by Benaway and Lane, two researchers who had shown how Internet users unconsciously or willingly ignore banner-like content on Web pages. In much a similar fashion, the money-making gurus and their shady offers have multiplied at such a rate in the last few years that Internet users are starting to ignore them as much as they do with the banners. Careful placement of banners is thus needed to make any profit from Google AdSense. [A piece of advice: if you are lucky enough to have banner blindness like I do and you come across a Web site with a cool design that entices you into checking out their advertisements, try to use a similar layout for your own site. That is actually how I decided where and how to place my advertisements on this site. Always make sure the placement does not violate Google’s rules].

Back to the attention gathering… the method I have chosen to grab my viewers’ attention is quite original, risky and daring. And that is admit that I have not made a cent with Internet-money-earning Web sites (I started only three weeks ago though), be hundred percent honest, share my tactics, share 99% of my personal life on the site and be hundred percent myself, which includes making jokes all the time, making fun of myself and swearing like a drunken sailor! [Added 28th November 2013: As already noted, due to the bad impression that the dark humor was having on prospective link partners, I have decided to do without this aspect of my original project, for the time being.] That is certainly not what one would expect to find on business-on-line-money-making sites. Shocking the audience is what is needed to turn traffic into visitors. Doing it with humor sounds right to me because I am really like this in my personal life. Can I manage to grab the attention of knowledgeable business men using this tactic? Will I be taken seriously, or considered on a par with some crazy teen who does not know what he is doing? Only time will tell. It is important that I make a good first impression to beginners and prospective partners alike. That is why I am using a very formal tone to write these introductions. [Added 28th November 2013: With hindsight, a huge mistake I made when I started this was thinking that the introductions will be the first things on the site which new visitors would see.] My tactic is to shock you with the bad humor, impress you with my knowledge and determination and thus turn you into a fan or maybe even a paying customer.

And the fact I am telling you right in your face makes it even more shocking, does it? 🙂 But can you say that you lost your time by reading this? If your the answer is no, head on here to learn more about me, or if you do not care about my personal life and want to talk business right away go here.

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